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The Sunburst Editor is responsible for the maintaining the Sunburst as the forum for the voice of CCCS, both to members and non-members, and for acting as the organization’s historian. The editor’s primary responsibility is to keep members informed about CCSS.
Areas of Responsibility

  • Production of 7 issues of Sunburst each year approximately on these dates:

September 15, Oct. 15, Nov. 15, Jan. 15, Feb. 15, April 15, May 15.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Attend all meetings of the Publication Committee.

  • Attend the CCSS Annual Conference.

  • Provide the CCSS Executive Committee a quarterly report[s] on the status and progress of the Sunburst.

  • Create 7 newsletter to be sent electronically to all members. Possible inclusions:

-Legislative news (California and national).

-CCSS news.

-Including local affiliate news or links to affiliate sites.

-Other information.

-Professional development, travel opportunities, book reviews, editorials etc.


The contractor will be paid $1900-$2100 based on experience. An annual performance review will be conducted before the May Board Meeting by at least one member of the Executive Committee and one member of the Publications Committee.

The contractor will be reimbursed for transportation to (3) Board of Director / Publications Committee meetings. Reimbursements will be no more than $600 for transportation in a fiscal year.
Applications: Please submit a letter of interest and resume to:

"" Deadline to Apply is September 30th, 2010.

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