Curriculum Vitae Prof. Shive M. S. Chauhan

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Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Shive M. S. Chauhan

Department of Chemistry

University of Delhi

Delhi-110007; India

Telephone: 7256845; Fax: +91-11-27666845


Personal Information

Date of Birth: 20 March 1952

Gender: Male

Address: Office: Department of Chemistry, North Campus University of Delhi, Delhi, India, Tel; 91-11-27666845

Residence: CC-94B, Shalimarbagh, New Delhi-110088

Educational Qualifications

B.Sc.: Banaras Hindu University, 1970, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

M.Sc.: Banaras Hindu University, 1972, Chemistry

Ph.D.: Banaras Hindu University, 1977, Synthesis of Biologically active Heterocycles

Areas of Interest

  • Synthesis of newer biologically active sulfur heterocycles

  • Synthesis of newer Porphyrinoids including Core modified Porphyrins, Porphyrinogens, Phthalocyanines & Subphthalocyanines and their higher analogues for Photodynamic therapy and supramolecular chemistry

  • Development of newer, economic and cheap methodology for various valuable organic transformation utilizing metalloporphyrinoids in organic and organized media

  • Development of nanoparticles of porphyrinoids for various applications

  • Design and synthesis of newer ionic liquids for catalyzing various organic transformations

  • Development of newer materials such from HBC, modified graphenes and their interactional studies with Porphyrinoids and related compounds

  • Isolation of various valuable natural products from Indian medicinal plants

Teaching & Research Experience

  • Aug 1976-Dec 1977 Post-doctoral Fellow at IIT Kanpur

  • Jan 1978-Apr 1978 Research Associate at IIT Kanpur

  • May 1978-Apr 1979 Senior Research Fellow at IIT Kanpur

  • May 1979- Sep 1980 Post-doctoral Fellow at University of Alberta

  • Oct 1980- Sep 1982 Post-doctoral Fellow at University of Alberta

  • Sep 1982-Sep 1984 Lecturer (VFM) at IIT Bombay

  • Sep 1984-July 1986 Lecturer at University of Delhi

  • July 1986-July 1996 Reader at University of Delhi

  • July 1996-todate Professor at University of Delhi

Honors/ Awards

  • Basudev Banarjee Memorial Award for 1993 by Indian Chemical Society.

  • Prof. R.C.Shah Memorial Award for 1996-97 by Indian Science Congress Association.

  • Bronze Medal for 2003-2004 by Chemical Research Society of India.

  • Dr. W. U. Malik Memorial Award for 2010 by Indian Council of Chemists.

  • Shiksha Ratan Puraskar by India International Friendship Society in 2011.

Membership of various Chemical Societies

  • Indian Science Association (LM 1339)

  • Indian Society of Radiation and Photochemical Sciences (LM 05)

  • Indian Association for Cancer Research Indian Council of Chemists

  • Society for Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology (L 98)

  • Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (LM 609)

  • Society of Biological Chemists

  • Indian Society of Chemists and Biologist (FN 66)

  • Indian Society of Bioorganic Chemists

  • Indian Chemical Society (LM 3296)

Administrative Assignments

  • Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi (Aug 2011- Aug 2014)

  • Acting Head of Department: time to time during 2007-2011

  • Coordinator DST-FIST programme (2002-2005)

  • Convenor, 41 Annual Convention of chemist 2004

Reviewers of International Journals

  • Chem. Comm.

  • Tet. Lett.

  • Tetrahedron

  • Org. Biomol. Chem.

  • New J. Chem.

  • Green Chem.

  • Catalytic Letters

  • J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem.

  • Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.

  • Principal Investigator, DST project Titled “Synthetic porphyrins as model for nitrite reductases” 1984-1986.

  • Principal Investigator, ICMR project Titled “Chemoselectivity in the synthesis of novel anticancer 2-haloethynylnitroureas” 1984-1987.

  • Principal Investigator, CSIR project Titled “Synthesis and reactions of prosthetic hydroporphyrins in dissimilatory nitrite reductase” 1988-1991.

  • Principal Investigator, DST project Titled “Synthesis of amphiphilic iron (III) nad manganese (III) porphyrins and their model monooxygenases reaction with pregnenolone and steroid sex hormone” 1991-1994.

  • Principal Investigator, DBT project Titled “Enhancement of tasar silk production through manipulation of insect host-plant interaction (In collaboration with Prof. C.R. Babu and CTI & TR, Ranchi) 1994.

  • Principal Investigator, UGC project Titled “Synthesis of selected metalloporphyrins and their reaction with pyrimidine base nucleosides” 1996.

  • Principal Investigator, IOC project Titled “Oxidation of mercaptans and olefins in petroleum fuels catalyzed by selected metallomacrocycles” 1993-1995.

  • Principal Investigator, DST project Titled “Aerobic oxygenation of cholesterol and selected triterpenoids catalysed by amphiphilic metalloporphyrins covalently linked with flavins in model membranes” 1996-2000.

  • Principal Investigator, DBT project Titled “Protein quality and tannins of primary host plants and enhancement of tasar silk production in collaboration with Prof C.R. Babu.” 2000.

  • Principal Investigator, CSIR project Titled “Stereospecific iron(III)porphyrins in oxidative metabolism of non-steriodal anti-inflamatory drugs” 1998-2001.

  • Principal Investigator, DBT project Titled “Alkanin and other natural pigments from Indian shrubs and herbs” coordinated project prospecting of natural dyes from bioresources – An All india coordinated research project (With Prof. C.R. Babu) 2002-2006.

  • Principal Investigator, DBT project Titled “Genetic profiling and pilot production of the identified lite species and quantification of the active biomolecules” 2003-2006.

  • Principal Investigator, DST project Titled “Synthesis of functional calix[4]pyrrole and related compounds and other applications in anion binding, self-assembly and catalysis” 2005-2008.

  • Principal Investigator, CSIR project Titled “Synthesis of covalently linked multiporphyrinic arrays as models for light harvesting systems and development of other newer materials” 2005-2008.

  • Principal Investigator, University of Delhi project Titled “Chemical studies of fullerene-porphyrin, fullerene-phthalocyanines and related compounds” 2010.

  • Principal Investigator, DST project Titled “Biomimetic studies of porphyrinogen and their non-covalent interaction in the biosynthesis of heme and related life pigments” 2009-2013.

PhD students Guided

Total number = 38

S. No.


Title of Thesis


Address/ Email


Dr. K.V. Rao

Chemical studies of synthetic porphyrins

Feb 88


Dr. P.N.H. Nizar

Synthetic studies in potential anticancer agents

Apl. 88

Associate director, Ranbaxy


Dr. T.S. Kohli

Synthesis and photochemical studies of nitrogen heterocycles

Apl. 89


Dr. B. Vijayeraghavan

Chemical and biomimetic studies with selected synthetic metalloporphyrins

Apl. 90

Director – IP Ranbaxy


Dr. S. Satapathy

Biomimetic studies of selected organic substrates with homoproteins and their model systems

Oct. 90


Dr. P.C. Ray

Synthesis and Biomimetic studies of selected steroids.

Aug. 91


Dr. V. Avasthi

Synthetic and chemical studies of some nitrogen heterocycles

Aug. 92

Patent Agent at the IP law firm McNeely, Hare & War LLP


Dr. A. Gulati

Synthetic porphyrins and phthalocyanines in biomimetic studies

Feb. 93

Associate Prof. ARSDC, University of Delhi


Dr. M. Gupta

Chemical studies of nitrogen heterocycles

Nov. 93


Dr. A. Awasthi

Biomimetic studies of synthetic flavins in model membranes

Jan. 95

Associate Prof. DAVC, Muzaffarnagar


Dr. T.K. Sharma

Incarporation and Oxidative catalysis with synthetic metalloporphyrins in organized media

Mar. 96

Head of department, concordbiotech


Dr. S. Prakash

Chemical and biomimetic studies of selected terpenoids and pheolics

Apl. 96


Dr. B. Kalra

Biomimetic oxidation reactions of selected phenolics

May. 97


Dr. S. Choudhary

Chemical studies of selected flavins and metalloporphyrins

Jun. 97


Dr. P.P. Mohapatra

Selected Biomimetic oxidation reactions in homogeneous and organized media

Feb. 99

In Frontier Scientific Inc. Logan


Dr. M.K. Mishra

Synthesis and chemical studies of selected flavins, pteridies and porphyrins

Apl. 2000


Dr. B.B. Sahoo

Biomimetic oxidation of selected drugs, triterpenoids, and steroids in orgaic ad organized media

Oct. 2000


Dr. K.A. Srinivas

Biomimetic and chemical studies of selected anti-inflammatory drugs and related compounds

Mar. 02


Dr. R. Singh

Chemical and photochemical studies of selected heterocycles and colouring matters

Aug. 02

Ass. Prof. DTU


Dr. Mamta Singh

Photochemical studies of selected food plants of non mulberry silkworms

Nov. 02


Dr. G. Pandey

Biomimetic studies of selected synthetic flavins and flavoporphyrins

Jun. 03

Ass. Prof. KMC, University of Delhi


Dr. A. Kumar

Heterogeneous catalysis in organic synthesis

Dec. 03

Ass. Prof. BITS Pilani


Dr. N. Jain

Biomimetic reactions of selected natural products

Nov. 04

Ass. Prof. IIT Delhi


Dr. C. Angrish

Self assembly of selected heterocycles and polymerization of alkenes

Dec. 05

Ass. Prof. DDUC, University of Delhi


Dr. P. Kumari

Biomimetic oxidation and related reactions with metallomacrocycles

Nov. 06

Ass. Prof. DC, University of Delhi


Dr. N.G. Giri

Chemical studies of functional porphyrins and related compounds

Mar. 08

Ass. Prof. SC, University of Delhi


Dr. Ambika

Isolation and chemical studies of active constituents from selected medicinal plants

Apl. 08

Ass. Prof. HRC, University of Delhi


Dr. P.P. Singh

Chemical studies of Biologically active heterocycles and related compounds

Apl. 08

Ass. Prof. SSNC, University of Delhi


Dr. T. Bisht

Synthesis of calix[4] arenes, thiacalix[4] arenes ad related compounds and their application in supramolecular chemistry

Aug. 08


Dr. B. Garg

Synthesis and anion binding of Cailx[4] pyrroles ad related macrocyclesss

Nov. 08


Dr. S. Agarwal

Self-Assembly of functional porphyrins and related heterocycles

Nov. 09


Dr. A. Singhal

Biomimetic oxygenation polymerization and synthetic models for photosynthesis with metalloporphyrins and chemical studies of calix[4]phyrins

Nov. 09


Dr. Poonam

Synthesis of selected azaporphyrinoids and their application in catalysis, supramolecular and material chemistry

Feb. 11

Ass. Prof., Chemistry Dept. University of Delhi


Dr. Amit Rawat

Synthesis, covalent and non-covalent interactions of selected Porphyrinoids and related compounds

Oct. 2012

Ass. Prof. HRC, University of Delhi


Dr. Sweta Mishra

Chemically modified graphenes and fullerenes in the synthesis of Porphyrinoids, nanocomposites and their non-covalent interactions

April 2013

Ass. Prof. LEC, University of Delhi


Dr. S.D. Jain

Synthesis of Porphyrinoids and related macrocycles and their non covalent interactions

July 2013

Ass. Prof. KC, University of Delhi


Dr. Niharika Sinha

Synthesis of selected Porphyrinogens and their non-covalent interactions

July 2013


Sohail Ahmad

Chemical Studies of Selected Synthetic porphyrinoids and Core Modified Porphyrinoids

March 2014

GVK Biosciences, Hyderabad

PhD Students currently working under Supervision

Total Number = 6

S. No.


Title of Thesis

Year of Registration


Renu Gautam

Non-covalent interactions in selective synthetic porphyrinoids and related compounds

Dec 2009


Ritika Nagpal

Newer materials from functional Porphyrinoids and Hexabenzocoronenes

March 2011


Kumar Karitkey Yadav

Synthesis and Reactions of Unsymmetrical and Functional Porphyrinoids

Oct 2011


Soumee Bhattacharya

Newer materials from selected Porphyrinoids

Oct 2012


Smriti Arora

Covalent and non-covalent interactions of Porphyrinoids with grapheme and related compounds

June 2013


Uma Narang

Synthesis and application of newer functional Porphyrinoids

Sept 2013

Post-doctoral Students:

  1. Dr. Jaya Tomer

  2. Dr. Rekha Kaushik

  3. Dr. S.J. Singh

Supervision of M.Phil. students: About 32 M.Phil. students have completed their dissertation works

Supervision of M.Tech. students: About 6 M.Tech. students have completed their short term programme

Supervision of M.Sc. students: Nearly 20 students have completed their M.Sc. project works

Supervision of summer research trainees: Different B.Sc., M.Tech. and M.Sc. students from DU and Amity University have completed their summer training in my research laboratory

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