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Friday, 7 April 2017

Newcastle Surgical Training Centre, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7DN

Transport from the Sage Gateshead to the Freeman Hospital will be provided on the morning of the Surgical CEN. Buses will leave at 8:15am.

0830-0900 Registration / Coffee
0900-0915 Introduction to Robotic Surgery Michael Ghattas
0915-1000 Trans-Oral Robotic Palatal Surgery Nasser Nadjmi
Seminar / Live Demonstration
1000-1015 UK Experience of Robotic Palatal Surgery Marc Swan
1015-1030 Live Demonstration / Participants Use Robot Nasser Nadjmi

1030-1100 Coffee / Participants Use Robot

1100-1130 Cleft Palate Simulator and Robotic Palatal Surgery Dale Podolsky / Karen Wong-Riff
1130-1200 Live Demonstration / Participants use Robot Nasser Nadjmi

1200-1300 Lunch / Participants use robot 

1300-1400 Difficult Cases for Discussion
1440-1500 Plan projects for 2016-2017

Business Meeting
1500-1530 Cleft Collective Yvonne Wren
1530 Close

Travel Directions

Public transport
To help you get in and around Newcastle more easily, link onto the Nexus Tyne & Wear passenger transport website. Here you will find travel details for all public transport including bus routes into and out of the city centre, the extensive underground Metro system, the cross Tyne ferry service, and local rail services.


The nearest station to the hospital is Longbenton. Exit the station and cross over Benton Park Road to Cosgrove Court. Follow the path at the end of Cosgrove Court to the rear of the hospital.

Bus Services

For information about public transport:

  • visit: 

  • tel: Traveline 0871 200 2233.

High speed rail links
Access to all our hospitals in Newcastle is easy with high speed rail links directly to Newcastle's Central Station from many destinations in England and Scotland.  We are less than an hour and a half away from both Leeds and Edinburgh, and you can get here directly from London Kings Cross, Peterborough Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Glasgow in just 3 hours or less.

Find out more information on times and fares at the National Express East Coast  and Virgin Trains  websites.

Driving to Newcastle
Newcastle is easily accessible if you are driving or prefer to travel by coach with major road routes straight to the centre from both the north (A1) and south (A1M) and from the west (A69).

This means you can get here from Carlisle in under an hour and a half, from Leeds, York and Sheffield in less than 2 hours and from Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow in 3 hours or less.

Fly direct to Newcastle International Airport
Newcastle's International Airport is just 20 minutes away from the city centre which is easily accessible by the local Metro system, car or taxi.  Direct flights are available in less than an hour from many parts of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Exeter and London (Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted).

There are a number of daily connections with many major cities in Europe including Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, and Paris and regular flights come and go from many other European destinations including Faro, Malaga, Murcia, Palma Mallorca and Tenerife, all accessible by reasonably priced airlines such as Easyjet, Jet2, Flybe and Ryanair.

Newcastle can also be reached directly from as far afield as Dubai, all year round, and Orlando, Florida and Toronto, Canada during the summer months when regular scheduled flights are available. Click onto Newcastle International Airport  to find out more about direct flights to Newcastle.

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