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Tom Schroeder


10 S 38th Street 3055 Laurelhurst Drive

Boulder, CO 80305 Rockford, Illinois 61114

(815) 914-8233 (815) 914-8233


University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business August 2003 - Present

Major: Management – Human Resources Track GPA: 3.137

Noteworthy: Member of Delta Sigma Pi – Alpha Rho Chapter, a Professional Business Fraternity; Positions Held: Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning Committee

Relevant Coursework: Hiring & Retaining Human Resources; Employee & Employer Relations; Individual, Team, and Organizational Development

Omni Interlocken Resort Broomfield, Co

On Call Banquet Server July & August 2006

  • Trained for the position of On Call Banquet Server

Staub Leadership Solutions Greensboro, NC

Intern June & July 2006

  • Participated in the HILS (Helping Individuals Lead Successfully) course

  • Explained and demonstrated course tools to the group

  • Answered questions as they arose in small group discussions

Pacific Bearing Co. South Beloit, IL

Webmaster Summer 2005

  • Redesigned the company’s website

  • Managed interactions with a website consulting firm

  • Side Project: Researched information for the company’s real estate development project

Pacific Bearing Co. South Beloit, IL

Human Resource Administrator Summer 2004

  • Measured how employees dealt with organizational change

  • Developed and reported quality metrics to management

  • Established stronger Performance Management application to measure employee development more efficiently

  • Redesigned the company’s intranet homepage to better suit the needs of the employees

Pacific Bearing Co. South Beloit, IL

Human Resources Assistant Summer 2003

  • Redesigned the HR intranet site to make information access easier for employees

  • Established new business practices focused around lean manufacturing that lead to a productivity increase and a reduction in changeover times

  • Launched strategy discussions with the cross functional business teams around the company’s business plan/goals


Staub Leadership Solution’s Helping Individuals Lead Successfully South Beloit, IL

  • Learned ways to facilitate effective communication Summer 2004

6th Annual Canine Classic Boulder, CO

  • Dedicated time and effort to a 5k and 10k race

  • Benefactor was MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault)

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