Infections diseases with the syndrome of exanthema Scarlet fever

D. Measles E. Enterovirus infection. 16.*

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D. Measles

E. Enterovirus infection.

16.* Children’s preschool establishment some children simultaneously were ill measles. In this connection quarantine for the period of 21 day is established. His(its) duration is proved:

A. Minimal term of the incubatory period

B. Maximal term of the infectious period

C. Maximal term of the incubatory period

D. Medium term of the incubatory period

E. High virulence activator

17.* The child of 9 months old has got measles, in the first day of rash appearance he was hospitalized. His brother of 4 years old, who contacted with him did not have measles and was not vaccinated, due to the constant contra-indications of a general condition of his health. By what means of bellow listed actions it is possible to warn measles in this child?

A. Chemotherapy using

B. Vaccination

C. Using antibiotics

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