Board: Chad Notbohm (Notbohm Motors), Matt Ladenberg mdt, Garrett Neiffer (Havre High School), Craig Tilleman (Tilleman Motor), Steve Neiffer (Bergren Tranmission), Scott Doney (Diesel Doctor), Chuck Pummil

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MSU-Northern Automotive Advisory Board Minutes

March 26, 2015

Brockmann Center Room 202

12:30pm – 2:30 pm


Board: Chad Notbohm (Notbohm Motors), Matt Ladenberg MDT, Garrett Neiffer (Havre High School), Craig Tilleman (Tilleman Motor), Steve Neiffer (Bergren Tranmission), Scott Doney (Diesel Doctor), Chuck Pummil (Bitterroot Ford)
MSUN: Steven Don, Bob Anderson, Kevin Ruby, Josh Meyer, Greg Clouse, Wane Boysun, Will Taylor, Jeremy Hofman, Holly Haas, Kevin Johnson

  • Minutes – Wane made a motion to approve, Steve N. seconded the motion. Approved minutes from October 29, 2014 with changes.

  • Old Business

    • Tool list – Steven gave background info. The ATDI met as a group and started the paperwork. The paperwork got lost with the transition of leadership. Will restart the process next week and get this change for fall semester. Kevin stated that is the tools are required then financial aid can cover this cost for students. Enrolled students get a discount from MAC Tools and Snap On as well as Craftsmen starting last fall. Kevin looked at manufacturer’s starter tool sets. Purchasing in sets seems to be better in the long run. Wane asked the board for input on what tools they would recommend. 3/8 impact inch wrench, torque wrenches. The trend is electric tools being used in the shop. We will revisit this in the fall meeting. It was brought up that this change needs to be brought to the BOR and it is quite a process.

  • New Business

    • ATDI Building update – The timeframe we had to move is on hold. We have to go through A&E and could take up to five months. To go to bid could take up to two months. We are pre-move, will be doing a lot of purging. Hopefully early next spring is when we will be moving. We will need to file the proper paperwork to get rid of equipment and state surplus will handle it from there. Garret could use engines, brake trainers – he would have to go to state surplus to purchase the equipment. Wane suggested we include Garrett in this process. Faculty were involved in planning the footprint. The A&E committee is talking about putting up a storage building for us to use.

    • New building transition plan – covered in previous item.

    • Ford MLR Update – students can get credit for taking this online as well as the face-to-face portion. This saves employers $10,000-15,000. The format changed this year as you have to login three different times to take the training. You have to use internet explorer for this program. There are 14 students currently enrolled. Does anyone require their technicians to complete e-training? Kevin J. has been using NAPA Tech and require his students take the ASE exam as a final. Anything we could use as another method of teaching would be great. Wane asked if there would be value to get students to start e-training before leaving school. That would be huge to have students complete most of this before entering the workforce. There are few logistics we need to work on to include this the class objectives. If we could cover the major companies that would be sufficient. A draft should be produced by the faculty and send out to the board members in order for them to contact their manufacturer reps. Josh made a motion to proceed with the manufacturing e-training, Wane seconded the motion. Question called, all approved.

    • Update on vehicle & equipment donations – there is increased enrollments. With this new building we have an opportunity to bring in new equipment. We’re looking for training aids, training components, components, etc. We are constantly looking for training and equipment. Wane asked the board to put out the word about our needs in this program as we are looking for new connections. Kevin stated we use our vehicles and are very hard on them. Our fleet is starting to age. Greg proposed that this board makes a motion that we ask manufacturers to use their vehicles for one year and send them back, Wane seconded the motion. This is what the diesel program is doing with their equipment. This way the students are learning on relevant equipment. The questions called, all approved. Wane and Josh will be the lead on this project.

    • Recruiting efforts – We would like to have industry join our recruiters when they travel to the high schools. To go in the classroom as a representative of industry would be a great. Bob said to expand on that would be to bring students and their families to the shops. Chad has a student completing their degree in Wahpeton and he is paying for his tuition in exchange for a few years of his employment. This is what they have to do to find technicians. Kevin pointed out there are three local companies that have given this support. This is a good opportunity for the employer and the student. Scott said the one issue he has is people don’t want to work these days. This faculty group is developing a student development plan and industry is a part of this plan. We are also working on curriculum alignment. We get a different crop of students every year and have to adjust to that. Craig pointed out another issue is students on the diesel side interview as they act more entitled that auto students.

    • Corporate Partnerships & White Paper Proposals – Bob talked about the brochure. These companies have to invest in the students. There is a list of ways to achieve this in the brochure. White paper proposal was produced to help recruit students. Bob asked the help of the board for input. Do we track what attracts students to this university? Word of mouth is a huge recruiting tool as well. Steven N. suggested that we survey current and past students to see what is good and what is bad to fix the issues they are not happy about. We could use survey monkey. Ag mech includes a survey in their program for assessment, we should do that for auto and diesel.

    • SkillsUSA overview – next competition is April 13-15. There are 36 high school contestants, 14 post-secondary contestants. Wane asked the board for volunteers for judges in the post-secondary level. The automotive competition is April 14th. Jeremy asked if we could get a couple of vehicles on campus for display as it was a huge hit last year.

    • TekNoXpo – Holly gave an update on this event. It is April 23rd. Last year we paired automotive with the equipment simulators. Doesn’t feel this gave automotive the time they need. This year automotive will have their own section(s). It is good to have hands-on programs for these students. There will be a meeting prior the event to go over everything. The tours will be 9:15am-12:30, lunch 12:30-2:30. The Lieutenant Governor will be here to speak during lunch. This year we should set up cones and mark off areas to assist the tour guides. There were company booths last year as well and would like to include that again this year.

    • Light Duty Diesel AAS degree or certification option – diesel had input from industry on their needs and input those needs into their program. The automotive program would like to do the same. Kevin J. can only recall having a handful of students that received the certificate degree, but thought the light duty diesel AAS degree would be beneficial. Kevin J. asked if there are needs of the industry that we incorporate in our program. Steven N. said there is about three technicians under one service writer. Some of the best service writers were women. Service writers need to have good writer skills, good communications skills, and sales education. There are students who might not make a good technician, but could thrive as a service writer. The board members said they would have high interest in this degree, but not so much on the hybrid training. Greg made the motion that the faculty start drafting up a document to present to the board in the fall, Wane seconded the motion. Question called, all approve. Kevin suggested that the board look at the business portion and any other things that we could include in the program. Would the service writing option be a good option for industry? Yes. Parts is another issue. We could look at sales and service. Wane made a motion to call it automotive administration, Wane seconded the motion. Question called, all approved. Scott suggested we introduce introduction to diesel to automotive students as it would be specifically helpful to his shop and most likely others.

    • MSUN Automotive Program Improvement Suggestions – covered in previous bullet.

    • Kevin Johnson’s retirement – he has been teaching for 35 years. We are fortunate that he will be teaching in a post-retirement contract. We will invite the board to his retirement party sometime in April. Kevin has enjoyed his time here at Northern.

    • Call for an advisory board chair – Kevin would like to follow Larry’s suggestion from the diesel advisory board meeting. We would like to send out information early and listen more to the board members during the meeting. We are looking for a chair to work with the faculty and staff on the agenda. Greg made a motion to have Steve N. as the chair, Will seconded the motion. Question called, all approved.

  • Set date for Fall 2015 meeting – set a tentative date for October 22, 2015 at 12pm. Lourdes will confirm with the Chancellor and Provost that this date will work.

  • Adjourn – meeting was adjourned at 2:56pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lourdes Caven

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