German American Women’s Club Stuttgart e. V. Membership Guidelines and Application

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German American Women’s Club Stuttgart e.V.

Membership Guidelines and Application

Thank you for your interest in the German American Women’s Club, Stuttgart! We encourage you to learn about the club and have instituted a list of minimum requirements we feel prospective members should complete in order to fully understand our club and the work we do.

Meaning and Purpose of the German American Women’s Club, Stuttgart:

The German American Women’s Club (GAWC) was founded by a group of German and American women after World War II. They set forth the following objectives:

* To create an atmosphere of cooperation, understanding, and friendship among people of different nationalities.

* To promote contact between club members outside the regular monthly meetings.

* To help needy people, irrespective of creed, race, or nationalities, as much as possible within the capabilities of the organization.

* To promote international student exchange and youth activities.

Minimum Requirements:

Our club has several projects which are the foundation of our club, helping to further the club’s purpose and objectives. We outline the following minimum requirements for our prospective members which include these obligations. Your sponsor and the membership chairperson are your points-of-contact for dates and locations of these events.

Pfennig Bazaar: Our most significant fundraiser is our annual Pfennig Bazaar. Though officially lasting a few days itself in October, the work we put into a successful bazaar continues year-round (i.e. Presorting). Only active participation on the part of club members will bring forth a satisfactory end-result: a successful bazaar! The monies earned at the bazaar are distributed to the community through various German and American social organizations needing financial support.

General Membership Meetings: Our monthly events allow us the opportunity to connect with each other as well as learn about different cultures and other subjects. Prospective members must attend at least three events prior to applying.
Additional Opportunities to Demonstrate your Commitment:

Prospective members also have other opportunities to get to know our club and reach out to the community:

Vesperkirche (Soup Kitchen): The purpose of this project is to provide homeless people with food and empathy. We support this project from mid-January to mid-March at the Leonhardskirche in Stuttgart.

Robert Bosch Rehabilitation Clinic: This is a visiting service we provide every other Wednesday afternoon.

Informal Club Activities Two opportunities open to you to get to know other club members are “Chat at M” and “Stammtisch.” Chat at M is held one Wednesday a month from 10:00 – noon in the Breuninger department store (downtown Stuttgart). Stammtisch is held the last Wednesday of each month at the Sanwald Brauerei-Wirtshaus, Silberburgstr. 157 in Stuttgart. We invite you to take advantage of these two options to enjoy a bite to eat and get to know us, too!

Questions? Should you have any questions regarding the club or the membership requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your sponsor or Membership Chairperson.

Last Name _______________________________ First ___________________________

E-mail adresse

Street name

Cell Phone Number _________________________ Home Phone __________________________
ID Card Number Your Nationality ________________________
Hobbies and Interests ______________________________________________________________

Husband’s Name __________________________________________________________________

Children (ages) ____________________________________________________________________
Other contries lived in
Language spoken

(1) Mother Tongue (2) Fluent (3) Conversational (4) Understanding
Membership in other international Clubs

Our activities are possible only through the support and volunteer efforts of the members.

______I am familiar with the Club’s objectives and activities and will lend my support to them.
______I give permission for GAWC to publish photographs on website, Facebook, newsletter and

local media.

______I give permission for this information to be printed in our Membership Directory; it is for

membership use and cannot be distributed to any other source.

______I give permission for GAWC to send me all the club information via mailchimp
GAWC newletters are distributed by email via MailChimp unless a member elects to unsubscribe.

Signature __________________________________________________ Date _______________

Brief Explanation: We ask all prospective members to write a short paragraph explaining why they wish to join the club, and how they will help further GAWC goals and objectives.

I understand the club language is English.

I understand club dues are €50 per year. I also understand the club’s financial year begins January 1st, which is when I will pay my yearly dues.

I will receive a membership booklet, a copy of the club’s constitution and an automatic bank withdrawl slip.

I am familiar with the club’s goals and objectives and by accepting membership in the club will actively lend my support to each. This includes attending monthly meetings as well as working at the Pfennig Bazaar and other social projects.

Signature of Applicant, Date


I herefore declare that I am responsible for the activ integration of the new member in the club. This includes active support of Penny Bazar, other volunteer oportunities and/or Board positions.

_______________________________ _____________________________________

Sponsor 1 Printed Name Sponsor 1 Signature and Date

_______________________________ _____________________________________

Sponsor 2 Printed Name Sponsor 2 Signature and Date

Approval, Acceptance, and Signatures
Applicant Approved? Yes _____ No _____ ____________________________________

Signature of Membership Chair

Date Approved/Not Approved ____________________ _____________________________

by Executive Board Signature of President

Germ.-intern. Membership application 2016

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