Solos with band accompaniment (2017)

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Note: Solos listed have locally available band accompaniments. If soloist would like to perform a solo not on this list, applicants and their teachers are asked to notify the QCWE competition coordinator at and to assist in locating band accompaniments for the solo.



Carnival of Venice Briccialdi, Giulio/Anton Coppola QCWE

Carnival of Venice Briccialdi DAV

Concertino Chaminade DAV

Concertino for Flute Chaminade, Cecile/Clayton Wilson QCWE, SAU

Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble Young, Charles Rochester Coe

Fantasie Hue, Georges, arr. John R. Bourgeois QCWE

Night Soliloquy Kent, Kennen Coe

Poem for Flute and Orchestra Griffis, Charles/Charles DCamp SAU


Concerto in Eb Mozart, W.A./Charles DCamp SAU


Adagio and Tarantella Cavallini, Ernesto/Thomas Reed QCWE

Adagio and Tarantella Cavallini, Ernesto/Waln Coe

Clarinet Royale Bennett NS

Clarinet on the Town Herman n NS

Concertino vonWeber DAV

Concertino vonWeber/McCathren DAV

Concertino for Clarinet vonWeber, Carl Maria/M.L. Lake QCWE, SAU

Concertino, Op. 26 vonWeber, Carl Maria/Alfred Reed SAU

Concertino for Clarinet and Band Bencriscutto, Frank QCWE, DAV

Concerto No. 1 vonWeber, Carl Maria/David Bennett SAU

Concerto No. 1, Third Movement vonWeber, Carl Maria/Peter Schmaltz SAU

Concerto for Clarinet – Rondo Mozart, W.A./Charles DCamp SAU

Concerto for Clarinet and Band Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai/Frederick Piket SAU

Concertpiece for Clarinet, Winds, and Percussion Curnow, James SAU

Creole Clarinet Simeone NS

Fantasia and Rondo vonWeber, C.M./Snavely DAV, Coe

Second Concerto for Clarinet vonWeber, Carl Maria/Brown SAU, DAV, Coe

Serenade Pierne, Gabriel/Alfred Reed Coe

Solo de Concours Messenger, Andre/Jack Snavely SAU, DAV

Solo de Concours Rabaud/Harry Gee Coe

Solo de Concours Rabaud/Mortiboy DAV

Bass Clarinet


Concerto Mozart, W.A./John S. Weissmann SAU

Concerto vonWeber, Carl Maria SAU

Concerto No. 2 in Bb Mozart, W.A./Charles DCamp SAU

Concerto in Bb Major Mozart, W.A./Charles T. Yeago QCWE

Alto Saxophone

Carnival of Venice Staigers, Del Coe

Concertino for Alto Saxophone Bilik, Jerry H. DAV

Concerto for Alto Sax and Band Creston, Paul SAU

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Concert Band Husa, Karel Coe

Rhapsodie for Saxophone Debussy, Claude/Charles DCamp SAU

Serenade for Solo Alto Saxophone and Band Bencriscutto, Frank SAU

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Bugler's Holiday Anderson NS

Bugler's Lament Hammack NS

Caprice for Trumpet and Band Zdechlik, John SAU

Carnival of Venice Arban DAV

Carnival of Venice Briccialdi, Giulio/Anton Coppola QCWE

Carnival of Venice Staigers, Del DAV, Coe

Concerto for Bb Cornet or Trumpet Haydn/W.J. Duthoit QCWE, DAV

Concerto for Trumpet Arutiunian, Alexander/Guy M. Duker SAU

Concerto for Trumpet and Winds O’Reilly, John S. DAV

Dramatic Essay Williams, Clifton Coe

Ode for Trumpet Reed NS

Rose Variations Bennett, Robert Russell SAU

Trumpet Concerto Hummel, Johann Nepomuk QCWE

Trumpet Concerto Hummel, Johann Nepomuk/John Corley SAU

Trumpeters Lullaby Anderson NS

Trumpeters Prayer Camarata NS


Adagio and Allegro Haddad, Don SAU

Chanson du Forestier Hatfield NS

Concerto Strauss, Richard/Charles DCamp SAU

Concerto No. 1 Mozart, W.A./Lorenzo Sansone SAU

Concerto No. 1 in Eb, Op. 11 Strauss, Richard/Charles T. Yeago QCWE

Concerto for French Horn and Band Zdechlik, John DAV

Concerto for Horn Hermann, Ralph DAV

Concerto for Horn No. 1 Strauss, R./Hermann DAV

Concertpiece, Op. 94 Saint-Saens, Camille/Donald Miller QCWE


Andante and Allegro Barat NS

Carnival of Venice Briccialdi, Giulio/Anton Coppola QCWE

Concertino for Trombone and Band David, Ferdinand/Charles Yeago SAU

Concerto in Bb Major Mozart, W.A. SAU

Concerto for Trombone Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai/Clark McAlister QCWE

Concerto for Trombone Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai/Walter Nallin SAU

Concerto for Trombone Rimsky-Korsakov, N. DAV

Morceau Symphonique Guilmant, Alexandre/Wesley Shepard QCWE, SAU, DAV

Rhapsody for Bass Trombone Frigyas, Hidas SAU

Variations Owen, Jerry Coe

Euphonium (also see trumpet and trombone solos)

Carnival of Venice Briccialdi,Giulio/Anton Coppola QCWE

Carnival of Venice Staigers, Del Coe

Elkhorn Variations Owen, Jerry Coe

Morceau Symphonique Guilmant, Alexandre/Wesley Shepard Coe


Beelzebub Catozzi, A. SAU, DAV

Carnival of Venice Holmes DAV

Concertino for Tuba and Band Bencriscutto, Frank SAU, DAV

Fantasie, Theme, and Variations on Carnival of Venice Arban, J./Leidzen-Anthenian Coe

Solo Pomposo Hayes, Al SAU

Tuba Concerto Gregson, Edward QCWE

Tuba Rhapsody Grundman, Clare QCWE

Tuba Tiger Rag DeCosta, Harry/Luther Henderson QCWE

Tuba Tiger Rag DeCosta, Harry/David Marshall SAU

Variations for Tuba and Winds Frankenpohl NS

When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba Bell NS


Carnival of Venice Briccialdi, Giulio/Anton Coppola QCWE

Concertino Williams DAV

Concertino Op. 218 for Marimba Creston, Paul SAU, Coe

Concertino for Marimba and Winds Reed, Alfred SAU

Galop Kabalevsky, Dmitri/Daniel Mitchell Coe

Sonata for Marimba Tanner, Peter SAU, DAV

Sonatina for Tympani and Band Tcherepnin, Alexander SAU

Thundering Drums (set) Bellson NS

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