Dear scra swim Team Families

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Dear SCRA Swim Team Families,
Welcome to the 2007 Summer Swim Season!!! Although there have been many changes to the aquatics staff in the past year, there will be no shortage of quality instruction, enthusiasm and FUN in the new SCRA programs. With a little time, and the dedication and support of all SCRA swimmers, families and coaches, we can all make the 2007 Summer Swim season a huge SUCCESS!!

Attached is the registration form for the 2007 spring/summer swim team. Included in this letter are the dates of the swim meets, parent meeting, equipment order day, special activity nights, and other activities. Please mark these events on your calendars now so that you can to attend these important (and hopefully, FUN) events.

All families should plan to attend all of the dual meets, the relay meet, and the championship meet this year, the Championship meet is on Sunday, July 29th, so the summer swim season has been extended an extra week. Accordingly, I ask that all families plan your vacations for August (after the summer league championship meet), please. We want to show that in 2007, SCRA swimmers and their families are excited to have fun, improve performance and be a model of team spirit and support during the summer season!
The attached registration form contains an agreement contract which all SCRA parents must sign. This commitment requires all families to provide workers at 3 DUAL MEETS DURING THE SEASON AND EITHER THE RELAY MEET OR THE SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MEET. It is important that everyone understand and uphold this agreement. This year, all parents, new and returning are required to attend the parent meeting on Tuesday, May 8th at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse. Sign-ups for volunteer jobs will be explained. The web-based system for signing up for jobs will be launched on May 9th. PARENTS MUST SIGN UP FOR THEIR 4 POINT JOBS BY MAY 16TH. If you do not sign up by this day, you will be assigned jobs; it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement if you cannot perform the job. If you fail to meet the volunteer requirement, your child(ren) will not be able to participate in ANY future events.
The first day of swim practice is on Tuesday, April 9th. Please read the group levels and practice times below in order to sign-up your child. Please mark the group you are signing up for on the registration form.






Monday - Friday

3:15 – 3:45

4 - 8; Water safe, knowledge of one or two strokes


Monday - Friday

4:45 – 5:30

6 - 8; Knows all four competitive strokes


Monday - Friday

3:45 – 4:45

9 - 10; Knows all four competitive strokes


Monday - Friday

5:30 – 6:45

11 & Up; Knows all four competitive strokes

The special swim team swim lesson package is being offered again this year, but I am going to make a suggestion to all of you. Get the lessons done early in the season, this gives the kids a chance to work on their stroke technique and mechanics before they get to the first meet. Waiting until the last minute doesn’t give their strokes much chance on becoming a habit. We are working on a sign up method online through our website, when it is ready I will let you all know.

Please mail your registration form to: SCRA, Attn: Abi Liu; 875 Bowdoin Street, Stanford, CA, 94309. Or you can drop them off at SCRA any time. We are all looking for a great and fun season.
If you have any questions please call, (650) 857-1732, or e-mail me at

Abi Liu

Aquatics Director

2007 Summer Swim Meet Schedule

(Please Plan Your Vacation With These In Mind. Thanks!!)


Saturday, June 2nd

Warm-Ups @ 9:00 AM; Meet starts at 9:45 AM

SCRA vs Foothills club @ SCRA

Wednesday, June 20th

Warm-Ups @ 5:00 PM; Meet begins at 6:00 PM

SCRA vs University Club @ SCRA

Wednesday, June 27th

Warm-Ups @ 4:00 PM; Meet Starts at 5:00 PM

SCRA vs Ladera Oaks @ Ladera Oaks

Wednesday, July 11th

Warm-Ups @ 4:00 PM; Meet Starts at 5:00 PM


Saturday, July 14th

Warm-Ups @ 7:30 AM; Meet begins at 9:00 AM

SCRA vs Fremont HILLS @ Fremont HILLS

Wednesday, July 18th

Warm-Ups @ 5:00 PM; Meet begins at 6:00 PM

SCRA vs Alpine Hills @ Alpine HILLS

Wednesday, July 25th

Warm-Ups @ 4:00 PM; Meet Starts at 5:00 PM


Sunday, July 29th

Warm-Ups @ 7:30 AM; Meet begins at 9:00 AM

Other Important Dates To Remember...



Arpil 9th

First Day of Summer Swim Team Practice

April 17th & 18th

Equipment and Swim Suit Sizing days

May 3rd

Ice Cream social @ SCRA

May 8th

Parents’ Meeting @ 7:00 PM

June 19th

Seals Activity Night @ 7:00 PM

June 26th

Penguins & Otters Activity Night @ 7:00 PM

June 29th

Dolphins Activity Night @ 7:00 PM

July 10th

Bingo Night @ 7:30 PM.

July 14th

Sleepover at SCRA. Psyche Night for Champs.

July 30th

Raging Waters



Regular SCRA Members - $300.00 for each child

Junior Swim Team Member - $400.00 for each child

(This fee includes the fees for the swim team as well as junior membership for the swimmer to SCRA for the months, April - July. This membership does not include any other family members. There is a limit of 25 Junior Swim Team Memberships available. Returning swimmers have priority until April 22rd).

** PLEASE NOTE - You must be either Staff, Faculty, or a Student at Stanford University for your child to be eligible for the summer swim team.

***PASA swimmers – please stay on the current PASA payment schedule, please fill out the registration form only without payment.
Our swim team cannot be successful without the help of our swim team families. We can adequately staff the seven meets in which we participate if one adult from each family works at four meets during the season. Because it is so important that each participating family understand this we are requiring that you sign the following statement:
I (We) understand that we will be required to work at 4 of the 7 meets during the SCRA swim team season and agree to do so.


Swimmer #1: ____________________________ Birthdate: _________________ *Practice Group: ______
Swimmer #2: ____________________________ Birthdate: _________________ *Practice Group: ______
Swimmer #3: ____________________________ Birthdate: _________________ *Practice Group: ______
Swimmer #4: ____________________________ Birthdate: _________________ *Practice Group: ______

*Please see front page for practice group descriptions.

T-Shirt Size: Swimmer #1: _______ Swimmer #2: _______ Swimmer #3: ______ Swimmer #4: ______

Please put down YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL instead of sizes that have a number range (i.e. 6 – 7)
Parent(s’) Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________ Zip: ___________
Phone #: _______________________________ Cell Phone #: ________________________________
E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________
YES!!__________ I would like to sign up for the special private swim lesson package and I have added to $100.00 (4 lessons) to my registration fee. If you are interested in the swim lesson package, you need to sign up early because space is limited. **Remember to also get the lessons completed early in the season in order for your child to practice those skills.
TOTAL FEE ENCLOSED: ____________________________________________

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