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The Voice For Real Estate in Eastern ConnecticutTM

106 Route 32, Suite 4

North Franklin, CT 06254

Phone: 860-892-2595

Fax: 860-892-2599

Email: susy.hurlbert@easternctrealtors.com

Web Site: http://www.easternctrealtors.com

Press Release


CONTACT: Susy Hurlbert, Chief Executive Officer

To: Adam Benson, Norwich Bulletin

DATE: April 11, 2017

HEADLINE: Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORSC® Awarded Placemaking Grant to Help Improve (Local) Community

North Franklin, CT (October 11, 2016) – The Eastern CT Association of Realtors® (ECAR) has received a $1500 Placemaking micro-grant from the National Association of Realtors® to help make the Griswold community a better place to live and work by transforming unused public spaces into vibrant community places.

The grant is intended to help Realtor Associations partner with others to plan, organize, implement and maintain placemaking activities in their communities

ECAR will use the funds to purchase Wayfinding Banners and American Flag Banners as part of the Jewett City main Street Corridor & Streetscape Improvement Master Plan. They will partner with Griswold Economic Development Commission, Eastern Federal Bank, Jewett City Savings Bank, Putnam Bank on this project, who will also be contributing to the project.

“Realtors® live, work and volunteer in their communities and take immense pride in working to improve them,” said Susy Hurlbert, Association CEO. “Placemaking can help foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities. It creates places where people feel a strong stake in their neighborhoods and are committed to making things better. This grant will allow us to address areas in our community that are in need of improvement or redevelopment and create a place where friends and neighbors can come together.”

Placemaking grants are awarded to local and state Realtor® associations to help them and their members initiate placemaking projects in the community, like turning a parking lot into a farmer’s market or a vacant lot into a playground. Realtor® associations and their Realtor® members are actively engaged in the community and know the neighborhoods and the properties that would benefit most from these improvement efforts.

“As the Jewett City Main Street Corridor becomes more attractive and welcoming, nearby properties may also increase in value,” said Hurlbert. 

For more information on the Jewett City main Street Corridor & Streetscape Improvement Master Plan, visit http://www.griswold-ct.org. To find out more about National Association of Realtors® placemaking grants visit, realtoractioncenter.org/Placemaking.

ECAR is considered the voice for real estate in Eastern Connecticut, committed to promoting real estate ownership, protecting private property rights, and maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

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