Dodgeball Tournaments

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G. Harold Antrim Elementary School

Class of 2017 Fundraiser

Dodgeball Tournaments

**Saturday, January 28, 2017**


**6:00-9:00 PM**

***4Th-6TH GRADE START AT 6:00PM***
$5.00 Entry Fee Per Player


Six Members Per Team

Divisions for Tournament

Elementary Division: Grade 4-6 *GAMES BEGIN AT 6:00 PM

Middle School Division: Grades 7-8 * GAMES BEGIN AT 8:00 PM

High School Division: Grades 9-12 * GAMES BEGIN AT 8:30 PM
Adult Division: 18 year and older * GAMES BEGIN AT 8:30 PM

Spectator Fee: Adults $3.00/Students $2.00

For more information contact Lisa Kitchenman at

732-492-5599 or

Return forms and payment to:

G. Harold Antrim Elementary School Front Office or mail to

G. Harold Antrim School 401 Niblick Street Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Attention: Lisa Kitchenman

All forms and fees must be received by the day before each tournament.

Check payable: Antrim Class of 2017

Official Dodgeball Rules

  • Each team will consist of 6 players of the same division

  • Each team is responsible for a team name and team uniform (same colored shirt).

  • This will be a double elimination tournament. Although, we will try to have each team play three games.

  • Each team is required to be in the appropriate location on time,

(sitting in the northeast bleachers/adult teams in the northwest bleachers).

  • Each game will go until the time has expired or until all team members from one team have been eliminated. Therefore, the team with the most members on the court when time runs out will win and advance to the next round.


  • The game will begin with all balls on the mid-court line and the players on opposing base line.

  • On the signal all players will run up to half court and retrieve a ball.

  • There will be a SAFE AREA of approximately 5 feet on either side of the mid-court line for the first ten seconds of the game only. The purpose of this area is so that if two players are going after the same ball, the one who wins by a step cannot hit another player immediately. They must wait until they have cleared that area. This rule is only used in the first 10 seconds of each game. The officials will help with the implementing of this rule during the games.

You are out if:

  • You are hit anywhere on your body/clothes other then your head.

  • If you hit someone in the head.

  • If you continue to aim at someone’s head, you will be removed from the game.

  • You throw a ball and someone else catches it.

  • If you try to catch the ball but miss: it hits you so therefore, you are out.

  • You hold a ball longer then 5 seconds.

  • Stall in another way by refusing to pickup or throw the balls that are on your side of the court.

  • You dispute a call with an official.

  • If you step over the boundaries.

    • Mid-court is never allowed to be crossed.

    • Even if you are dodging a ball and inadvertently cross over a line, you are sill out.


  • Use one ball to block/defend against another.

  • If you catch a ball, a member from your team, who is out, re-enter the game.



G. Harold Antrim Elementary School

Class of 2017 Fundraiser

Dodgeball Tournament

Team Name_______________________________________________________

Team Color________________________Division________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

Player’s Name____________________________________________________

TEAM CONTACT PERSON____________________________________PHONE____________________

Named Player(s) for which this amount is being paid: ___________________________________________


Official Use ONLY
Check #____________ Cash___________
Waiver Signed___________
Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education: G. Harold Antrim Class of 2017

Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser

Consent is hereby given for _____________________________________________________________________

to participate in the G. Harold Antrim Class of 2017 Dodgeball Tournament described below:

PLACE: Point Pleasant Beach High School Gymnasium

DATE: Saturday, January 28, 2017, February 25, 2017, March 18, 2017

PURPOSE: G. Harold Antrim Class of 2017 Fundraiser

TIME OF EVENT: 6: 00 PM - 9:00 PM (4th, 5th & 6th grade teams begin at 6:00 PM)

(7th & 8th grade teams begin at 7:30 PM)

(HS & Adult teams begin at 8:00 PM)


OTHER INFORMATION: all teams will consist of 6 players of the same division

(grade levels or ages). The cost of participation is $5 per person for each tournament. Each team will have a team name and must wear the same color shirts. Entries will be accepted only if all 6 permission slips are filled out entirely, signed by a parent and handed in together with the entry fee. This document constitutes an acknowledgment that parents and students understand the rules and will abide by them to ensure the safety of all participants. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in disqualification and removal of teams and participants from the tournament.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF LEGAL STANDARDS: The signature of the parent or guardian of any minors participating in the Tournament, or of any adult participating in the Tournament signifies the Agreement to hold the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education, members of the Board of Education, Board employees, volunteers and any other persons acting on behalf of the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education, from any and all liability for any injury to person or property of any participant arising out of the participation of the signatory, and any minor participant of whom the signatory is a parent or legal guardian. The signatory recognizes that he or she is acknowledging assumption of all reasonable risks entailed in the participation in this tournament by the signatory or by the minor child or children for whom the signatory stands as a parent or guardian, or both. This acknowledgment and assumption of risks does not excuse the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education from responsibility for any gross negligence committed by the Board or its agents. The signatory hereby acknowledges the responsibility of all participants to follow the directions of teachers in charge of the Event.
Signature of parent or guardian: ________________________________________________
Date: ___________, 2017 Telephone No. ______________________ (cell)

______________________ (home)


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