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Ursula Beutler  Curriculum Vitae 


Email address: 
Address: 387-K Rumah Kedai Buluh Kubu, 15300 Kota Bharu, MALAYSIA 

Nationality: Swiss 
Date of Birth: 9th July 1958 


Native language:    German 

Foreign languages: Fluent in English, professional (self-evaluation) working  

                                proficiency in French (hardly used in the last decade), basic  

                               ability in ItalianSpanish and Bahasa Malaysia


British Council, Kuala Lumpur2010 
Cambridge CELTA, “Pass” grade October 2010 
SAWI (Swiss Marketing and Advertising Institute), Zürich, Switzerland ;  

1990 - 1991 
(Swiss) Federal Certificate as Marketing Technician (Marketingplanerin mit Eidgenoessischem Fachausweis) April 1991 
DOZ (Dolmetscherschule Zürich), Switzerland; 1978 - 1982 
Certificate as a Translator (Uebersetzer Diplom)  Languages: German,  

French-German/ German-French, English-German; Basics: Politics, Law, Economics. 

June 1982 
Kantonsschule Zofingen, Switzerland 1974 - 1978 
Matura (equivalent to A Levels) in 1) German, French, Mathematics, Latin;  

2) English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Music.  

71 points out of 90. April 1978 


Secondary School in Brittnau, Switzerland 1970 - 1974 


Primary School in Brittnau, Switzerland 1965 - 1970 


Experience relevant to English language usage 



Part-time English tutor (5-10 hours a week) to students (friends’ children) of different  

age groups (Kindergarten up to Form 5). 





Other work experience 


Since 1996 

I have not been employed since 1996, the year I left Switzerland.  


In December 1996 my husband and I started a souvenir shop in Mersing. I was responsible for the purchase of the goods, supervision of the staff and book keeping. After 3 years we decided to close the shop, as business was slow. 


For the following 4 years, I was a homemaker.  


In March 2005 we opened our own restaurant in Mersing, Malaysia. In September 2011 we moved to Kota Bharu, where we took over a Pizzeria Traudi.  I have been taking care of the books, of our promotion and advertising activities, and I help where help is needed. The restaurant in Kota Bharu is still operating, but my job is only part-time and I'm looking for a possibility to earn some extra money online


1990-1996, Schober Direct Marketing AG, Bachenbülach, Switzerland 

This was my second employment by Schober (by then: Direct Marketing) AG, this time as head of the department Marketing Company Addresses. My main responsibilities were: 
Leading the data entry staff, the product manager and the publicity assistant  
Enlargement, enhancement and maintenance of the ‘Company Address Data Base Switzerland’/ Consultant for the heads of department of the corresponding data bases in Spain, Czech Republic and the Netherlands 
Introduction of the relational Oracle database for the approximately 400’000 Swiss company addresses  

Adaptation and production of the ‘Company Address Catalogue’ and other advertising material  
Key account management for a small number of VIP customers.  

After two and a half years, I was promoted to the management with power of attorney.  

I left the company in August 1996. In September 1996 my husband and I moved to Malaysia. 


1988-1990, Ringier AG, Zürich, Switzerland 

During these two years, I worked as a media assistant. I was privileged to attend their internal one year Marketing Course that covered all the departments of a publishing house. Towards the end of the two years (1990), I started the SAWI evening course for “Marketingplaner” (marketing technician) and finished it on time while I was already in a new employment.  


1982 (December)-1988, Schober Direktmarketing AG, Bachenbülach, Switzerland  

My first employment was as a sales clerk for company addresses. During the five years I worked for Schober AG, I was responsible for the sales department’s French speaking as well as for some German speaking customers. By the time I left the company, I had been promoted to deputy head of the Sales Department for Company Addresses.  




Reading; gardening and nature in general; interesting conversation; national and world news; learning; people watching; I love being creative (painting, handicraft, photography, decorating, cooking ) for my personal pleasure and satisfaction. 


IT Literacy 

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, WPS, basic Adobe Photoshop skills, good Internet skills. 









Kota Bharu, 31 January 2016

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