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William Edmund Haines

3 Plymouth Drive, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

201-825-2103 (Home)  201-970-9772 (Cell)  william.e.haines@gmail.com


Principal - New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility (CE)

Supervisor - New Jersey Standard Certificate

Biological Science (Grades K-12) - New Jersey Standard Certificate

Elementary School Teacher (Grades K-5) - New Jersey Standard Certificate

Praxis Earth Science Content Knowledge

Wyckoff Public Schools February 2015 – Present

Summer School Director Wyckoff, NJ

  • Reimagine Wyckoff Summer Program

    • Recruit teachers and survey parents to reinvigorate summer school program

North Arlington Middle School September 2001 – Present

North Arlington, NJ

Senior Teacher- Grade 8

  • Facilitate conferences between parents, team teachers, and students.

  • Mentor and provide resources for novice team teachers.

District Lead Science Teacher – Grades 6 to 8

Elementary Science Advisor – Grades K to 5

  • Authored the Science Curriculum and lead mapping of the 5th – 8th grade integration of the newly published Science New Jersey 2009 Curriculum Standards.

  • Collaborate with teachers to design and execute cross-curricular units linking interdisciplinary lessons, with an emphasis on Science and Mathematics integration.

Science Teacher / Writing Teacher – Grade 8

  • TEACHSCAPE/Danielson method for teacher evaluation – co-lead teacher for turn-key implementation in building.

  • Effectively integrate a variety of relevant writing assignments to enhance daily science lessons.

  • NAMS Representative - Project ABLE, The Madison Institute: Curriculum development.

  • North Arlington School District Committees:

    • Distant Learning Committee, Homework Committee, Conduct Committee, Technology Committee

  • North Arlington Middle School Advisor:

  • Ecology Club, Drama Club, Shakespeare Club

  • GK-12 Teacher - Montclair State University/National Science Foundation (2007-2008 school year): Mentored and co-taught Science and Math programs with MSU graduate students.

  • Professional Development Workshop Facilitator/Presenter:

  • All the World's a Stage – Addressed overcoming problems that arise due to budget and/or spacing issues and how to establish (or enhance) a Shakespeare Club in your school, with limited budget.

  • Writing in Science – Writing across the curriculum to encourage students as better writers by creating science logs, journals, research papers, etc. Student writing as an assessment tool for teachers measuring student comprehension of scientific terms and concepts.

Farleigh Dickenson University School of Education

NJ Educators for Sustainability July 2013- Present

New Jersey Dept. of Education’s Office of STEM - Middle Grades Science Curriculum Project Oct-Dec 2013
Montclair State University January 2012 - Present

Adjunct Professor Four Graduate Courses for Science Teaching in the Middle School & Biology Montclair, NJ
Passaic County Community College September 2010 – Present

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Education and Human Biology Paterson & Wanaque, NJ
Harrison Public Schools July 2010 – August 2014

Summer Enrichment Program - Science Harrison, NJ
The Blue Rock School – Board of Trustees August 1996 – 2008


96 East Allendale Road, Saddle River, NJ 07458

201-825-2103 (Home)  201-970-9772 (Cell)  william.e.haines@gmail.com

Hudson County Community College July 2009 – May 2010

Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology Teacher Jersey City, NJ

Field Experience Program Leader

College Bound Program for Union City High School Students

William Paterson University 2003

Adjunct Professor Wayne, NJ

Alternate Route Program - curriculum development according to NJ state standards.

Bergen County Academies, Academy for Medical and Science Technology 2001

9th Grade Biology and Pharmacology Botany Courses Hackensack, NJ
New Jersey Meadowlands Environment Center 2001

Teacher Associate - Ecology of a Wetland Lyndhurst, NJ

New Jersey Audubon Society 1995 – Present

Science and Education Publication Reviewer/Cartographer Bernardsville, NJ

Certified Educator of Environmental and Ecology Programs

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 1995 – Present

Certified Educator of Environmental and Ecology Programs Trenton, NJ
The Blue Rock School Summer Program 2002 – 2006

Nature Stationmaster and Assistant Director West Nyack, New York
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University 1976 – 1994

Staff Associate
Kean University 2008 – 2010

Principal Certification Union, NJ
Montclair State University 2004 – 2005

Supervisor Certification Montclair, NJ
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 1994 – 1995

M.S. Environmental Science (3.7 GPA) New Brunswick, NJ

Lycoming College 1974 - 1978

B.A. Biology Williamsport, PA
Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education,

Editor ANJEE Online Newsletter, Advisory Council, Publications – 2001-2015

The Orion Society, NJEA, NEA. AFT

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

New Jersey Science Teachers Association (NJSTA)

New Jersey Math Teachers Association (NJMTA)

New Jersey Audubon Patricia Kane Environmental Education Award, 2011

Lowe's Toolbox for Education, 2010-2011

NJSTA Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award Scholar, 2011

Orion Society - Stories in the Land Teaching Fellowship

Brian Sylvester Memorial Award - NJ Chapter of American Industrial Health Association, 1995

Kenneth S. Stoller Hazardous Waste Award from the NJ Water Environment Federation, 1995

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