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Mammolshainer Weg 10

DE-61476 Kronberg/Taunus

Tel (mob): +49 172.680.4309

Tel (home) +49 617.399.4739


Experience Summary

Highly skilled Financial (COSO) and IT Security (CoBIT) internal controls Auditor. ERP systems implementer, software architect and code-reviewer. Top MIS executive at two multinationals, plus European IS Manager at a third (Fortune 200). Consolidated and managed shared services data centres. Technical project leader on fourteen (14) ERP installations, including Oracle and five (5) migrations to SAP and two (2) off of SAP. Award winning software developer, and former Microsoft programmer. Holder of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance and Accounting, with five years’ experience as Financial Controller and three years’ experience in Internal Audit within Europe following upon four years on the Board Audit Committee of the largest closely-held, SEC-reporting corporation in the State of Michigan, reporting to the Vice-Chairman of the Board. Bachelor of Science in I T.

Chronological career development

Technical IT Project Manager @ Northland Resources (May 2007 – Present)

IT consultant, manager, equity stakeholder at the #100 publicly-traded mining company on the Toronto TSX “big board”, the Oslo Börs, and in Frankfurt

  • Developed secure SAP Electronic Banking interface, EDIFACT EDI (SWIFT, PGP)

  • Performed large scale Windows & Linux Server virtualization w/ Hypervisors in several Data Centres

  • Unique metals and mining systems experience; core shed, NI 43-101, compliance

  • Implemented, configured, and maintained six (6) Cisco ASA’s (ACL, IDS)

  • Installed, configured, and maintained user access to numerous SQL databases & application servers (SharePoint, PRISM G2, Primavera P6, Fusion)

  • Built, maintained three (3) Microsoft Exchange Email systems using self-signed security certificates

COSO/CObiT Auditor @ various companies in London & Paris (Nov 2004 – May 2007)

Internal controls, IT security, and SOX auditor at former Deloitte consulting arm amongst others, for world’s largest blue chip, publically listed companies. Locations; Île-de-France, Sweden, Greece, Germany, UK, CH

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) IT Security expert, Visa/MasterCard, American Express, AMEX, Aldi

  • Evaluated controls within a broad spectrum of ERP systems (Dynamics-AX, -NAV, BAAN,SAP)

  • Physical security; intimate detail “from the inside” of both Tyco & Chubb

  • Worked in a co-sourced environment with the "Big Four" top public accounting firms.

EDI, logistics-tax-treasury consultant @ Alfred Kärcher Inc. (March 2004 – Oct 2004)

Managed these major projects for the client (a large, family owned German company):

  • Integrated dealer product returns tracking network, ETL and SAP MM/SD

  • Performed North American localizations for SAP Tax, Treasury modules

  • Completely (re)implemented third party logistics (3PL), moving the entire supply and logistics chain

  • Configured and maintained user’s remote access (Cisco, F5)

  • implemented SAP EDI (Seeburger) in Kärcher’s 1st success supplying the world’s largest retailer

Worldwide Director @ Oxford Automotive (May 1999 – January 2004)

Global Director and CIO, $1.1bn Six Sigma high-yield SEC reporting Multinational, 2nd largest non-OEM

  • Managed directly the effort of 71 IT professionals in 26 facilities from Asia to Mexico

  • Extensive Data Centre experience: Unique in the annual “live” roll of a large 24/7 Data Center in North America between USA and Canada as part of my industry noted disaster recovery plan

  • Freed $1m in cash outsourcing entire North American MRO supply chain on SAP @ 3rd party provider

  • Oversaw the implementation of Oracle Financials in France, EDI

  • Implemented Checkpoint & WebSense content filtering, Squid proxy server in France

European Systems Manager @ Lear Corporation (May 1992 – May 1999)

Transitioned Europe from regional and national islands to a Business Unit structure, in face of aggressive growth of this DOW mid-cap 400 from $1.4bn to $13.2bn, brought public in 1995

  • Personally oversaw shared services Data Centre for all German Financial operations and Payroll

  • Responsible for all data centres between the Alpine and Nordic regions (including Russia)

  • Led an- at times large, team of computer programmers (mix of internal and external)

  • Responsible for ERP, ETL, EDI (VDA, Odette) and all Electronic Banking & Treasury functions.

  • Tier I “early adopter” of RFID automating entire supply chain from GRNI through Billing

  • Responsibility for the entire German payroll, the only foreign IT Manager ever entrusted to do so

Senior Consultant @ “Big Six” Andersen (February 1991 – May 1992)

  • Negotiated, delivered a completely new Retail infrastructure for a major European commercial bank

  • Co-programmer of Accounts Receivable electronic banking Direct-Debit collections for Microsoft

Commissioned Naval Officer (February 1982 – June 1988)

Finance, Logistics, and EDP Officer, a member of elite logistics team whose alumni include Roger Staubach and Regis Philbin.

  • Department Head onboard nuclear submarines,

  • Top performer in uppermost third of year group (1986).

  • Selected for regular Navy augmentation and the only officer at command recommended for accelerated promotion.

  • Turn-around financial expertise: Audited 1st and 2nd best of fourteen, up from last place within two years after taking over the reins.

  • Holder of the highest computer application programming commendation ever to have been awarded by Naval Undersea Medical Research Laboratory

Recognized “thought leader”

- Computer programming and the testing appearing in "Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems", Data Modelling, use of expert systems in financial markets (chap 7) from world’s premiere eCommerce author, Dr. Efraim Turban.
- Published "Electronic Data Transmission Pathways: Implications for Site Selection", Journal of Real Estate Research, peer-reviewed EDI supply chain logistics for distribution centres, w/ Dr. Waldo Born.

  • Doctor and, PhD candidate, Management Information Systems, University of Illinois, Urbana

  • M.B.A., Lumpkin Graduate School of Business at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

  • Bachelor of Science degree in IT, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


  • Program (Project) Manager Fitting Out, Outfitting (nuclear submarine REFIT)

  • Logistics Manager, Maintenance and Material Management (3M)

  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Logistics Coordinator

  • Controlled Medicinals (Warehouse) Custodian; morphine, etc

Awards and special achievements

  • Highest computer programming award ever granted, Naval Undersea Medical Research Laboratory

  • Gold Dolphins "Qualified in Submarines"

Current active memberships in organizations

  • American German Business Club

  • Steuben-Schurz Gesellschaft

  • American MENSA

Professional References

Mr. Bill Wagener

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Northland Resources Inc.

Phone: +1 303 517 8764

Mr. Frank M. Arcori

Corporate Financial Controller: Northland Resources Inc.

Vollmaringer Weg 20

72202 Nagold, Germany

Tel: +49 170 / 436.9213

Mr. Allen Gordon

SVP Operations, Northland Resources Inc.

At present: VP Capital Projects and Development at Coeur Mining, Inc.

Phone +1-303-378-4804 (Home)

1154 Bergen Parkway M473 Evergreen, Colorado 80439 USA

Mr. David Horn

International Audit Manager: Day International

At present: Asst VP, Compliance Officer II, SAFE Act Compliance Manager at Fifth Third Bancorp

Mr. John Bronjewski

Client Service Director: Resources Global Professionals

Enterprise Restructuring Consultant

pers: +447768047183

Mr. Karl Gurr

Head of Finland Operations: Northland Resources Inc.

Phone: +1 303 883 6298
Mr. Julien Mansourian

Client Service Director: Resources Global Professionals

At present: Managing Director: Busihub, ParMan Consulting

Phone: +447582683249

Mr. Joseph Jones

Chief Executive Officer: Alfred Karcher Inc

2170 Satellite Blvd

Duluth, GA USA

Phone: +1 (678) 935-4560

Mr. Aurelian Bukatko

Chief Financial Officer: Alfred Karcher Inc

2170 Satellite Blvd

Duluth, GA USA

Phone: +1 (678) 935-4561

Personal references (each of greater than 10 years)

Dr. Ariane Kristof

Senior Director Human Resources, Business Divisions Automotive Infineon Technologies AG

Werner-von-Siemens-Ring 10

85630 Grasbrunn (Munich), Germany

Tel. +40 89 129 5649

Mob. +49 172 8621 474
Mr. Joerg O. Klockmann

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions: Price Waterhouse Coopers

Frankfurt, Germany

Mob. +49 175 / 434.0981

Dr. Stefan Weyhenmeyer

QSC AG: Carrier Management

Mathias Brüggen Str. 85

55888 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)221 / 669.8156

Fax: +49 (0)221 / 669.8159

Cell: +49 (0)163 / 669.8052


Collegial references

Mr. Eamon Hitchcock

Project Manager: Lear Corporation

12922 Hamlet Ave

Apple Valley, MN 55124-4617

Mobile (Private): +1-952-836-4269

Mobile (Work): +1-918-606-6328

Mr. Mauri Pierce

CISA CISSP : Professional Resources Inc.

Rochester, MI 48308

Mobile: +13172890199
Mr. Andy Gaudielle

Senior Manager of Operations: Northland Resources Inc.

1103 Foursome Drive Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Phone +1.303.898.9390 (Mobile)
Mr. Thomas Kerns

Treasurer, Oxford Automotive Inc.

At present: North American Treasurer at TI Automotive

Phone +1 248 449 3072 (Home)

43450 Reservoir Street Plymouth, MI 48170

Mr. Vance Thornsberry

QP, Northland Resources Inc.

At present: c/o Calico Resources

834-F S. Perry, PMB131, Castle Rock, CO USA, 80104

Telephone: 1-855-589-0400


Former subordinate references
Mr. Erik Ch. Ohrenberger

Senior Software Engineer: DME - Cincinnati Milacron

29111 Stephenson Highway

Madison Heights, MI 48071

Home: 001-248-524-0341

Cell: 001-248-515-4306

Work: +1 (248) 544-5162


Mr. Jenkins Ebiware

Global MS Exchange Administrator: GKN Driveline North America INC

Phone: 001-248-377-1253


Mrs. Lori Otremba

Quality Tech/Purchasing: Plastic Trim International

989-362-4419 ext 119

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