Calvin Mercer Professor of Religious Studies

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Harriot Collect of Arts and Science Research Travel Grant Program, “American Academy of Religion National Meeting.” $500, 12/16

BB&T Leadership Enhancement Fund Grant, East Carolina University, “Empowering Student Leaders—A Religious Leadership Interview Project,” $10,000, 2015
East Carolina University Teaching Effectiveness Grant, “Sustained Experiential Learning: The Monastic Project.” $10,000, Summer 2015
BB&T Faculty Leadership Fellows Program, East Carolina University, $1,850, 2015
Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program, United States Department of Education, “Asian Studies Curriculum Development Grant” (Travel to Thailand), $4,000, Summer 2009

East Carolina University Teaching Grant, “Learning with the Body: A Group Exercise in ‘Reading’ the Bible,” $10,055, Summer 2007

National Endowment for the Humanities, Study Grant, “Buddhism in Historical and Theological Perspective,” $3000, Summer 1993
East Carolina University College of Arts and Sciences, Research Travel Funds, “Sacred Space East and West,” $500, Summer 1993
East Carolina University Faculty Computer Committee, Faculty Microcomputer Program, Awarded IBM-Compatible Laptop Package, $4236, Spring 1993
Jarvis Lecture Program, 1992-2013. Managed, on behalf of the East Carolina University Religious Studies Program, the acquisition and implementation of an annual grant to support the Jarvis Lecture on Christianity and Culture. Grant level began at $800; ending level was $1,200
National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, Malone Faculty Fellows Program in Arab and Islamic Studies in Egypt, $5,000 value, Summer 1992
East Carolina University Summer Research Stipend, “Agency and the Apostleship of Jesus: Entree into the History and Theology of Early Christianity,” $6,500, Summer 1992
East Carolina University Teaching Effectiveness Grant, “Incorporating Women’s Studies Scholarship into Religious Studies,” $5,000, Summer 1990
American Academy of Religion, Research Assistance Grant, “Agency in the New Testament,” $400, Spring and Summer 1990
East Carolina University Summer Research Stipend, “C. Sheldon Howard: A Biography,” $3500, Summer 1987
Duke-UNC Center for Research on Women, Curriculum Development Grant, $2,000, Year 1987
East Carolina University Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Publication Subvention, $2,500, Year 1987
East Carolina University Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Publication Subvention, $500, Year 1986
Southern Regional Education Board Small Grants Program, “Travel and Research,” $750, Summer 1986
North Carolina Humanities Committee, (with Dr. Bob Bunger), “Conference on Buddhist-Christian Dialogue,” East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, $800, Year 1986
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar, “History Writing in Ancient Greece, the Near East, and Israel: A Comparative Study,” directed by John van Seters, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, $3,000, Summer 1984


“Instructor of the Year.” ECU Lifelong Learning Program, 2015-16

UNC Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award, East Carolina University, $1,000, Year 2007
University Scholar-Teacher Award, East Carolina University, $3,000, Year 2006

University Alumni Award for Outstanding Teaching, East Carolina University, finalist, 1997

UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching, East Carolina University, finalist, 1997

Robert and Lina Mays and Robert L. Jones Alumni Distinguished Professor Teaching Award, East Carolina University, finalist, 1997

Thesis Committees

Thesis Committee Member—East Carolina University
Melissa Faircloth, ”Use of Electronic Communications Among Parents of Undergraduate Students.” Department of Sociology, current
Stephen Nobles, “North Carolina Origins of the Fundamentalist Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.” Department of History, 11/15
Amanda Stevens, “The Gospel According to Phillip.” Department of English, 5/12.
Lynn Caverly, “Current Practices in Spirituality-Based Co-Curricular Programming by Student Affairs Practitioners.” Department of Adult Education, 12/12
Aaron Poole, “Popular Exorcism and the Religious Marketplace.” Department of Sociology, 8/09
Patricia Monnett Hayes, “From Moon Goddess to Virgin Mary.” School of Art, 5/08
Tilak Pyle, “A Giant in the Background: A Bibliographical Study of Swami Sivananda.” Department of English, 12/02.
Roberta L. Rosell, “As Above, So Below: Symbolic Hegemony and Cognitive Resistance in Contemporary Eclectic Wiccan Ritual.” Department of Anthropology, 5/97
Victor L. Ewell, “Presbyterianism in the Virginia Chesapeake, 1741-1795.” Department of History, 5/97
Tracie Gardner, “Religious Affiliation and the Perpetuation of Gender Inequality in Israel and the United States.” Department of Sociology, 5/96
Stephanie Hunt, “Eve Incarnate: The Treatment of Women in Chaucer’s ‘The Legend of Lucrece,’ Shakespeare’s ‘The Rape of Lucrece,’ Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock,’ and Hawthorne’s ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter.’” Department of English, 4/95

Honors, Honors College, or Other Undergraduate Research Programs, Mentor, 2005-present (Representative List)
Jason Workman, Honors College Senior Thesis, “Existing for Others: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ecclesiology,” 2014-15
Tori Rodriguez, “Religion and Human Enhancement Technology,” 2011-12
Hersh Rajesh Patel, “Radical Life Extension Bibliography Project,” 2009-10
Kimberly Wade, “C. Sheldon Howard: A Biography,” 2008-09
Joshua Bynum, “Extreme Longevity and Religion,” 2007-08
Emily Anne Randolph, “Psychology of Fundamentalism,” 2007-08
Amanda Pugh, “Religious Biography,” 2006-07
Sara Searcy, “Psychology of Fundamentalism,” 2006-07
Betsey Stainback, “Swami Sivananda Bibliography,” 2005-06
Katie Lehockey, “Religious Biography,” 2005-06

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