Forest Heights – Holly Hills Neighborhood Association

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Forest Heights – Holly Hills Neighborhood Association (will be up for approval Oct 22)

Quarterly Meeting Minutes - July 23, 2013
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President, Bert Mitchell at Forest Heights Baptist Church. The FHHHNA Board members were introduced.
Shelby Bush from Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary spoke briefly, giving information about their annual charity thrift sale fundraiser, The Cheeps Boutique. The group is asking students leaving town to NOT curb their discards where they become waste in the landfill but to instead donate items to be re-sold and help Goose Creek Wildlife improve the quality of life for sick, orphaned, displaced & injured native wildlife. Find them on Facebook - The Cheeps Boutique or email or leave a message at 850-574-0852.

Dr. Marsha Glover-Sanders, Principal of Astoria Park Elementary School was our guest and shared ways we, as individuals or a neighborhood could help meet the needs of the school. Astoria Park Elementary serves grades PK thru 5, has 610 students and a staff of 80. It is a Title 1 School which means that at least 80% of its students are served by the free and reduced lunch program. They are in search of individuals with time and/or talent. There are a myriad of things a person or group can do to help the school or any school for that matter. You can contribute supplies of many types (school supplies, craft supplies, Box Tops for Education, old gently used toys, outdoor toys, etc.). You can volunteer to do a variety of things such as reading with a student, mentoring, tutoring, foster grand parenting, helping with supervision before and after school or at lunch, helping with teacher appreciation, or with fund raising, sponsoring a club, etc.  See the attached list for more suggestions. The school is located at 2465 Atlas Road (850-488-4673).

Crime Watch Report - TPD Officer Andy Berentsen (891-4319 or

  • Gave an update/summary of crime in our neighborhood

  • You can pull up crime statistics at any time

  • There is a quick link to the police on the left side of the homepage; you can use it to report issues on-line, as well as request a residential check

  • Interesting tidbits from our Crime Statistics for the quarter

    • There were 4 Residential Burglaries

    • 24 warnings were given for Disorderly Conduct/Loud Noise or Music

    • 14 Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Incident were reported

    • There were 4 requests for residence checks

Minutes - It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the April 2013 meeting as printed; motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report - approved as presented; Present balance: $1424.31
It was noted that the website had not been updated in a while.

Paige Jolly is now compiling the FHHHNA Newsletter.


  • Next meeting – October 22, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Forest Heights Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

  • “Friend” us on Facebook - Forest Heights - Holly Hills Area Neighborhood Association

  • – is the neighborhood web page

  • Dues are due for 2013 ($15) – Thank you for your support! Checks made out to FHHHA Neighborhood Association and mailed to Treasurer, PO Box 37323, Tallahassee, FL 32315

The meeting adjourned at 7:40

Download 23,59 Kb.

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