Hillsborough Community College Institutional Advisory Council Plant City Campus – Trinkle 118 Friday, March 7, 2008

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Hillsborough Community College

Institutional Advisory Council

Plant City Campus – Trinkle 118

Friday, March 7, 2008

  • Members and Alternates attending:

Brandon Campus: LaFran Reddin, Donna Knuckles, Mickey Reigger, Jim Barfoot, Shannon Grinstead
Dale Mabry Campus: Arleen Janz, Diane Driscoll, April Muchmore-Vokoun
District Administrative Offices: Debbie Ordaz, Michele Menendez, Eileen Menendez, Alfreda Bashir, Edna Murphy, John Huerta
Plant City Campus: Steve Wall, Marcus Britt, Timothy McArter, Kathie Matthews, Terri Hargrove, Kristin Heathcock, Ed Geiger
Ybor City Campus: Wanda Caballero, Venus Adams, Beverly Ketcham, Carolyn Kossar, Barbara Weeks, Ian Gibbons, Mindy Neal

  • Call to Order: Chair LaFran Reddin called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.

  • Approval of Agenda: Wanda Caballero motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Steve Wall, agenda unanimously approved.

  • Approval of Minutes: Terri Hargrove motioned to approve the minutes, seconded by Eileen Menendez, minutes unanimously approved.

  • Presidents Report (John Huerta for Dr. Stephenson): John Huerta gave an update on the 40th Anniversary Celebration calendar of events, which is available on Campus Cruiser. He reported that Adventure Island and WFLZ want to do an HCC Day on July 19. Other possible programs will be an HCC Night @ Channelside and an HCC Night @ The Dallas Bull. The College is working with Clear Channel, Brighthouse and Bay News 9 on posting the Colleges calendar of events.

  • Chair Report: LaFran Reddin distributed a form to submit to the 40th Anniversary Committee of possible events for the Celebration. She reported that the Black History Celebration with its many events was very successful. The IAC Executive Committee put together an agenda for this past year and that agenda is now completed. There were presentations from Ken Ray, Student Services, PDWS and an update from Dr. Bruce Judd. We are on track with what we set out to do and it’s time to move on to other issues of concern.

Dr. Stephenson asked us to help Mr. Paul Bishop with the College Yearbook or timeline in CD form. Mr. Bishop is working on the Brandon portion and as soon as I get more information regarding the other campuses, I will bring it back to the Council.

  • Campus Advisory Council Report:

Brandon: Shannon Grinstead reported that the Brandon campus has a Faculty and Staff meeting coming up to discuss how to improve our customer service, brainstorm for ideas for the Brandon Campus Anniversary Signature event. A courtesy class or workshop for staff and students was discussed. The Council has started a fund raising projects, recycling printer cartridges. They are planning a “Brandon Employee Luncheon” with Dr. Soto and students.

  • Dale Mabry Council Report: Aileen Janz reported that TECO lights have been installed on the WT Edwards building which lights the parking area for students. The Campus may implement towing. The City tennis courts have been turned over to the College. They are building a sidewalk along Tampa Bay Boulevard. The 40th Anniversary Celebration will be part of the International Festival on campus. The campus is working on housekeeping issues and encouraging staff to adopt parts of the campus to plant flowers, etc.

  • District: Eileen Menendez reported that Raquel Trapp received the TOPs award. The Council is researching the cost of materials for the boardwalk area and cost of materials to repair the irrigation system. They are checking out the possibility of collecting aluminum and plastic in bins for recycling. She reported they are losing two Council members. Darlene Bone is retiring and Janae Newton will be leaving to have her first child. Edna Murphy will replace Darlene Bone and Michelle Menendez will replace Janae Newton.

  • Plant City Campus Report: Steve Wall reported that the Council is working on the 40th Anniversary Celebration. They are planning a “Spring Fling” event on April 5. A brochure was sent out asking community business to participate by setting up a booth. There will be free food and music for all.

  • Ybor City Campus: Ian Gibbons reported that they have increased security on the Ybor City Campus in the evenings. There will be a Ground Breaking Ceremony for the construction of the new Student Services building. The Presidential Showcase will be held April 17. It benefits the HCC Foundation. The Film Festival runs April 16 – 20.

  • Old Business: The next meeting is at Ybor Campus. LaFran would like to divide the Council up into groups and do some brainstorming sessions. She asked everyone to bring any suggestions, complaints, etc. to that meeting. Agenda items for the next meeting: She will invite Ken Ray to discuss possible solutions to the problem of student attendance. Also, on the next agenda “All College Day” ideas.

Eileen Menendez reported that the next “Inside at HCC” is coming out soon. There will be an article with pictures about the IAC.

  • New Business: LaFran asked that each Council make sure their Minutes are in the Public Folders and submit a Year-End report. There was a discussion of the Student Survey results. What can the College do to change the students’ perception of staff? Possibly have Courtesy Training, Customer Service and Stress Management Workshops. Mickey Reigger suggested that Celeste Fenton could put together a workshop. LaFran will talk to Dr. Stephenson about this.

Aileen Janz indicated that Adjunct Faculty would like to participate on the Councils. The By-Laws state full-time faculty and staff. Maybe the Adjuncts could be Alternates. Ed Geiger suggested that the Councils take this back to their Campus Presidents for consideration. Ian Gibbons recommended that this item be put on the next IAC agenda for discussion. Ed Geiger suggested that the Councils take this back to their Campus Presidents for their opinions before the next meeting. LaFran asked everyone to read their By-Laws before the next meeting.

Next IAC Meeting: April 4 @ 1:00 p.m., Ybor Campus
Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Peggy Leffler

Executive Staff Assistant

Plant City Campus

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