East Butler Invitational – Sep

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East Butler Invitational – Sept. 8

A perfect “10”. That’s what the Yutan boys cross country team scored at the East Butler Invitational at Timber Point. The Chieftains’ top four boys ran together throughout much of the race, with Mason Timm, Jayden Graham and John Grinvalds sprinting the last 200 meters to the finish. Those three, along with Tyler Ziemba, completed the perfect score by finishing 1-2-3-4. Nick Schulz also medaled in 8th.

Emily Pogue cruised to the championship of the meet, winning by 39 seconds, with Natalie Lothringer finishing just out of the medals in 16th.

Allan Cramblitt, Brenden Leahy and Nic Lothringer also ran the course.

The junior high boys finished 2-4-11, with Brady Timm, Colby Tichota and Hayden Lewis. Emily Fisher (7) and Mary Lynn Lewis (15) ran for the girls.

Coach Rod Henkel – “Once we found out Malcolm was not running its varsity, and the top Aquinas boy was sick and not running, we had a goal of scoring the 10. The boys ran together nicely and it was cool to see their sprint at the end. This meet is more about conditioning and hill work that really the competition and all of our kids benefitted from this meet. Emily improved from the JCC meet and this course will only make her better.”

High School Boys – 1st out of 5 teams


1. Mason Timm 20:00

2. Jayden Graham 20:01

3. John Grinvalds 20:01

4. Tyler Ziemba 20:20

8. Nick Schulz 21:02

35. Allan Cramblitt 26:12

43. Brenden Leahy 29:46

48. Nic Lothringer 33:10
High School Girls – No Team Score


1. Emily Pogue 23:19

16. Natalie Lothringer 30:41

Junior High Girls

7. Emily Fisher 15:19

15. Mary Lynn Lewis 18:12
Junior High Boys

2. Brady Timm 11:10

4. Colby Tichota 11:51

11. Hayden Lewis 13:22

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