Hints, Tips, Tricks and "Cheats" for…

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Hints, Tips, Tricks and “Cheats” for…
301 West 8th Street

South Bethany Beach, DE

  1. When you arrive the water is off, and the water heater is off. To turn on the water go to the laundry room on the ground floor. There is a cabinet at the end of the laundry room. Open the cabinet and there are instructions to turn on the water and the water heater. There are two valves to turn to the open position to get the water on. After turning on the water, push the on switch on the “overhead” water heater to turn it on.

  1. There is a shed on the lower level near the canal (double doors that are down and to the right of the front door as you face it). The “shed” has beach chairs and beach buckets, etc. The key to the shed is located in the front entryway on the key rack. There are several keys…but it is a darker, more tarnished key (we really should label it one of these days…and as far as we know it our only one, so be mindful!) Please put the “items” from the shed away at night. If left on the yard, or near the street, they have been known to disappear.

  1. You can use the Kayak in the garage. It can be tied to the dock. Life jackets are in the “shed.” If you use the Kayak, please hose it down afterward and use a brush or towel to wipe off the bottom (so stuff doesn’t grow on or stain the plastic). If you kayak toward the south, you will end up in a beautiful little bay. Our boat is tied up to the back dock. Please DO NOT use, attempt to use, or get into the boat. Thanks.

  1. Feel free to use the bicycles in the garage. They will likely need air in the tires, there is a hand pump somewhere in the garage. If you are riding to town it is IMPERATIVE that you take a bike lock. There should be a bike lock with a key in one of the bike baskets or on the shelves in the garage. Unfortunately bikes do get stolen when taken to the beach or to town. If you take a bike to town…please be sure to lock it up (we have had our bikes stolen).

  1. Hopefully, there are two parking passes on the counter in the kitchen. These passes will allow you to park your car at SOUTH BETHANY BEACH (not Bethany Beach (town beach)). The passes attach to your review mirror. You will get ticketed without a pass…so be careful. Unfortunately, IT IS VERY EASY TO LEAVE FOR HOME WITH THE PASS STILL IN YOUR CAR – please make sure to the remove the pass and put them back in the kitchen before you go home.

  1. BEACH! To get to the South Bethany beaches, go out of the neighborhood (Evergreen to Route 1), make a Right turn at the light, then turn left at the first street entrance on the beach side (can’t remember the name of the street)…any of the beaches from that street to the south end of the town of South Bethany are considered South Bethany and you can park in any available parking spot. We have been known to drop people/stuff off at the beach and then someone drive back to the house and ride a bike back to the beach (if there are no parking spots available)…4th of July week/weekend are notoriously busy.

  1. You can use the crab traps in the garage in the canal if you have children who would like to catch a small crab or two. Just put some raw chicken in the trap and drop it off the bulkhead (not too far out as we need to keep the canal clear for boats, oh yeah, and make sure there is rope attached before you drop it in!).

  1. If you would like to use the WiFi for a computer…the code can be found the cover of a binder on the kitchen shelves (across from the pantry cabinet, under the island top)…use C APITAL LETTERS.

  1. The TV is tricky (and I’ve attached a whole separate “guide” for that. There is a black remote on the table between the two blue chairs…its supposed to be a smart remote, and it often outwits its users…use only this remote, or the system will get all mixed up (the other remotes are located in a box near the sofa). Anyway the remote has a touch pad on the top to get started. If the touchpad is dark, press the button labeled . Just touch the activity you want to do…while pointing the remote at the box under the TV and to the left (hard to do when sitting on sofa, but hold the remote up a little higher since the fire place mantel can block the signal). If something is not working right (sound no picture, picture no sound, no sound no picture, etc.) don’t panic…stick with the “smart” remote…press the button on the remote and then answer the questions…this usually works. GOOD LUCK…if doesn’t work, you weren’t at the beach to watch TV anyway, right…(I have included a “guide” on operating the AV in case its not working right).

  1. The ice maker in the freezer should be turned off when you get there…just flip the lever up to start it (turn it off again before you leave)

  1. Garbage: there is a recycle bin and a couple of garbage bins (we recycle…it would be cool if you all did too!)

  1. Neighbors: Please be careful of the neighbors across the street. They do not like to have their driveway used for backing in or out of our driveway (not sure why) or blocked in any way…so be really careful how you park your cars and make sure they do not get parked in the street in a way that will block their access to their driveway.

  1. Final Check List, please…when you leave…

    1. Turn off the water, and turn off the water heater in the laundry room. Simply reverse the directions taped to the inner door of the cabinet. Turn off the water heater by pushing the button. Close the TWO water valves. Open up one of the bathroom faucets to drain the water after the water has been turned off.

    2. Turn the thermostats to 80 degrees in the summer (a/c on) and 56 in the winter (heater on) (upstairs and downstairs) and make sure they are set to HOLD.

    3. Make sure all doors are locked downstairs, there is a door in each bedroom.

    4. Make sure the sliders upstairs are locked

    5. Pull down the shades upstairs

    6. Turn off the ice maker

    7. Make sure all toilets are flushed (ugh…but you’d be surprised…)

    8. Make sure no clothes in the washer and leave the door to the washer open so it doesn’t get moldy inside

    9. Double check lights (especially the reading lights on the bunks)

    10. Check around the house to make sure no items left on deck, docks or patios.

    11. Check to make sure external showers and hoses are all the way off…no dripping.

    12. Please make sure you’ve returned the parking passes to the kitchen

    13. Before departure – garage door down and front door locked.

If you need to contact us…

Home: 7038300288

Pete Cell: 2024411643

Lisa Cell: 7038300288


Download 239,5 Kb.

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