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The regular meeting of the Town Council of Bar Nunn was held on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 7:00 P.M., at 4820 N. Wardwell Industrial Avenue, Bar Nunn, Wyoming.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jerry Petty.

The roll was taken by Carol Pendley, Clerk Treasurer. Those present were John Blase, Mayor Petty, Josh Brown, Bobby Martin, and Paula Stewart.

Mayor Petty led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next item on the agenda was the minutes of July 3, 2012 Council Meeting. Paula made a motion seconded by John, to accept the minutes. Paula, John, Bobby, and Mayor voted aye. Josh abstained as he was absent last meeting. Motion carried.

Financial Reports for June, 2012 were next. Paula made a motion, seconded by Bobby to accept the financials for June, 2012. Motion was unanimous.

Attorney’s Report was next. Charlie had nothing to report and there were no questions.

Engineers Report was next on the agenda. Clyde Dolan, Engineer on Wardwell Industrial Avenue Project was present and reported paving is scheduled (northern end) to start tomorrow. It could be ready for traffic as early as Friday but will probably open next week. Approximately 95% of the drainage is complete in the McMurry area. Remaining work is connection to the new culvert at McMurry Boulevard and seeding. Shoulder adjustments and drainage ditches will be completed. Lower end (at Prairie Lane) will start next week. Total project is over a week ahead of schedule.

Bill Johnston reported paving of Arena Street is scheduled for Friday. Minor cleanup will be left.

Bill reported a pre-construction meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, 9 A.M. for the Chip Seal Project. Meeting will be on Antelope.

A Change Order will be done to include asphalt overlay of the park path (Antelope Park). The requirements will be given to Knife River and High Plains Construction for consideration, and it will be added to the Chip Seal or Wardwell Project. Some areas of the pathway will be repaired or changed prior to the overlay. Existing path overlay will be 2 inches and new path overlay 3 inches. Abandoned parts of the pathway will be removed. Where grass doesn’t come back the contractor would replace grass. There will be two entrances along Arena Street for the pathway. Questions regarding conflict with street and pathway construction and new equipment installation were addressed and answered.

Next on the agenda was Third and Final reading of Ordinance #2012-04 “AN ORDINANCE REPEALING IN ITS ENTIRETY ORDINANCE #2010-02 – BAR NUNN SUBDIVISION CODE – TITLE 9; AND ORDINANCE #2010-04 – “AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE AMENDING AND ADDING TO CERTAIN PORTIONS OF SUBDIVISION CODE – TITLE 9 – SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS”, AND REPLACING WITH “TITLE 9 – SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS”. Paula made a motion seconded by Josh to adopt Ordinance # 2012-04 on third and final reading. Motion was unanimous.

Resolution # 2012-05A "A RESOLUTION AMENDING BUDGET INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR UNEXPECTED INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR FISCAL YEAR 2011-2012 PER WYOMING STATUTES #16-4-112 THROUGH #16-4-114” was next on the agenda. Paul made a motion, seconded by Josh, to adopt the amending resolution. Motion was unanimous.

Next on the agenda was Shawn Houck, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Natrona County Public Library. Mr. Houck was present to solicit a resolution of support ‘for’ placing a 1% Specific Purpose Tax Option on the ballot to be voted on, by the public, in the November General Election. The purpose of the tax would be to fund a new Natrona County Public Library. Mr. Houck’s presentation focused on the need for the new Library. Nine hundred two residents of Bar Nunn have Natrona County Library cards. There were (two) people from Bar Nunn on the 30 member Library Citizens Task Force. Shawn stated there are 1300 people a day, checking out an average of 2500 materials a day through the current facility.

Shawn presented a brief history of the current building, needed additions and expansions to accommodate users of the facility. He stressed need of improvement-expansion of youth services currently having to be limited due to lack of space.

The New facility would be located off of First Street next to the river. The land was purchased and given by the Foundation which supports the Library, to the Library for the facility. The project was downsized from the 2008 project. The proposed size is 82,740 square feet. Cost is projected at 25.2 million dollars with an additional Operations and Maintenance Fund of 4.5 million dollars. The 4.5 million is to cover the expected County budgeting ‘shortfall’ between current budget and future budgets. The Board agreed to the Specific Purpose Tax as the ‘funding mechanism’.

The ‘Concept Drawing’ of the proposed Library has been done; Architectural drawings will not be done until the ballot measure passes. The new building would be two floors with sufficient room for expansion on the property.

The Specific Purpose Tax is a 6th penny temporary tax, which ‘can not’ be extended beyond the stated scope of the project cost…29.7 million dollars. When the 29.7 million is reached, the tax will be discontinued in the following quarter, as assessments for this tax are by quarter. This is not a tax that can be continued for another project or addition to the Library Project. It is estimated this tax would be collected for approximately 18 months. This tax does not apply to groceries, gas, or prescriptions. Significant portions of the tax will be paid by visitors who purchase from out of county. There was discussion regarding ‘services’ being taxed (taken out of context) “Wyo. Stat. ss39-15-203(a)(iii), ss39-15-204(a)(iii), ss39-16-203(a)(ii), and ss39-16-204(a)(ii), counties may impose a sales and use excise tax not to exceed two percent(2%) upon retail sales of tangible personal property, admissions and services made, and upon sales and storage,……..”.

There were additional questions and comments regarding the Library itself, not the tax proposal, including the size, expansion, impact studies, and whether there would be changes to the Book Mobile Program.

There were also questions regarding disposition of the current building, disposition of monies received from the current building, and effect on the proposed tax. Mr. Houck stated the building belongs to the County. The County Commissioners have said the proceeds from sale of the current building will go to support Library funding and programs. There is nothing to guarantee the timeliness, or gain from potential sale. The Specific Purpose Tax has to be a ‘specific’ amount, and once that amount is reached, it ceases. It is not conditionally collected.

Next on the agenda was Resolution # 2012 – 08 “A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE PROPOSITION FOR IMPOSITION OF A ONE PERCENT (1%) SPECIFIC PURPOSE SALES AND USE EXCISE TAX IN NATRONA COUNTY, WYOMING, SAID PROPOSITION TO BE PLACED ON THE BALLOT AT AN ELECTION TO BE HELD IN NATRONA COUNTY IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE GENERAL ELECTION ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012.” Josh made a motion, seconded by Paula to adopt Resolution #2012 – 08. Josh, Paula, John, and Mayor Petty voted in favor of Resolution #2012 – 08. Bobby voted against Resolution #2012-08. Motion carried by majority vote.

Petitions and Public Comment was next on the agenda. At this time Beth Worthern, Mandan Trail, thanked Town for passing the Resolution supporting the tax issue being on the ballot. Ms. Worthern went on to speak in favor of the Library and for the programs and services it does/will supply in promoting literacy. She encouraged everyone to promote the tax issue and the library.

Ron Mitchell, Casper resident, wished to speak in favor of the new Library as well. He lives in the area of the current Library and expressed the need for sufficient computer accessibility. He also expressed need for the greater space for educational purposes, including classes for computer use, tax preparation, health benefits, and Government programs.

Council Miscellaneous was next on the agenda.

Wyoming Community Gas is returning money to the Town again this year for a project. Mayor Petty suggested a covered shelter for Antelope Park. John made a motion to use the money toward a covered concrete area with table and bench and barbeque facility. Paula seconded. Motion was unanimous.

The Optimum/Bresnan Franchise Agreement will be discussed next meeting.

There will be resolution(s) for adopting the updated Building Codes and Fee Schedules from City of Casper, at next meeting.

There was a question about payment for the cleanup completed In Ponderosa. A bill has been sent to Lisa Burridge. The remaining concrete and dirt will be the responsibility of any future developer in that area.

The ‘no’ Solicitation signs have been put up, except on McMurry, which will be done once construction is complete. “Use Park at Your Own Risk” signs have been ordered and will be put up when they get here.

Paula made a motion at this time, to adjourn to Executive Session, not to exceed thirty minutes, to discuss Personnel matters. John seconded. Motion was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 8:05 P.M., July 17, 2012.

A motion was made by Paula to reconvene the regular meeting of the Town Council of Bar Nunn, Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 9:05 P.M., at 4820 N. Wardwell Industrial Avenue, Bar Nunn, Wyoming. The motion was seconded by John and carried unanimously. Roll call indicated all members of Council, and Mayor in attendance.

Mayor Petty stated the purpose of the Executive Session was to discuss Personnel. No decisions were made.

Bobby made a motion, seconded by Paula to schedule an Executive Session for August 7, 2012 Council meeting to discuss Personnel with the Fire Chief. Motion was unanimous.

The Town website needs to be updated to reflect the change in maintenance personnel. Jack is gone and Paul is here!

John requested that Mayor Petty be reimbursed by the Town for the business cards he purchased for himself and other Council members. It was directed the card information be updated to include current website. It was directed to have Town e-mails set up for Mayor and Council members for public use, and to add that to new business cards as well. There was lengthy discussion concerning when to order cards and set up e-mail accounts, whether before or after the election. The cards are to be ordered as soon as corrections and e-mails are set up.

There was a lengthy discussion about proof of insurance requirements with no resolution.

There being no further business to come before the council at this time, John made a motion to adjourn. Paula seconded and motion was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 9:40 P.M., July 17, 2012.

Minutes approved 8-07-12 Council Meeting.

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