Registration forms are available from your Pastor or youth group leader. Deadline for registration is Friday, April 16

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Cost will be $80 per person.
Registration forms are available from your Pastor or youth group leader.
Deadline for registration is Friday, April 16.

You must have all your forms and registration completed and into you leader by then.

Camp Kirchenwald

1 Cut Off Road, Colebrook, PA 17042

Phone: (717) 964-3121
From the Pennsylvania Turnpike take Exit 266 (Old Exit 20). Turn left onto Rt. 72 north toward Mount Gretna. Exit onto Rt. 117. Take Rt. 117 north (left turn) through Mount Gretna to Colebrook. Make a right in Colebrook at the stop sign, following Rt. 117. Bear right onto 241 North; make an immediate left onto Cut-Off Road. Kirchenwald's entrance will be on the right.
From Harrisburg take Rt. 322 east towards Hershey. Go through Hershey to Campbelltown. In Campbelltown, turn right onto Rt. 117. Go approximately 6 miles. Cut-Off Rd. and the Kirchenwald entrance will be on the left.
From Lebanon take Rt. 241S towards Colebrook. Before reaching the village of Colebrook, turn right at Cut-Off Rd. Kirchenwald entrance will be on the right.
From Lancaster take Rt. 72 North towards Colebrook, exiting at Mt. Gretna. Turn left onto Rt. 117N. In Colebrook, turn right onto Rt. 117 which joins 241N. Follow 241N to Cut-Off Rd (approx. 1 mile from Colebrook). Cut-Off Rd and Kirchenwald entrance will be on the left.

From York take Rt. 30 East to Columbia. Exit onto Rt. 441 North. At Rt. 241, head north, through Elizabethtown, to Colebrook. Follow Rt. 241 through Colebrook (241 makes a hard left in Colebrook). The Kirchenwald entrance will be on the left, less than a mile from Colebrook.

A Retreat for Junior and Senior High students

April 30- May 2, 2010

at Camp Kirchenwald

Colebrook, PA
You know “apps” is short for applications.

If you have a smart phone, you know people have written apps to help you with almost everything.

Long before cell phones and computers, God also wrote something to help people with almost everything- the Bible.
Come join us at for a weekend retreat with:

Useful bible study Fun and games

a Ropes courseService projects

Featuring Gospel Magic shows

and balloons all weekend!

Social networking apps are popular. They help you stay connected with people, find out what they’re doing, and what’s happening. The Bible has an app for that!

Learn how others can help and strengthen your faith. Learn how to share your faith. Christians aren’t in this alone!

Social Networking apps aren’t much help in telling you how to DEAL with people - when they are hurtful or hateful, or how to deal with all the emotions that come with relationships.

The Bible has several apps for that (and 7 commandments)

NO, the Bible does NOT say that money is the root of all evil!

It does say lots about money & stuff. In fact 70% of Jesus teachings are about money and possessions!!

Feeling down, powerless, helpless, or hopeless?

The Bible has an app for that (and a Holy Spirit)

Jesus promised,”You shall have power...”

Learn how to plug in and power up!

We will be focusing on 4 Bible Apps during the retreat & they’re all FREE!

For an app to be helpful to you first you have to learn that it exists, then you have to learn how to use it. We’re going to do both this weekend!

Our entertainment and theme intros will be provided by the Rev. Craig A. Lantz

Craig’s Magic Ministry has been amazing people for 30 years in the US, England, and Germany.

Craig will also teach everyone how to be a balloon artist!

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