Information of the Institute as per clause 4(1)

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Information of the Institute as per clause 4(1) (b) of R.T.I. Act 2005

4(1) (b) (i)

  1. Name of the Institute with full address

Anjuman-I-Islam J.M.C Night High School

Maulana shaukat Ali Rd.

Two Tank, Mumbai – 400 008

  1. Name of the Head of the Institute, Email, Phone No.

Mrs. Tabassum Fatma Rizvi

Phone No. 23008656

Mobile No. 9987469944

E. mail:

Functions and duties are to impart quality education and personality development of the students.

(ii) As per MEPS Rules 1981 Schedule ‘I’ {Rule 22(1)}

(iii) As per S. S. Code, MEPS rule 1981 and directions from respective authorities.

(iv) Punctuality in attendance of Staff. Completion of syllabus in time. Regular checking of Practices, Home Works etc. Maintaining discipline, attending to grievances, complaints from Students, Parents.

(v) MEPS Act 1971 and MEPS Rules 1977, Government Resolutions and Circulars and instructions received from Govt., Director of Education and Zonal Education Inspectors from time to time.

(vi) As per SS Code Annexure 15 {Rule 3.2(11) And 83)

(vii) Holding meetings of Parent Teacher Association. Holding discussions at the time of ‘Open House’. Interaction with Parents, Social Workers, and representatives of Local Bodies.

(viii) School Management Committee

Mr. Mubarak Kapdi – Chairman

Mr. Nazir Ali Darvesh – Member

Mr. Iqbal Dawood Khan – Member

Ms. Tabbassum Fatma Rizvi – Ex. Officio Sec

Academic Council

Ms. Tabassum Fatma Rizvi – Chairperson

Mr. Mubarak Kapdi – Chairman School Comm.

Ms. Minhaz Shaikh – Teacher

Mr. Zuber Shaikh – Teacher

Ms. Shabana – P.T.A.

(Name of the Board) constituted for various schools


Parent Teacher Association

Ms. Tabassum Fatma Rizvi – President

Ms. Shabana – Vice President

Mr. Qureshi Nafis Ahmed – Secretary

Mr. Sajid Shaikh – Teacher Representative

Meetings of the above bodies are held regularly and minutes are prepared which are meant for Internal Circulation only.

(ix) (x) Directory of Employees and remuneration

(xi) Not Applicable

(xii) Not Applicable

(xiii) Not Applicable

(xiv) Available on Website

(xv) Not Applicable

(xvi) Name of the Head of Institutions,

Designation H.M/ Principal


Mrs. Tabassum Fatma Rizvi


(xvii) Not Applicable

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