Board of directors meeting

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27th April 2016

(In Attendance)


Chairman: Joe Christle (JC)

Board: David O’Brien (DOB), Des Fitzgerald (DF), Ciaran Kirwan (CK), Gerry O’Mahoney (GOM), Bernie Harold (BH)
Company Secretary: John Nangle (JN)
Others: Fergal Carruth (FC), Zauri Anita (ZA), Eddie Bolger (EB), John Conlan (JOC).

Alan Flanagan (AF), Kevin Duffy (KD).

Chair’s Welcome

The Chairman welcomed the board members to the meeting and outlined the discussions that would take place.



The minutes of the meeting held on the 27th January 2016 which had previously been circulated were approved. Proposed BH and Seconded by DOB.


(Corporate Governance)

FC informed the board that a new health and safety committee had been put in place. The board discussed this and the updated health and safety policy which was proposed by JC and seconded by CK.
CK gave an update on the subcommittee review of the Abbottstown facility and a discussion then took place re future public relations.


(HP Presentation)

ZA outlined the High performance plan, that training camps had been scheduled in Abbottstown, Sheffield, Azerbaijan and Brazil, with qualifying events in May at Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in June and a multi-nations competition was taking place in Lithuania. He spoke about the importance of preparation outlining the weekly training schedule and technical skills program.

The board thanked ZA, EB and JOC and offered their full support and assistance.



JC informed the board that the minister had appointed the department’s assistant secretary will chair all future liaison group meetings, and he proposed that CK would be the board representative at these meetings. Seconded by BH, agreed by all.

A discussion took place on youth and junior boxing and FC advised the board that if savings could be identified from the HP budget that requests would be made to Sport Ireland to see if these savings could be refocused back into youth and junior teams.

ITEM 5 (Provincial Matters)

FC summarised the recent meeting between representatives from the IABA and the Northern Ireland minister for Sport. FC advised the board of the recent Sport NI financial health check, and that he will advise on the outcome at the next meeting.


(HR & Finance)

JN circulated a quarterly financial report outlining year to date income and expenditure. FC informed that board that the position for a new development manager would be advertised shortly.



FC informed the board that following the recent MMA event that a staff member had been requested to provided a witness statement and read this out. JC advised on legal correspondence received.
The meeting then concluded.

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