February News 2017

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February News 2017
Meet Miss Mechelle…

Mechelle Armbruster is a Greenville, North Carolina native. She began her dance training at the age of 3 with the North Carolina Academy of Dance Arts. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University. Upon moving to New York, Mechelle has enjoyed expanding her dance knowledge working with Jennifer Archibald, John Magnus and dancing with the River North Dance Company of Chicago. She currently performs with the Vanessa Long Dance Company in Manhattan, Pennsylvania and Boston. Mechelle teaches tap, Stretch, Turns and Leaps and is a choreographer for our competitive team. Miss Mechelle has been part of the D3 family for 2 years. external image childrens-<b><span id='Valentines-Day'>Valentines-Day</span></b>-Party.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are entering our competitive season…Support from all our D3 dancers is always welcome…

Date & Town below - Location TBA

Are you ready for your close up!

Studio Group Photo

All D3 dancers

Saturday 5-20-17 @ 1p.m.

Please wear Red or Black

It will just be a few minutes of your time. Please make every effort to attend.

Don’t forget!

Dress Rehersal & Recital

June 16 & 17th

Information coming soon!

D3 Dance Team

Please mark your agendas!

Competitive Team Photo

Saturday 2-18-17

Please wear D3 apparel in

Red or Black

Pre- Comp Rally and Brief Parent Meeting

11 a.m. on 2-26-17

Please make every effort to attend!

Don’t forget closings due to

Inclement weather can be found on

Facebook and Instagram

D3 Dancenter

Please take a moment to like our page!


Website: d3dancenternj.com

what is your <b>SNOW</b> DAY Policy? - Regarding Nannies


North Caldwell High School

April 29-30

North Caldwell, NJ


April 8-9

West Milford, NJ


March 4-5

West Orange, NJ

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