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Alexandru NEDELEA
Associate Professor of Marketing

„Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Romania, Suceava, 720225

Ph.: +04230216147 int. 297

Fax: +40230520263

1997-2003 Ph.D. in Economics - Marketing, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

1990-1995 – B.A. Stefan cel Mare University, specialization in “Tourism Management”

Postuniversitary specializations:

- in Romania:

  • May-June 1996 – “Business Management” - Professor Patrick Mignard from I.U.P. Toulouse, France

  • March-May 1997 - “Marketing in Tourism” (professor C. Marcon, Universite de Poitiers), “Hotel Management” (professor Eelco Galama - International School of Hospitality Management, Leeuwarden, Holland)

  • 2000 Licence of tourism manager from the Tourism Minister

  • 2002 - 2003 certified national guide - Tourism, Hotel&Restaurant-Consulting Group Bucharest

  • 2005 „Counselling: Certified Professionals and Processes”, Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI II, European Commission, Province of Lecce E.U. Policies Department (project leader), OPRA Formazione Lecce, I.E.R.F. – Institut Européen Recherche et Formation (Paris)

- abroad:

  • 8 March - 8 May 1996- specialization in Tourism Management, Faculty of Tourism and Food, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

  • 1 March - 10 May 1998 – specialization in Tourism Marketing, L`Universite d`Angers, E.S.T.U.A (Etudes Superieures de Tourisme et d`Hotellerie), France


  • books:

Smeureanu I., Anghel L., Onete B., Colibaba D., Exner R., Nedelea Alexandru, Glasser D. (2006), Small and Medium Enterprises in Contemporary Society, KMV, Germany, ISBN 3-9802437-2-9

Babu P. George, Nedelea Alexandru (2007), International Tourism: World Geography and Developmental Perspectives, Abhijeet Publications, New Delhi, India, ISBN 978-81-89886-18-9, 183 p

Nedelea, Al.(2003), Marketing Policies in Tourism, Economica Press, Bucharest, ISBN 973-590-923-5
„...a comprehensive textbook on tourism, touching all the important topics.  The members of the tourist industry in Romania and elsewhere could benefit from this description and analysis.”
Ph. Kotler,

Professor of International Marketing

Nortwestern University J.L. Kellog

Graduate School of Management, Chicago

Tourism Market, Didactical Press, Bucharest, ISBN – 973-30-2789-8, 2003

Marketing, Didactical Press, Bucharest, 2003, ISBN 973-30-2405-8

Marketing in Public Administration, Didactical Press, Bucharest, 2006, ISBN 973-30-1604-7

Chaşovschi, C.(coord.), Nedelea, Al. (2006), Cultural Tourism in North Eastern Romania – Places of Spirit, Ed. Didactică şi Pedagogică, Bucharest, ISBN 978-973-30-1541-3

Marketing Policies, Didactical Press, Bucharest, 2008, ISBN 973-30-2083-4

Nedelea, Al. (coord.), Elmazi, L., Babu, P.G., Banabakova, V., Tourism Marketing, Derc Publishing House, USA, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9817300-1-1

  • ISI Web of Knowledge Paper

Nedelea, Al., Ethical responsability of firm’s marketing activity, Amfiteatru Economic, volume 10, issue 23, February 2008, ISSN 1582-9146, p. 103-106,
ISI Proceedings (Web of Knowledge)
Nedelea, Al., Okech, R., Developing Rural Tourism in South Africa, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Horticulture, Bulletin UASVM, volume 65(2)/2008, pISSN 1843-5254; eISSN 1843-5394, 6 p, p.256-261, ISI Master Journal List (Thomson Reuters Master Journal List)

Nedelea, Al., Nedelea, M.O., Ecotourism and the Economy, Bulletin UASVM, 65(2)/2008, pISSN 1843-5254; eISSN 1843-5394, p. 454, ISI Master Journal List (Thomson Reuters Master Journal List)

Nedelea, Al., Grosu, V., Elmazi, L., Ecotourism in Sustainability of a Developing Country, Bulletin UASVM, 65(2)/2008, pISSN 1843-5254; eISSN 1843-5394, p. 455, ISI Master Journal List (Thomson Reuters Master Journal List)

  • Papers in International Journals:

Marketing Strategies of Tourism in Romania, EKONOMICKÁ, Economic Review of Tourism, 3/2004, ISSN 0139-8660, 4p, p.183-186

Strategies of Price and Distribution in the Hospitality Industry, Galileu, Revista de Economia e Direito, Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, june 2004, ISBN 0873-495X, 8 p, p. 49-56

Regional Sustainable Development and Public Administration Reform in Romania, Annual Journal of the Center of Public Administration, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, 2004, ISBN 954 535 395 3, 5 p, p. 101-105

Romanian Tourism, European Market and Globalisation, Scientific Observer, part 4, Ukraine, 2005, ISBN 966-7577-69-4

Sustainable Development of Tourism, scientific journal HOTELLINK, 6/2005, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

The Privatization Process in Romania, NARODOSTAPANSKI ARCHIVE, #2, 2005, Tsenov Academy od Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria, pp. 38-40

Ethical Marketing, Buletin Shkencor no. 7 / 2005, Universiteti Teknologjik, Vlöre, Albania, pp. 71-77

Tourism Development in Suceava Region, „Visnyk of Karazin Kharkin National University”, Kharkiv University Press, Kharkiv, Ukraine, vol. 622, 2005, ISSN 0453-8048, ISSN 0153-1826, 6 p, pp. 75-80

Analysis of Regional Development in Romania, Economic Development, Journal of the Institute of Economics, no.1-2-3, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Macedonia, 2005, ISSN – 1409-7893, 6 p, p. 107-112

Analysis for tourism in the North-East region of Romania, „Visnyk of Karazin Kharkin National University”, Kharkiv University Press, Kharkiv, Ukraine, vol. 704, 2005, ISSN 0453-8048, 5 p, pp.45-49

The Product Policy and Tourism Market, Galileu, Revista de Economia e Direito, Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, vol. XI, no. 1, 2006, ISSN 0873-495X, 8 p, p. 55- 62

Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Eastern Europe: A Case Study of Romania, Atna - Journal of Tourism Studies, vol. 2, July 2007, Christ College, Bangalore, India, 12 p, p. 9-20

Babu, P. G., Nedelea, Al., Mercy, A., The Business of Comunity Based Tourism: a Multistakeholder Approach, Tourism Issues, vol. 3, October 2007, Athens, ISSN 1791-0064, 12 p, p. 41-60

Medical Tourism: The Next Big Thing to Come, Economics: Concepts and experiences, Edited by Professor Galle J. Bellas, New York Academics, 2007, New York, ISBN 1-888067-23-3, 7 p, p. 17-23, listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for PEGERP: Government Expenditures & Health


Cooperatives and Business Networks in Tourism: Translating the Third Way into Competitive Advantage, Economics: Concepts and experiences, Edited by Professor Galle J. Bellas, New York Academics, 2007, New York, ISBN 1-888067-23-3, 6 p, p. 11-16,

  • Articles at International Conferences:

  1. Demand and Supply in Romanian Tourism, “VISNYK” Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2004, ISSN 0453-8048, 6 p, p. 171 - 176

  2. Regional Development of the Romanian Sustainable Tourism, International Conference “Region 2004: strategy to sustainable development”, Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 11 - 13 october, 2004, ISBN 966-623-190-5, 2 p, p. 51-52

  3. Transition of Tourism Industry in Romania, Formuvannia rykovoi ekonomiky v Ukraine, “Forming of Market Economy in Ukraine”, Lviv, Ukraine, #13, 2004, 7 p, p. 513 – 519

  4. Analysis of Romanian Economy, International military scientific Forum 2004, National Military University, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo Branch, ISBN 954-753-033-X, 9 p, p. 90-98

  5. Globalisation and Romanian Tourism on the Balcanian Market, international scientific conference „Regional Development and Demographic Flows of Balkan Countries”, Faculty of Economics, University of Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, june 2005, ISBN 86-85099-11-0, 8 p, p. 311-318

  6. New Economy, Globalisation and Tourism, international scientific conference „The Challenges of the New Econmy”, University of „St. Kliment Ohridski” Bitola, Ohrid, Macedonia, 14 octombrie 2005

  7. Strategies of Price and Distribution in Hospitality Industry (translated in Russian), Vestnik, 3rd series: Economy. Ecology, Volgograd State University, Volgograd, Russia, 2005, PI FS 9-0729, 4 p, p. 188-191

  8. An Analysis for Tourism in the North-East Region of Romania, international conference „The Tourist Industry as a Vector of Regional Development”, Chernivtsy Trade and Economic Institute of the Kiev National Trade and Economic University, Ukraine, 2005, ISBN 966-7577-69-4, 9 p, p.488-496

International Research Studies

  1. Tourism Offer and Characteristics of the Territory”, SVILUPPUMBRIA (Societa Regionale per la Promozione dello Sviluppo Economico Dell’Umbria P.A.), Perugia, Italy, EST 3 B072 - INTERREG IIIB CADSES, 23 July 2004 – 15 January 2005, 17.751 Euro

  2. Tourist Information Campaign for the Cross-Border Region Romania-Ukraine”, PHARE CBC 2004 RO-UA 56, 413.000 euro, 2007-2008

  3. Training-coaching-mentoring - Cross-border Expertise and Competitiviness for Export(in Business Management SME`s - Romania & Ukraine), Neighbourhood Programme Romania – Ukraine 2004 –2006, Phare CBC - 016.942, Parteners: Business Center Organisation, other business organisations, Ucrainean Consulate in Suceava, Commerce Chambers, 10 SME’s from Ukraine, 426.560 euro, 7 sept. 2007 – 25 iulie 2008.

Nedelea, Al. (2003) “Strategies and Marketing Policies in Tourism” doctoral dissertation, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.

The doctoral thesis was published by Economics Press, Bucharest, 2003, as Marketing Policies in Tourism


Journal of Tourism: An International Research Journal, University of Southern Mississippi, USA


International Journal of Casino Business, University of Southern Mississippi, USA

International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing (from 2009)


European Journal of Tourism Research (

Tourism Issues, Institute of Tourism Research, Athens, Greece

Tourism Today, Nicosia, Cyprus

World Journal of Ecotourism (

Amfiteatru Economic, Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest, Romania, ( indexed in Thomson Reuters - ISI Web of Knowledge, category Social Sciences Citation Index, Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) -, EconLit. “Journal of Economic Literature”,, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), Cabell Publishing

Management&Marketing, Economica Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania, indexed in Cabell Publishing

Editor-in-chief Revista de turism (Journal of Tourism), Stefan cel Mare University Suceava, Romania (, indexed in Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) -, SCIRUS, INTUTE Social Sciences, Leisure Tourism Database, ICAAP - Journal Database


Center of Information and Tourism Marketing „Tourism in Bucovina”

and Marketing Center

Voyage Club (

1997 – present - General Association of Romanian Economists,

1998- present - Romanian Marketing Association, Experts National Registry

2000 – present - Romanian Statistics Society, Balkan Association for Tourism Education and Research (BATER)

2001- present - Consulting Council of Bucovina Tourism Association

2002 - present - Romanian Regional Science Association

2003- present - American Marketing Association (AMA), Regional Science Association International (RSAI) and European Association of Research Managers and Adminstrators (EARMA) - Bruxelles

2003 - present - research network Pays Groupe Vishegrad (Grenoble, France)

2004 – present

- European Marketing Academy, Bruxelles

- Regional Group for Tourism (Human Resources), The Regional Partnership for the North-Eastern Region

- Centre International de Recherche et d`Etudes Touristiques (CIRET), Aix en-Provence, France

- member of the research network “Analyse economique et development”- Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

2006 - member of International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism – Association Internationale d’Experts Scientifiques du Tourisme (AIEST)

- evaluation expert of CNCSIS (National Council of Scientific Research of Higher Education) and CEEX research projects

    2007 – vicepresident of „International Consortium of Business and Employment Experts”, Kosova Finance Institute

    - evaluation expert ARACIS - member of International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

    - Representative in Romania for The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

2008 – member of International Association on Public and Non Profit Marketing, International Network for Research in Consumer Behaviour Studies, World Research Club (WRC), American Society for Public Administration, European Association on Research on Services (RESER), Marketing and Tourism Research Interest Committees - EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI)
Babu P. George – Assistant Professor Tourism Management

University of Southern Mississippi
Petru Sandu – Associate Professor of Business,

Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, USA

Adriana Zait – Professor of Marketing,

Al.I.Cuza University Iasi
Nicolae Al. Pop - Professor of Marketing

The Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest
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