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May 10, 2010

Dear Residents,

Dr. Cobb, Annual Vaccination Clinic at the Bar Nunn Fire Hall, will be May 13th, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Costs per animal will be : Dogs - $15 Rabies and $15 Combinations. Cats - $15 Combinations and $25 Combinations with Leukemia. Metro will be on hand to sell licenses. ALL ANIMALS MUST BE UNDER OWNER CONTROL, EITHER ON A LEASH OR IN A CARRIER!!!

Town "Garage Sale Day" is set for Saturday, June 12, 2010. There will be a generic notice in the Community Section of the newspapers denoting annual garage sale in Bar Nunn, Saturday, June 22, 2010. Parks and Rec plans to have "Garage Sale" signs near the entrances to town. Individuals are responsible for their own advertising and everyone is encouraged to post signs on their property. Do not attach signs to utility poles or street signs. Please remove all signs when your sale is over.

The second annual "Garden Walk" is scheduled for Saturday, July 10th. Parks and Rec. would like to have around 12 yards to tour. If you are interested in participating, please call Colleen Big Spring 234-5182.
Thank you to Arbor Day tree planting participants and volunteers!! Congratulations to those of you who have participated every year for the last 17 and to those of you who have just begun participating, as your efforts helped gain recognition by State Forestry. This year Mayor Petty went to Cheyenne to accept the State "Outstanding Arbor Day Award" presented by Governor Dave Fruedenthal. The award, on display at Town Hall, is given annually to an individual or community recognized by State Forestry for their Arbor Day Program. Several Bar Nunn residents attended the ceremony, as well as Romie Nunn's daughter.
The Tree Farm is open Saturdays 8A.M. – Noon for the summer! Located South and West of the Fire Hall, you may take your grass clippings and branches for disposal. No weeds and no Russian Olive branches.
The wind blows in Bar Nunn! There is a certain amount of trash and tumbleweeds that are going to blow around. However, there have been numerous complaints of 'unbagged garbage' (garbage not in a 'trash bag' and inefficiently secured!). Jason, with Shirk's Sanitation has been asked to make a list of those places garbage is not bagged efficiently, and citations for littering may be issued if conditions don't improve.

Bar Nunn Town Hall will be closed Monday, May 31, 2010 for Memorial Day.

NEW RESIDENTS – Welcome to Bar Nunn!!

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