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Teens Who READ!

The Hackettstown Public Library is looking for eighth grade and high school students to join the volunteer Teen Advisory Board.

If you enjoy reading and want to:

Fill out the attached application and bring it to the library.

What is involved? Board members will attend periodic board meetings at the public library; 4 – 8 meetings in a calendar year. Members will provide feedback to library staff on purchases and programs for teens and tweens.
Want to know more? Give a call to the Hackettstown Free Public Library at 852-4936 or by email to


Teenage Advisory Board

Hackettstown Free Public Library
Name _____________________________________________________________________

Male or female____________ Age______________ Date of Birth______________________

Address _______________________________________________________________
Cell #: ________________________ May we send text messages to this number?_______
School __________________________ Current Grade Level _______________
Hobbies and/or school activities/ Fun Stuff _______________________________________________________________________________

Last *AMAZING* book you read?________________________________________________

Top 3 tunes playing on your ear buds? ______________________________________________________


Best movie of all time?___________________________________
Favorite singer/band ___________________________________________
Favorite go-to TV series?__________________________________________
Why should you be chosen to become a member of the Teen Advisory Board? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please return this application by mail, in person or email to:

Hackettstown Free Public Library (852-4936)

110 Church Street

Hackettstown, NJ 07840

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