Bellefonte area elementary orchestra

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Diane L. Silvis, Director

Phone: School: 814/357-2425 Ext.2336 Home: 359-2470

Cell: 404-3082 E-Mail:

Dear Parents/Guardians

Hopefully you have already gotten the information about our Gala Concert on Monday, March 7th at Bellefonte High School. This is a combined concert with the Middle School and High School Orchestras and we do it once every three years. (The other two years are for Band and Chorus). Each level will play a few selections and the concert will end with a combined piece featuring all the orchestra students from 4th – 12th Grades! This is a great experience for the elementary orchestra students and they love the combined piece we will perform.

In order to prepare for the concert, we will rehearse at the High School after school on the day of the concert. Just like we did in December – students will ride a bus to the High School at the end of the day on March 7th. Many students will be riding their regular bus and will just stay on the bus and be dropped off at the High School. Students who do not normally ride a bus or whose bus does not go straight to the High School will be assigned to a bus. I will send out bus numbers once I get them from the transportation director. All elementary students will be staying at the High School until the concert and dinner will be provided.
Once all the students get to the High School, we will rehearse the combined selection with the Middle School and High School students. The MS/HS students will go home then elementary orchestra will rehearse the selections that we are doing by ourselves. The Bellefonte Fine Arts Boosters will provide pizza, veggies and dessert for all the Elementary Orchestra students for dinner.
Dress for the concert will be jeans and a black T-Shirt. Students who bought an Orchestra T-Shirt last year should wear that for the concert. Students can either wear their shirts all day or we will give them time to change.
Please complete the permission slip attached to this letter and return it to Mrs. Silvis at your child’s next lesson. I look forward to seeing all of you at the concert! As always, feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns or if your child’s instrument goes out of tune. I will send out a group e-mail with this information so if you did not receive one for some reason and would like to get future e-mails – please send me an e-mail at so I can add you to my contact group.


Diane L. Silvis, Director

More Performance Opportunities
Monday, April 4th: Pleasant Gap Elementary Student Recital 7:00 P.M. at Pleasant Gap Elementary Multi-Purpose Room (Optional) This is an informal concert where Pleasant Gap Orchestra and Band students can choose to play solos, duets, trios etc. to a small audience of family and friends.
Date TBA : Pleasant Gap Elementary Art Show at Pleasant Gap Elementary (Optional)

Elementary Orchestra and Band students who wish to play will take turns performing solos and/or small ensemble pieces while parents, students and guests enjoy the student art work. Students can come and go as they please.
Wednesday, May 18th: Pleasant Gap/Marion-Walker Elementary Orchestra and Band Spring Concert 7:30 P.M. at Bellefonte High School. (Required) The Orchestra and Band will perform their Spring Music selections. This concert is the culmination of everything the students have accomplished throughout the year and all students are expected to attend.

Bellefonte Area School District

Orchestra Gala Concert Information

Where: Bellefonte High School Theatre
When: Monday, March 7th : 7:00 P.M.
What to wear: Jeans and a black T-Shirt – Orchestra T-Shirt if you have one.
Who: ALL string students in 4th and 5th grades are expected attend the

Concert so that we can do our best.
***Students will ride busses to the High School after school on Monday March 7th for rehearsal and will stay until the concert at 7:00. Dinner will be provided.
Please detach the permission slip below and return it to Mrs. Silvis by March 1st. Keep the top portion for quick reference to information about the rehearsal and concert.


Bellefonte Area School District

Bellefonte, PA 16823

Orchestra Field Trip Permission Form
I hereby give consent to have my child _______________________________ go on a school trip to

(Child’s Name)

Bellefonte High School on Monday, March 7th with the Elementary Orchestra to rehearse for the Gala Concert at 7:00 that evening.
I understand that the transportation will be by Bus and that Mrs. Silvis will be in charge. In the event of an accident or medical emergency and I am unavailable for the purpose of providing parental consent, I hereby authorize the physician(s) and staff in the Emergency /Outpatient Department of the appropriate hospital to provide such hospital care that includes routine diagnostic procedures and  medical treatment as necessary to my minor son/daughter. I understand that the authorization herein granted does not include MAJOR surgical procedures.

Note: The SIGNATURE of the Parent/Guardian is REQUIRED before taking the trip.
Signature of Parent ______________________________ Date ____________________
Number where you can be reached during the field trip:___________________________
Signature of Student _____________________________ Date ____________________

Does this student have any medical conditions that should be shared with the teachers and chaperones of the trip? □ Yes □ No

If yes, please explain:
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