Highlights of ymca family Snowmobile Trip

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Wednesday, January 25th – Sunday, January 29th 2012

Highlights of YMCA Family Snowmobile Trip…………

2 full days of snowmobiling in the forest surrounding West Yellowstone, Montana

1 day guided tour into Yellowstone National Park in a “snow coach” or by snowmobile

Abundant wildlife with buffalo, elk, moose and more

Winter wonderland with snow covered mountains/world famous geysers

Advantages of a group snowmobiling trip with the YMCA…….

Affordable group rates

Convenience – leave the details to us

Group fellowship with families and couples throughout the Carolinas

Our group rate includes…………….

Round trip flight from Charlotte to Bozeman, Montana

Transfer to/from Bozeman and West Yellowstone

4 nights hotel lodging at West Yellowstone

Rental of snowmobile helmet, boots and snow suite

Choice of:

2 days of snowmobiling and 1 day snow coach tour into Yellowstone National Park


3 days of snowmobile rental

Payment schedule………………… $ 200 per person when registering

Final Payment due December 1st
Trip package costs per person ……… 1 to a room 2 to a room 3 to a room 4 to a room

$ 1,650 $ 1,475 $ 1,375 $ 1,275

Options……. $ 675 discount if you arrange your own flight

$ 75 discount if you provide your own transfers

$ 350 discount if you do not want to rent a snowmobile

$ 150 discount per person if you want to ride double on the snowmobile $ 125 extra for a guided “Old Faithfull” snowmobile tour into Yellowstone Park

$ 135 extra for guided “full loop” snowmobile tour of Yellowstone Park (lunch included)

(no extra cost for a “snow coach” tour into Yellowstone Park)

Register before August 31st

and get a $50 discount

from fees above !!
TRANSPORTATION – We will fly roundtrip from Charlotte to Bozeman, Montana. We will depart Charlotte Wednesday morning, January 25th. After arriving in Bozeman, we will travel 90 miles by Karst Stage Chartered Bus to West Yellowstone, Montana. There is no need to rent a car in West Yellowstone. Your snowmobile will be your transportation. We will arrive back in Charlotte Sunday evening, January 29th.
FOOD – Our lodging does not have kitchen facilities so meals will need to be eaten out. Snowmobile trails have warming huts with sandwiches, sodas and snacks. There are many restaurants within walking distance from our hotel.
SNOWMOBILES – We rent snowmobiles that have features designed for touring. They typically have electric start with reverse; multi-position backrest; cargo rack; heated handgrips; 11-gallon fuel tank with fuel gauge; and “extra suspension” for a smooth ride with a top speed of 70 mph. Our Y package does not include optional insurance for snowmobiles – about $ 15 per day. We will rent our snowmobiles in West Yellowstone.
AGE RESTRICTIONS – In order to drive a snowmobile you must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver license. Any age may ride double with an adult.
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Yellowstone becomes a winter wonderland during the winter. Mountains are snow covered and so are the roads. Snow coaches are used for winter tours. Snow coaches are van like vehicles that have tractor treads for traveling in the snow – our package includes a snow coach tour into the park. Guided snowmobile tours into the park are available for an extra fee. Snow Coach and Snowmobile tours into the park typically see geysers, bison (buffalo), and elk – perhaps a moose or an eagle.
SNOWMOBILE TRAILS – A network of more than 300 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and meadows for “free style” riding are available for riding snowmobiles outside the park. West Yellowstone is nicknamed the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.”
LEADERSHIP – Nadine will provide registration assistance at the Regional YMCA office, 323 Oakland Avenue in Rock Hill – 803-324-9622 Ext. 21. YMCA staff will attend the trip and group leaders will lead daily snowmobile trips for those interested. A special thanks to several veterans who assist the group in many, many ways – Ron Russell, Darold Ratliff, Bill Mauney, and Ralph Morrison.
LODGING - West Yellowstone – Our lodging will be in at Yellowstone Lodge at West Yellowstone, Montana - just outside the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Our rooms will have 2 queen beds (or 1 king bed), TV, and an indoor hot tub/pool. In addition, West Yellowstone has various shops and restaurants nearby.
SPECIAL NOTE – The YMCA reserves the right to change lodging location, snowmobile model or other details of the trip should the need arise. The cost for air relating to this snowmobile trip package may be increased at any time due to fuel surcharges and other changes made by the airlines. Each participant will be responsible for paying the airlines for their luggage transfers. Flight refunds and other flight changes are subject to airline policies. To be ticketed, airlines require your name as it appears on your driver license or passport.

FOR MORE INFORMATIONCall Nadine at the YMCA at 803-324-9622 Ext 21.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT – Register before August 31st and get a $ 50 per person discount!


January 25 - 29, 2012

Name __________________________________________ Called ______________ Date______________

(Please print as it appears on your driver’s license for flight)
Address __________________________________________________________________________________
Home/cell phone __________________Business phone ________________ E Mail ____________________
Sharing your room Name Date of Birth
______________________________ _____________________________ ____________
______________________________ _____________________________ ____________
I prefer the following package:
________ 2 days snowmobiling and 1 day Yellowstone Park tour by snow coach (no extra cost)
________ 2 days snowmobiling and 1 day Yellowstone Park tour by snowmobile

Old Faithfull” tour ($ 125 extra) _____ or “Full Loop” tour ($ 135 extra) _____

________ Or 3 days of snowmobiling and no tour of Yellowstone Park (no extra cost)
Number Package Desired
________ Full package – flight, transfer, snowmobile, lodging, etc
________ Package without flight - $ 675 discount per person
________ Package without transfer - $ 75 discount per person
________ Package without snowmobile - $ 350 discount per person
________ Package with 2 sharing 1 snowmobile - $ 150 discount per person
________ Guided “Old Faithfull tour into Yellowstone Park – $ 125 extra per person
________ Guided “full loop tour” into Yellowstone Park - $ 135 extra per person
Refunds are subject to policies of companies used in this trip. The Y reserves the right to make changes to the trip should the need arise. Group members are responsible for any damage to their snowmobile or personal injury. Initial registration requires $200 deposit per person. Final balance is due December 1st.

Office Use

# Adults ________ # youth ________ Total Cost $_________________________
Discounts $ _____ early registration $ _____ other____________________________________
Add on Costs $ ______________ for ___________________________________________________
_________ Paid _______ Date _______ Paid ______ Date ________Paid ________Date
Mail to Upper Palmetto YMCA, Regional Office, 323 Oakland Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29730.

Make checks payable to YMCA – credit cards are accepted.

Download 20,03 Kb.

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