Centralized online counselling procedure for B. Tech. & B. Tech. Fee waiver

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IKGPTU will hold Centralized Online Counselling for Admission to 1st year of B.Tech. & B.Tech. Fee Waiver in the University Campuses/Affiliated colleges of IKGPTU Jalandhar, PAU Ludhiana & MRSPTU Bathinda based on JEE (Main) 2017 Rank during Admission Session 2017-18 through two rounds of counselling. The brief procedure for participating in Centralized Online Counselling is as under:-

Centralized Online Counselling Fee Payment
Choice Filling
Allotment of Seat
Reporting at Allotted Institute
Final Confirmation by allotted Institute after Verification of Documents/Certificates


To participate in the Centralized Online Counselling of 1st year of B.Tech. & B.Tech. alongwith Fee Waiver, every candidate belonging to 85% quota and 15% quota, irrespective of his/her category, shall have to deposit a Centralized Online Counselling fee of Rs. 2000/- (Non-Refundable) by following ways:-

  • Log into http://www.ptuadmissions.nic.in

  • Click on “Pay Online Counselling Fee” button.

  • Fill the required information.

  • Pay Counselling fees in digital payment mode by using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net-Banking.

  • Take a printout of the E-Deposit Slip.

Note : (a) Only those candidates will be able to participate in particular round of counselling who have deposited the Counselling fees as per schedule.

(b) Please check detailed Fee Payment Procedure for Centralized Online Counselling available at www.ptu.ac.in under “Admissions 2017-18” and www.ptuadmissions.nic.in.


(Note: Before proceed to register, it must be ensured that you have read and understood the eligibility criteria of participating universities and for each Reserve category and General category and have deposited Centralized Online Counselling Fee i.e Rs. 2000/- (Non-Refundable), failing which you will not be able to register yourself for Counselling.)

  1. Log on to website www.ptuadmissions.nic.in

  2. Select Your Regular Course (i.e. B.Tech. & B.Tech. Fee Waiver 1st year - JEE Main basis) from the drop down menu and click GO.

  3. For New Registration candidates must click on PROCEED button.

  4. For registering in 1st year of B.Tech. & B.Tech. Fee Waiver course, Enter your JEE Main Roll No. followed by JEE Main Rank (CRL Rank), then enter your Name (as given in JEE Main Examination), then enter your correct date of Birth (as given in JEE Main Examination), then enter the green number as shown Parallel and click SUBMIT.

  5. Registration form for admission 2017 will be displayed.

  6. Eligible for : Select your state of eligibility carefully as you will only be allowed to participate either in Punjab (85% Quota) or other state (15% Quota).

  7. Gender: Select your gender.

  8. Main Category: Select your Main category, Sub category and Priority, as applicable.

In case of PAU, Ludhiana admission through Centralized Online Counselling shall be made for General, SC/ST, BC, FF, T-sunami Categories only. For rest of the categories (including sub-categories) i.e. Defence, Para-Military, TA/RA, Disabled Person, Sports & ICAR Nomination seats the admission shall be made by PAU, Ludhiana at their own level.

  1. Do you wish to opt for Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme : Select “Yes” or “No” as per your eligibility.

(Those candidates whose parents annual family income is less than 6 lacs from all the sources, irrespective of their category can opt for Tuition Fee Waiver scheme. He / She has to produce the certificate of the same at the time of admission.

Student admitted under Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme shall not be allowed to change institution or course under any circumstances.

(The SC/ST candidates who are eligible for Post-Matric Scholarship need NOT to opt for this scheme).

(Note: The scheme is applicable in case of IKGPTU and MRSPTU Colleges only. Only tuition fees is exempted under this scheme)

  1. Select Rural /Urban Status : Select the appropriate

(Rural Area seats are available in GNDEC, Ludhiana (IKGPTU) and BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib (MRSPTU) ONLY and candidates can avail benefit of Rural Area in addition to his / her category (i.e. General, SC/ST, BC, Sports etc).

  1. Select Sikh Minority Status : Select the appropriate.

(Sikh Minority seats are available in GNDEC, Ludhiana (IKGPTU) AND BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib (MRSPTU) ONLY) for which candidates shall have to pass Sikh Religious Examination (SRE)-2017 conducted by SGPC. The details are available in the Brochure as well as in the website www.bbsbec.ac.in / www.sre.bbsbec.ac.in.

  1. Qualifying marks percentage : Student should fill their aggregate percentage of marks correctly (rounded upto 5 decimals).

  2. Annual Family Income : Fill your annual family income from all sources.

  3. Login ID : Your JEEMAIN roll no. is you login Id.

  4. Choose password: Choose password of your choice as per instructions

  5. Confirm password : re-enter the password.

(Candidates should keep the password confidential and should not be shared with anyone. IKGPTU/Other participating Universities shall not be responsible for any misuse of password).

  1. Security Question : Select the desired security question from the drop down list.

  2. Your Answer: Give appropriate answer (Remember the same for use in future for recovery of password, withdrawal etc.).

  3. Contact Address / City/ Town / Village/Pin Code / Contact number (STD, Number)/ Mobile Number / Email : Enter your complete address/ Pin / contact number (Landline and Mobile), and Email ID.

(Important messages shall be communicated by SMS through registered mobile number).

  1. Before final submission of Centralized Online Registration form, Read the declaration and give your consent to it, failing which you will not be able to complete your registration.

  2. After successful registration you will automatically be re-directed to HOME page.

  3. Select Your Regular Course (i.e. B.Tech. & B.Tech. Fee Waiver 1st year - JEE Main basis) from the drop down menu and click GO.

  4. In STUDENT LOGIN Fill JEE MAIN Roll Number, Password and Green Number then Login.


  1. After successful registration and login, candidate’s homepage is opened and following options are displayed:

      • Registration Details: Registration Detail is important for seat allotment and should be checked very carefully before accepting.

      • Edit Registration: Candidate can correct any mistake in the Registration Details through “Edit Registration” option, provided he/she has not freezed the registration form by submitting “I Accept” button.

      • Available Choices: System will provide the List of participating Universities, University campuses/Affiliated Colleges & branches thereof.

      • Fill Choices: Candidates are advised to choose & fill the University /College /branches in order of preferences. It is in the interest of the candidate to fill maximum available choices of colleges and branches. Candidate can also alter/rearrange/delete the filled choices, as per schedule.

      • Multiple Choice button : Candidates can opt multiple choice simultaneously by using multiple choice button.

      • Display filled choices: Choices entered by the Candidate will be displayed on different form so that he/she can check the already entered information.

      • Print Choices: Candidate can also print the list of choices filled by him/her for record.

  1. Allotment of seat: After the choice filling period is over, all filled choices of all registered candidates will be considered for allotment of seats on the basis of Merit (Rank), Category of the candidate, preferences of choices as filed and availability of seats as per Allotment Rules approved by participating Universities.


Candidate who gets a seat will be informed by SMS. Alternatively candidate can logon to his/her account and check for allotment of seat. Successful Candidate can take printout of provisional allotment letter by logging into his/her account from the website http://www.ptuadmissions.nic.in.

(Note: The allotment of seat is purely provisional and subject to verification of credentials filled, original certificates and payment of college fee etc, at the time of reporting in the allotted institute.)


Candidates are required to report to their respective allotted institutions within the specified period (as per the Counselling schedule) along with the documents/ testimonials/certificates and college fee as prescribed in the prospectus. If a candidate do not report within the specified period, his/her allotted seat shall be cancelled and he/she shall not have any claim on the allotted seat, whatsoever. It is in the interest of the candidates to report at the earliest to the allotted college.


  1. The Candidates falling under 85% Punjab quota and 15% Other States quota, irrespective of whether they have been allotted a seat or not allotted seat or could not join the allotted Institution or could not participate in the earlier round can participate in the second round of Centralized Online Counselling.

  2. A candidate who has already registered cannot change his/her credentials during 2nd round of counselling.

  3. If a candidate gets new seat in 2nd round of counselling his /her previous seat shall be cancelled, automatically, and candidate shall have not claim whatsoever on previous allotted seat.

  4. For 2nd round of Centralized Online Counselling, candidates can deposit Rs 2,000/- non refundable (if not deposited earlier) as Centralized Online Counselling fee as per the Counselling Fee payment procedure available at our websites www.ptuadmissions.nic.in and www.ptu.ac.in. Candidates who have deposited Centralized Online Counselling fee in the 1st round NEED NOT to deposit the fee again for 2nd round.

  5. Candidates who could not participate in the earlier round can participate in the second round of Centralized Online Counselling by following the procedure as defined for 1st round of counselling.


  1. Candidate must ensure about his/her eligibility as per Government Notifications/ Information Brochure available on website www.ptu.ac.in.

  2. The Detailed Instructions about the Centralized Online Counselling will be available on the website www.ptuadmissions.nic.in and www.ptu.ac.in. It is advised to go through the details thoroughly at these sites before proceeding for registration.

  3. Candidates are advised to visit the above mentioned websites regularly for updates related to Centralized Online Counselling.

  4. The candidates are advised not to submit original certificates at the college at the time of admission

  5. The details regarding the total number of seats in participating Universities/ affiliated college is available on the www.ptuadmissions.nic.in

  6. Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme is applicable to IKGPTU & MRSPTU only.

  7. In case of Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme, Total number of seats will be 5% over and above the sanctioned intake of the course.

  8. In case of non availability of students in Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme, the same shall not be given to any other category of applicants.

  9. Student admitted under Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme and such a beneficiary shall not be allowed to change institution or course under any circumstances.

  10. Tuition Fee waiver scheme shall be applicable for the complete duration of the course.

  11. The student availing Tuition Fee Waiver seat will not be entitled to avail financial assistance under any other Government Scheme what so ever. However, he / she shall be eligible for any scholarship available on competition / merit basis.

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