Comprehensive development plan

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Carroll County, Virginia

ADOPTED: April 1978
AMENDED: September 10, 1986
AMENDED: April 14, 1999
REVISED: ______________________, 2007


Carroll County Board of Supervisors

Carroll County

table of contents

Introduction 1

A. The Comprehensive Plan 1

B. Purpose 1

C. Relationship To Other Plans 3

D. Legal Status Of Plan 4

E. Historical Overview 6


A. Physiographic Provinces and Geology 7

B. Relief 8

C. Climatology 8

Table II-A 9

D. Hydrology 10

Table II-B 12

E. Soils 13

Population Characteristics and Trends 16

A. Historic Trends 16

Table III-1 16

Table III-2 17

Table III-3 18

B. Population Distribution and Density 18

Table III-4 18


C. Racial Composition 19

Table III-5 20

Table III-6 20

D. Age/Sex Characteristics 21

Table III-7 21

Chart III-1 22

Chart III-2 22

Table III-8 23

E. Population Projections 23

Table III-9 24


A. Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment 26

Table IV-A 27

Table IV-B 28

B. Income 28

Table IV-C 29

Table IV-D 30

Table IV-E 31

Table IV-F 31

Table IV-G 32

Table IV-H 33

C. Tax Base 33

Table IV-I 34

Table IV-J 34

D. Economic Sectors 34

Table IV-K 35

Table IV-L 36

Table IV-N 37

Table IV-M 38

Table IV-N 39

Table IV-O 39

Table IV-P 42

Table IV-Q 43


A. Existing Housing Conditions 44

Table V-1 44

Table V-2 45

Table V-3 47

Table V-4 48

Table V-5 49

Table V-6 49

Table V-7 50

B. Substandard Housing 51

Table V-8 51

Table V-9 52

Table V-10 52

C. Second Home Development 53

Table V-11 53

D. Housing Programs 54


A. Education 56

Table VI-A 56

B. Libraries 57

C. Health 57

D. Social Services 58

E. Recreation 59

F. Fire Departments 61

G. Rescue Squads 61

H. Law Enforcement 61

I. Water Supply and Treatment 62

J. Waste Water Transport and Treatment 63

K. Solid Waste 64

Table VI-B 64

L. Public Utilities 65

M. Transportation Networks 65


A. Existing Land Use 67

Table VII-A 67

B. Land Use Comparison Summary 67

C. Current Land Management Policies 69

D. Physical Constraints to Development 71

E. Development Issues 73


A. General Goals 79

B. Specific Goals 80

C. Agricultural and Natural Resource Goals 80

D. Commercial Goals 81

E. Industrial Goals 82

F. Residential Goals 83

G. Public Facilities and Service Goals 84

H. Educational Facilities 85

I. Rescue Operation, Fire, and Police Protection 85

J. Solid Waste Disposal 86

K. Public Water and Sewer Facilities 86

L. Transportation Goals 86

M. Historic Preservation Goals 87

Conclusions and Recommendations 89

A. Introduction 89

B. Findings of the Plan 89

C. Population 90

D. Land Use Decisions 91

E. Commercial Conclusions and Recommendations 92

F. Industrial Conclusions and Recommendations 93

G. Residential Recommendations 94

H. Transportation Conclusion and Recommendations 95

I. Public Facilities Conclusions and Recommendations 96



A. The Comprehensive Plan

The premise of the comprehensive plan is that it will be a guide for future decisions regarding the provision of public services. It will be a roadmap for changes in the use of land to the improvement of the health, safety, and welfare of Carroll County citizens.

The essential characteristics of the plan are that it is comprehensive, general, and long range. It is comprehensive in that the plan encompasses the entire county (outside the incorporated towns) and all of the elements, natural, physical, and social, which influence development. It is general in that the plan does not indicate specific locations nor contain detailed regulations. Long range means that the plan looks beyond the foreground of pressing current issues to a desirable possible future in 20 years.

B. Purpose

Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, is devoted to regulations affecting counties, cities, and towns, Subsection 2223 states, “The local planning commission shall prepare and recommend a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the territory within its jurisdiction and every governing body shall adopt a comprehensive plan for the territory under its jurisdiction.”

“In the preparation of a comprehensive plan the commission shall make careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of the existing conditions and trends of growth, and of the probable future requirements of its territory and inhabitants. The comprehensive plan shall be made with the purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the territory, which will in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources, best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of the inhabitants.”

Subsection 2223 goes on to state that the plan, “with the accompanying maps, plats, charts, and descriptive matter, shall show the long-range recommendations for the general development of the parts of the county covered by the plan. It may include, but need not be limited to:

  1. The designation of areas for various types of public and private development and use, such as different kinds of residential, business, industrial, agricultural, mineral resources, conservation, recreation, public service, floodplain, drainage, and other areas;

  2. The designation of a system of transportation facilities, such as streets, roads, highways, parkways, railways, bridges, viaducts, waterways, airports, ports, terminals, and other like facilities;

  3. The designation of a system of community service facilities such as parks, forests, schools, playgrounds, public buildings and institutions, hospitals, community centers, waterworks, sewage disposal or waste disposal areas, and the like;

  4. The designation of historical areas and areas for urban renewal or other treatment;

  5. The designation of areas for the implementation of reasonable ground water protection measures;

  6. An official map, a capital improvements program, a subdivision ordinance, a zoning ordinance and zoning district maps, mineral resource district maps, and agricultural and forestall district maps, where applicable; and

  7. The location of existing or proposed recycling centers.

The plan shall include: the designation of areas and implementation of measures for the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of affordable housing, which is sufficient to meet the current and future needs of residents of all levels of income in the locality while considering the current and future needs of the planning district within which the locality is situated.”

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