Csun centers/institutes annual report form 2013-2014 Deadline for submission: September 15, 2014

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30th Anniversary 1984-2014 Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology




Deadline for submission: September 15, 2014

Academic Year: 2013-2014

Name of Center/Institute: Center for Cancer and Developmental

Name of Director: Steve Oppenheimer

Mail Drop: 8303
Website address: http://www.csun.edu/biology/faculty/oppenheimer.htm
College/Department: College of Science and Mathematics, Department

of Biology

Year Chartered: 1984, latest renewal 2011-2012
Charter Expiration Date: September 1, 2016
List office or space utilized by center: CR5433, CR5435
Provide a paragraph on how the center/institute’s reported activities meets or aligns with the center’s stated goals:

The center supports: research programs for over 100 students per year, symposia and abstract publishing for hundreds of K-12 students and teachers per year in a Library of Congress listed journal that is now on the worldwide web, the editorship of an international 60 year old Elsevier journal that publishes hundreds of papers each year. The center has a record of distinguished student outcomes that have led to 26 awards and honors including a U.S. Presidential Award, presented at the White House, for center director Steve Oppenheimer.

List faculty associated/affiliated with center: Stan Metzenberg, Aida Metzenberg, Sean Murray, Lisa Banner, Maria Elena Zavala, Rheem Medh, , Terri Richardson, , Cindy Malone, Maria-Patricia Stein… (main association..serve as reviewers for Center affiliated journal).
List Advisory Board or Community Board Members: Helene Brown, Robert Gale, Neal Handel, Mary Hoban, A. Robert Kagan, Richard Katz, Garth Nicolson, Bernard Raskin, , Sheldon Schein, Sarko Tilkian, C.K. Tseng, Mel Wilson…. honorary members for @3 decades.

As indicated in the charter this center is primarily an umbrella for the

Oppenheimer programs listed above that help garner donations and prestige and international recognition.

2013/2014 Business Plan

Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology

  1. Mission: Continue international journal editing, K-12 journal publication, K-12 student symposium, student research, publication and presentation of student research, summer freshman workshops, student research workshops as done for 30 years.

  2. Vision for Year: Continue CSUN student research and student publications, K-12 research and K-12 publications, student symposia and workshops, international editing of Elsevier journal.

  3. Main Objectives: Continue to build international recognition for CSUN student research and K-12 student research.

  4. Strategies: The success of the center has been and will be dependent on Steve Oppenheimer’s donated time, free-of-charge. Steve won 26 awards and honors including a U.S. Presidential Award presented at the White House for this work.

  5. Plans for Revenue Enhancement: The Center receives donations and uses accounts and endowments (Corporation, Foundation, State) to pay for supplies and staff. The growing and stable nature of these accounts sustains all center activities, present and for the foreseeable future. Steve’s donated time is the key factor in center success.

  6. Strengths: Over the past 30 years Steve’s time donation is the key that enhances the activities in the center umbrella.

  7. Challenges: None

  8. Fundamentals of center operation and budget plan: Steve’s donated time, free-of-charge, runs all center activities for 3 decades: international journal editing, supervising student research, publishing student research, publishing K-12 journal, directing student symposia. Budget: $16,000 K-12 journal, @$10,000 student research supplies (all available in existing accounts). New donations bring center endowments over $25,000 and center accounts total over $100,000.



A role for polyglucans in a model sea urchin embryo cellular interaction (with Singh, Karabidian, Kandel, Metzenberg,

Carroll, Jr.), Accepted by Zygote (Cambridge University Press), in press (2013)*

A possible cell surface mechanism for magnesium sulfate’s antithrombocytic activity (with Zem, Arvizu, Ter-Papyan, Sadeghi, Hovsepian, Hambarsoomian, Evans, Chavez, Tiviktsyan, Tortorice, Ohanessian, Orujyan, Irikyan, Molina, Behshadpour, Markosian, Boyadjian, Salas, Basmajian, Aminian, Patel, Haritounian, Kurginyan, Sheikhpoor, Sarkissian, Tosunyan, Simidyan, Mikaelyan, Bardo, Simonyan, Yahya-Kashani, Labson, Asatryan, Gyurgchyan) FASEB Journal 28: abs id 234 (2014).

Commentary on bricks and moocs, http://comments.sciencemag.org/content/10.1126/science.1246943 (2013).

Mobilizing scientific societies commentary, http://comments.sciencemag.org/10.1126/science1233700 (2013).
Prioritizing science education commentary, http://comments.sciencemag.org/content/10.1126/science.1239041 (2013).
Involvement of L (-) rhamnose in sea urchin gastrulation: a live embryo assay (with Smith), Zygote, (Cambridge University Press, 2013). doi:10.1017/S0967199413000452
Letter to the Editor, ASCB Newsletter on Masters for K-12 teachers, vol 35, no 9, Oct 2012, p.32.
Edge assay: kinetic analysis of reagents affecting cell clumping (with Zem, Ter-Papyan, Arvizu, Nernsuan, Rabizadeh, Amidi, Nazari, Waas, Lee, Orujyan, Manookian, Taghinia, Carpio, Trinh, Balazadeh) FASEB Journal 27: abs 341 (2013).
Oppenheimer Profile published on www.pathwaystoscience.org (2013)
Oppenheimer, S.B., Editor, 2013. New Journal of Student Research Abstracts, Vol 18, Library of Congress ISSN 1558-7932, CSUN
Oppenheimer, S.B., Editor, 2014, New Journal of Student Research Abstracts, Vol 19, Library of Congress ISSN 1558-7932, CSUN, In Press.


Edge assay: kinetic analysis of reagents affecting cell clumping (with Zem, Ter-Papyan, Arvizu, Nernsuan, Rabizadeh, Amidi, Nazari, Waas, Lee, Orujyan, Manookian, Taghinia, Carpio, Trinh, Balazadeh, Harutyunyan, Ghassemlou) , presented at Experimental Biology 2013, Boston, April 2013
Space Science Awards Symposium, /MC/President’s Conference Room CSUN, Sept. 10, 2013.
Quantitative evaluation of characterized alpha mannosidase and alpha-L-rhamnosidase effects in sea urchin gastrulation, Jing Liang and Heghush Aleksanyan, CSUN, USU Northridge Center, 2014
A possible cell surface mechanism for magnesium sulfate’s antithrombocytic activity (with Zem, Arvizu, Ter-Papyan, Sadeghi, Hovsepian, Hambarsoomian, Evans, Chavez, Tiviktsyan, Tortorice, Ohanessian, Orujyan, Irikyan, Molina, Behshadpour, Markosian, Boyadjian, Salas, Basmajian, Aminian, Patel, Haritounian, Kurginyan, Sheikhpoor, Sarkissian, Tosunyan, Simidyan, Mikaelyan, Bardo, Simonyan, Yahya-Kashani, Labson, Asatryan, Gyurgchyan), presented at Experimental Biology 2014, San Diego, April 2014.

Public Outreach

Los Angeles Times, letter to editor on future of UCs, Jan 19, 2013, A17.
Los Angeles Times, letter to the editor on congratulate the teachers, March 14, 2013, A20.
Los Angeles Times, letter to the editor, on worst student gets Nobel Prize, April 20, 2013, A17.
Biosphere 11 (15) Dec 9, 2013, p.1, p. 2
http://hdl.handle.net/10211.2/4442 Vol 18 New Journal of Student Research Abstracts, 2013
Biosphere 11 (14) Dec 2, 2013, p. 1, 2.
http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0065128110000279 Improving Science Education Worldwide made available to the world free of charge on ScienceDirect
Los Angeles Times, letter to the editor on value security, value science, September 12, 2013, p. A16
Biosphere 11 (5) Sept 30, 2013, p. 2
CSUN Today, Sept 25, 2013, CSUN Hosts China Space Science Project Winners
Biosphere 11 (4) Sept 23, 2013, p. 1

Daily Sundial, Sept12, 2013, p. 1
Biosphere 11(2) Sept 9, 2013, p.2.
Biosphere 11 (2) Sept 2, 2013, p. 2
Biosphere 11 (10) Nov 4, 2013, p. 2
Los Angeles Times, Sunday June 8, 2014, p. A19, Letter to the Editor, Colleges get what they pay for.
Biosphere 12(15) May 2, 2014, p. 2.
Biosphere 12(13) April 21, 2014, p. 1.
Biosphere 12(12) April 14, 2014, p. 1
Los Angeles Times, March 8, 2014, p. A13, Letter to the Editor, on student math proficiency, improving math ed
China Institute Annual Newsletter 2014, p. 34, Dr. Steven Oppenheimer wins Outstanding Contribution

Award, head of China Institute Science Team for K-12 space science project
Los Angeles Times, letter to the editor, Feb 1, 2014, p. A15, on bullet train vs money for desalination
Biosphere 12(3) Feb 3, 2014, p. 2
Los Angeles Times, December 18, 2013, letter to the editor on how green/purple pipe, p. A24
Updated Student Outcomes, mostly cancer center mentored students and earlier
SOME MOSTLY LONG TERM RESEARCH MENTEES AND OTHER MENTEES OF STEVE OPPENHEIMER AND WHAT HAS BECOME OF THEM (many completed Masters (*) and have published with Steve). Most are accurate. Best guesses or past positions for some. Some duplications may be inadvertently included.
Tim Jordan, D.M.D., Dentist *

Loren Knapp, Ph.D., U Chicago *

Wayne Shepard, Dentist *

Dan Connolly, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, Senior Scientist, Monsanto *

Marie Roberson, Ph.D., UC Davis *

Dorothy Haskett, Research Associate *

Jim Meyer, Senior Scientist, Amgen *

Tony Neri, Ph.D. UC Irvine, Vice President Preclinical Division, Miikana Therapeutics *

Robin Hale, retired, was Director of Special Applications Research, Rockwell *

Gary Toedter, Ph.D., UC Davis, Senior Scientist, Manager, Coulter Electronics *

Bob Nystrom, Ph.D. UC Davis or Colorado State *

Chuck Sternburg, Ph.D., UC Irvine, Professor, Riverside Community College *

Carol Koprowski, Ph.D. USC, Professor or Adjunct Professor USC *

Bob Freeman, Ph.D., UCLA(?) *

Martin Grodin, Research Associate *

John Scordato, Ph.D. USC *

Paul Aunchman, Environmental Pollution , Health Inspector *

Bill Childress, ran computer firm *

Chris Capelle, M.D. *

Richard Behringer, Ph.D., Professor *

Steve Sorenson, D.D.S. *

Bill Saxton, Ph.D. U Colorado, Professor *

Peter Thompson, M.D. *.

R. Clay Steiner, M.D. *

Mina Alikani, Lead Specialist, Cornell In vitro fertilization program *

Stanley Liang, Ph.D., Harvard *

Karen Simpson, USC Dental School *

Julie Gorchynski. M.D., Clinical Medicine Director, UC Irvine now Texas *

Elias Azzam, Research Associate *

Susan Crowther, Professor, College of the Canyons *

Larry Tawa, M.D. *

Sheryl Fulop, D.V.M. *

Heber Becker, UCLA Medical School *

Karen Berg, M.D. *

Dana Nojima, Ph.D., U Minnesota *

Phil Patenaude, K-12 teacher *

Arunas Banionis, M.D. *

Pradnya Kuwwadekar, Research Scientist *

Miriam Golbert, Professor, Community College *

Debra Kowal, Forensic Technologist, Community College Instructor *

Helen Fredell, K-12 teacher *

Jerome Puttler, K-12 teacher *

Linda Esmaili, Research Scientist *

Marci Spiegler, Community College Instructor *

Mohsen Saidinejad, Ph.D. pgm *

Greg Bentley, Research Associate *

Alice Stanboli, Biotechnology Research Scientist *

Mehrnoosh Saghizadeh, Biotechnology Research Scientist *

Tanya Borisavljevic, M.D. *

Sandra Matsumoto, Ph.D., U Utah, Industry Scientist *

Ani Issaian, Cal Tech Electron Microscopy Facility Director *

Ron Roque, Pollution Inspector, City of Los Angeles *

Pat Krueger, U.S. Forest Service Scientist *

Valerie Dunn, Research Scientist, Industry *

Michael Daily, M.D. *

Brian Salbilla, Research Associate? *

Norman Lautsch, Research Associate ? *

John Slack, was in med school *

Majid Heydarizadeh, Ph.D. pgm *

Ana Garcia-Flack? *

Mary Keens, Criminologist *

Miguel Rocha, Research Associate *

Bibi Aguero, Research Scientist, Industry *

Tun-yin Joseph Yeh, Ph.D., U Utah *

Cynthia Hochman, D.V.M. *

Vern Traxler, Criminologist *

Jessy Philip, Criminologist *

Virginia Latham, Senior Research Associate *

Pavanjit Chhabra, D.D.S. *

Audra McKenzie, Research Associate *

Paul Narguizan, Ed.D. or Ph.D. USC Professor or Adjunct Professor *

Houman Vaghefi, M.D./Ph.D. Chicago Med *?

Tharenee Sakhakorn, D.D.S.? *

Bernard Hunwick? *

Vanessa Navarro, M.D. *

Sheri Walker, M.D.

David Khatibi, M.D. *

Lital Kirszenbaum, D.V.M. pgm UC Davis *

Lyla Ngo, Medical School *

Evelyn Soriano, was in Ph.D. pgm

Lily Welty, Ph.D. or Masters pgr UCSB *

Eileen Heinrich, Ph.D. pgm UCLA *

Ziba Razinia, Ph.D. pgm Yale *

Hesam Hekmatjou, was in Harvard Dental School

Astrid Hernandez, K-12 teacher

Anna Martinez, Stanford Medical School

Luis Rodriguez, Ph.D. Cornell, Senior Scientist NIH

Monica Tully, K-12 teacher *

Maria Abundis, UCSD Medical School

Juan Carlos Pelayo, UCSF, M.D.

Edward Yamoah, UCSF M.D.

Gayanee Weerasinghe, Johns Hopkins/NIH Ph.D. pgm

Marcella Barajas, U Minnesota Ph.D. pgm

Arash Razi, NYU Dental School *

Karina Garcia, West Virginia U Masters pgm

Nasim Monajemi, M.D. pgm

Claudia Garcia, Ph.D. Harvard, Senior Scientist

Sabino Herrera, D.V.M. UC Davis

Karen Brannon, M.D./Ph.D. pgm U Kansas

Celina Barba, M.D. Stanford Medical School, Emergency Room Physician

Rhodelio Cruz, Ph.D. UC Berkeley *

Jeanette Ducut, Ph.D., UCSD, postdoc

Karolin Abedi, Pharmacy School

Rashad Riman, Dental School

Stephanie Gipson, Criminologist

Juan Sosa, Medical School

Melena Grigorian, Phg.D. pgm

Edna Francisco, Science Writer

Liat Attas, Medical School

Talin Haritunians, Ph.D. pgm

Cecil Addy, M.D.

Krystal Jarvis, Laboratory technician*

Linda Brunick, Ph.D. pgm

Monica Londono, Research Associate

Mike Kaliko, Chiropractic pgm *

Maribel Alvarez, Ph.D. pg,m UC Irvine

Karineh Petrossian, Ph.D. pgm City of Hope *

Jennifer Nnoli, Ph.D. pgm, Sloan Kettering

Rashad Riman. Dental School

Christine Le, Dental School *

Arjang Naminik, Dental School *

Arbi Keshishian, Dental School *

Evelin Adamian, Dental School

Rabin Ebrahimi, Pharmacy School

Souren Basmadjian, Pharmacy School

William Dalrymple, Osteopathic School of Medicine

Ziba Razinia, Ph.D. pgm Yale*

Mike Astete, Dental School

Jehan Murugaser, Medical School

Stacy Tanaka, K-12 Teacher

Ignacio Saldain, K-12 Teacher*

Oliver Badali, Cosmetics Scientist

Rowena Bada, Nurse

Azalia Contreras, Community College Instructor *

Pouria Parsa, M.D.

Massoud Agahi, M.D.

Haike Ghazarian, Ph.D. program *

Mary Haghi, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinologist

Neema Oroomchi, Medical School

Ardy Khou, Dental School

Sina Samie, Medical School

Anush Margarian, Pharmacy School

Marie Gonzalez, Pharmacy School

Allen Tabibian, M.D., FACC, Cardiologist

Ralph Buoncristiani, D.D.S.

Stephen E. Jones, M.D.

Andy Solkovits, M.D., Assoc. Professor UC Davis

Erica Dent, Master of Health Administration pgm USC

Jenieke Allen, admit.Ph.D. pgm, UC Riverside, USC, lab technician*

Justin Dreyfuss,admit. Ph.D. pgm, USC*

Diana Naderi, admit MD pgm

Brian Idoni, Research Tech II USC*

Margaret Lemell (Aranda), M.D.

Richard Karout, Pharmacy school

Arbi Keshishian, Dental School*,

Tiffany Smith, Research technician

Christine Le, Dental School*

Arjang Naminik, Dental School*

Earl Sandroff, D.M.D.

Susan Wensel, Monsanto R&D*

Kim Krach, M.D.*

Sokuntheavy So, Research technician

Oliver Badali, Cosmetics industry cfhmist

Collete Bibayan, admitted 2 pharmacy schools

Vanessa Navarero, M.D., Family Practice San Diego *

Mark Sussman, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor SDSU

Herry Budiyono, Hospital patient analyst*

Claudine Bulan, Cytology Training Program, Wisconsin

Houman Vaghefi, MD, Ph.D, Radiation Oncologist*

Alex Kandel, Law School

Poria Edalat, Dental School

Lauren Michaels, Veterinary School

Basmah Akhter, Pharmacy School

Nareeneh Zadori, Pharmacy School

Eileen Heinrich, Ph.D. UCLA, now staff scientist at City of Hope*

Jordan Vallejo, h.s. summer res 2yrs, Purdue University, mechanical engineering

Niosha Edalat, USC Dental School and Admissions Ambassador

Forooze Rashidi, Instructor College of the Canyons*

Odette Arman, In vitro fertilization clinic embryologist*

Mark Colgin, Clinical laboratory technologist

Drew Edelberg, high school research student, B.S. Berkeley, Ph.D. Program,

solid state physics, Columbia University

Maria Atikyan, Masters in nursing program

Alexandra Mokh, Instructor/Professor, LA Valley College*

Pam Klein, M.D., Vice President Clinical Development at Genentech

Tina Askari, research associate*

Hurig Katchikian, medical school*

Marianna Muradyan, pharmacy school USC

Lana Darghali, pharmacy school

Lusineh Mirzakhani, admitted to pharmacy school

Evelyn Adamian, dentist

Ofelya Tonyan, accepted Western University of Health Sciences

Jigar Patel, medical school

Jenieke Allen, Ph.D. program Cedars Sinai*

Krystal Jarvis, teacher*

Hamid Davoudi, college teacher*

Forooze Rashidi, teacher*

Odette Arman, In vitro fertilization embryologist,*

Ronik Khachatoorian,. Ph.D. UCLA, postdoc UCLA

Mirey Qubrosi, Technical Associate, product testing research

Oryla Wiedoeft, EdD, Teacher, Asst. Principal,

Jouliana Davoudi, Dental school USC*

Debrin Yahya-Kashani, CSUN Nutrition Masters program

Yukiko Kanda, Masters program in social work

John Sobhani, research associate UCLA

Tiffany Smith, PA program* USC Keck School of Medicine

Suprita Singh, Ph.D. programs, accepted Penn State*

Hye Na Kim, research assistant

Ignacio Saldain, HS teacher*

Jung Suh, Amgen quality control analyst

Krystal Jarvis, Research associate*

Careen Khatchitorian, Ph. D pgm, UC Riverside

Marina Hernandez Vergara, K-12 teacher

Ravneet Gill, MD pgm

Hamid Allatabakhsh, dentist- periodontist

Anita Aloian, Optometry pgm, Western University

Eddie Karabidian, USC Dental School*

Hamid Davoudi, PA program*

Pam Klein, M.D., Oncologist, Head Biotechnology company

Noreen Warner, PA program

Lenny Mayorga, Lenny, USC Dental School

Edmund Petrossian, Med School

Nomiki Kolettis, Ph.D. pgm UC Riverside, now research associate

Yukiko Kanda Petrus, Masters of Social Work pgm CSUN

Anasheh Ghazarian, research technician*

Sokunttheavy So, research technician

Hiensen Hiesmantjaja, Med School

Armin Sarkissian, Med School

K-12 Poster Symposium March 2013 @150 K-12 students, parents , teachers served
K-12 Poster Symposium March 2014 @150 K-12 students, parents, teachers served
2013 Freshman Summer Workshop, 5 weeks, July 2013, 40 entering freshmen served

Zavala P.I., Oppenheimer/Center/ Coordinator
2014 Freshman Summer Workshop, 5 weeks, July 2014, 40 entering freshmen served,

Zavala P.I., Oppenheimer /Center/Coordinator
2013 New Journal of Student Research Abstracts, Volume 18, 314 K-12 students, teachers served

Library of Congress ISSN 1558-7932
2014 New Journal of Student Research Abstracts, Volume 19, In Press

Library of Congress ISSN-7932. Numbers being tabulated.
2013-2014 Student Research Workshops, 4 x @40 students served
International Reviews Acta Histochemica @50 investigators served
China K-12 Space Initiative @ 150 K-12 students served
CSUN Student Published Abstracts FASEB Journal 2013-2014 , 47 students served
CSUN Student Published Full Length papers, 2013-2014 ,

4 students, 2 faculty served
CSUN Student Research Supervised, 2013-2014, @155 students served

CSUN Student National Presentations 2013-2014, 47 students served
Some duplications. Some in past report.

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