In this lesson you will learn about Common problems in Task 2How and why you may be practising Band 3-5

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Writing tasks

Xodjaeva Nigina
In this lesson you will learn about 
1.1Common problems in Task 1 
1.2How and why you may be practising Band 3-5 
1.3 Writing a conclusion in Task 1

1.1 Common problems in writing Task 1
 1)using the wrong materials 
Materials used in the real test are carefully written and edited so that: 
•they are not confusing 
•they don’t require specialist or technical knowledge 
•they force you to use(and therefore practise) the skills you need to 
show in the test 
•you will not find this in ‘random infographics’ you find online

1.2 How and Why you may be practising Bands 3 to 5 Task Achievement 
• If you don’t take the time to select the key features then you are more 
likely to ‘recount details mechanically’.Similarly,if you don’t then 
analyse these key features to identify the main trends,patterns or 
stages,you will not be able to present a clear overview. 
• Although presenting 

Task Achievement V Task Response
• It is very important to follow the instructions you are given,these tells 
that you need to: 
• Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main 
features,and make comparisons where relevant. 
• Write at least 150 words. 
• Clearly present a fully developed response.

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