Best Western to break ground in South Beloit, IL, August 11, 2006

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Contact: Brian Brandstetter

(608) 846-2631

(Best Western to break ground in South Beloit)
South Beloit, IL, August 11, 2006 A new Best Western located on Technology Drive is tentatively set to break ground this September. Technology Drive is located just off Highway 75 and Willowbrook Road near I-90.

The 68 room Best Western is being developed by local businessman Rich Hatfield.

Guest rooms feature include high speed internet, iron and ironing boards, hairdryers, coffee makers and in room guest safes.

Hotel facilities include an indoor pool and whirlpool, fitness center and a guest laundry facility.

Room rates begin at $69.00, which includes deluxe continental breakfast and a daily newspaper. Discounts are available when booked in advance on a space-available basis for seniors, American Automobile Association members, business travelers, government and military personnel and groups. Children, ages 18 and under, stay free when accompanied by an adult.

The hotel participates in Best Western’s Gold Crown Club rewards program where guests can earn points toward free stays, airline miles or gifts when staying at U.S. Best Western hotels.

Best Western is the world's largest lodging provider with more than 5,400 hotels.

The hotel is slated to open in the spring of 2007 and will be managed by Cornerstone Hotel Management, Inc from DeForest, WI. The hotel will be built by Main Street Builders also from DeForest, WI

“The project wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for the support of Mayor Randy Kirichkow and other key people that contributed to in advancing the project including the South Beloit City Council, County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen, the Winnebego County Board and the Director of Planning and Development, Sue Mroz” said Hatfield.

The City of South Beloit and the County of Winnebego are participating jointly in the enterprise zone which was created with the intent of stimulating development and new jobs in the state line area.

We are very excited about enhancing the business offering in the state line area”.

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