Edinburgh to North Berwick Road Race – Saturday 2nd May 2015

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Edinburgh to North Berwick Road Race – Saturday 2nd May 2015

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The Edinburgh to North Berwick Road Race is a popular race at the beginning of May. The 20 mile race follows a scenic route along the East Lothian Coast. The starting point is on Portobello Promenade and travels along the coast through Musselburgh and on to North Berwick.

Organised in partnership with local running clubs, Lothian and Borders Police, the City of Edinburgh Council and the Red Cross, the race attracts entrants from all over Scotland and the north of England. Many participants return year after year due to the popularity of the race.

The provisional date for the 51st Race is Saturday 2nd May 2015. It will start at 11am and participants must be able to run the distance in under 3 hours 30 minutes.

Volunteering opportunities are available for marshalling, water station management and driving race vehicles.

East Lothian Open Tennis Tournament – Sunday 19th July to Saturday 25th July 2015

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With 38 events, over 400 competitors and 800 matches played over 7 busy days the East Lothian Open Tennis Tournament is one of the largest Open Tennis Tournaments in the UK. The long running event will reach its 86th year in 2015.

The tournament made history in 2012 by being named Tennis Scotland’s ‘Tennis Tournament of the Year’ for the second year in a row. The family friendly tournament is run by an enthusiastic group of welcoming volunteers and with social events on every evening of the tournament, the East Lothian Open remains the benchmark for tournaments in Scotland.

Entries are welcome in categories ranging from children singles U8s to Men’s over 55s Doubles. New events are added each year. Players don’t have to be affiliated to a tennis club but need to be a member of British Tennis. Children aged 8 and under along with Members of registered clubs, parks and other places to play receive free membership to British Tennis. Entrance is free to spectators and they are welcome at all games.

The tournament has expanded to run over 3 venues with kind support from the clubs – North Berwick, Dunbar, and Gullane.

We would be looking for volunteers to help on the entry desk, timing warm-ups, court supervision, score taking, help the Committee with evening events etc! Times can run from 8am to 10/11pm depending on the courts and the weather! Work would be organised in a shift pattern.

North Berwick Law Race – Wednesday 5th August 2015

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This Gruelling Hill run has embedded itself onto the running circuit.

Starting at the Harbour, the three mile circular route runs through the Lodge grounds and climbs 200ft to the top of North Berwick Law. The event attracts competitors of all ages and abilities, from international hill runners to local children aged 10 years. A great challenge for all.

Trophies and prizes are presented to a wide range of categories

The current men's record has stood for 17 years; John Wilkinson completed the course in an impressive 17 minutes 53 seconds in 1991. The current ladies' record was set in 1999 by Angela Mudge and stands at 20 minutes 24 seconds.

The race, promoted by East Lothian Council in partnership with Edinburgh Athletic Club is sponsored by North Berwick Community Council.

There are no advance entries - registration is from 6pm on the day of the race, for a 7.30pm start.

Volunteer opportunities would involve helping at the start/finish line and marshalling.

For more information on any of these volunteering opportunities, please contact Kirsty Preston, Recreation Officer, East Lothian Council on 01875 824011 or kpreston@eastlothian.gov.uk. More volunteering opportunities are available on www.activeeastlothian.gov.uk


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