Green bay metro parochial grade school soccer league 2013 fieldlocations revised 8/2013 broadview – Notre Dame

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2013 F I E L D L O C A T I O N S REVISED 8/2013

BROADVIEW – Notre Dame - Allouez soccer fields next to Hwy 172. Webster south past prison to Broadview Dr. Turn left (east) and go to 1st stop sign. Turn left (north) onto Libal and go 1 block. Five fields- #1 closest to Libal (west),

Field #5 is furthest east by E.River Dr.

COLBURN – Pilgrim Lutheran West Green Bay. Corner of 6TH and Fisk. Enter off Fisk. Few blocks south of Mason Street. Go right after enter park
HOLY CROSS Take Hwy 54/57 North toward Door County. Just past UWGB, turn left on Bay Settlement Rd and follow it until you see Holy Cross School. (Few miles past Victoria’s Rest.). Field is behind the school building.
KENNEDY SCHOOL – Holy Family West Gr. Bay at 1754 9th Str. Take Military to 9th Str.. Turn west a few blocks.

Two fields- N, S

OUR LADY OF LOURDES Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 1305 Lourdes Ave. DePere. Hwy 41 south to Scheuring Road exit. Turn left (east) and go approx. 1 mi. to Suburban Drive. Turn left (north) and go 6-7 blocks. Look for Our Lady of LourdesChurch on left. Field is behind parking lot . Enter on drive just before the church and go west.
WILDER PARK – St Bernard/St Thomas Moore Green Bay East-near East Town Mall. Take I-43 and exit at Mason Street (West). Go west on Mason to 2nd stoplight (Edgewood Drive). Turn left (So.) on Edgewood and continue south until reach Wilder School and Park. There are five fields. West Field is No-So field right along Edgewood. East Field is nearer to Robinson St behind school across from NEW (New Lutheran High School)
Azko Nobel Howard - ST Johns all 7th/8th and5th/6th - 41 North to Lineville exit and turn on Lineville.

Go through several round- abouts and you will go past Bayport High School. Continue to Pinecrest Rd and turn Left on Pinecrest Rd to the Park.

Address is 1600 Pinecrest Rd, Green Bay, WI 54313
VFW Park – WI School - 730 Grant St – West De Pere – Park is located across from West De Pere High School
Resurrection School – Allouez - Resurrection and St Matts – 333 Hilltop Dr Green Bay, WI 54301
De Pere High School – De Pere - Fields are located behind the School on Merril St

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