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Arabic Speaking - Prospect Research Support Assistant


The University of Sheffield’s Development, Alumni Relations and Events (DARE) department was set up in 2002. Its aim is to reconnect alumni (former students) with their university, and to encourage them to make charitable donations or provide support in other ways, such as volunteering. Gifts range from modest monthly donations to larger five, six and seven-figure donations for specific projects throughout the University. More than 10,000 individual gifts have now been donated to the University since 2002, totalling more than £24 million in gifts and confirmed pledges.

The Opportunity

As a Prospect Research Support Assistant you will join the Research Team within DARE to aid the fundraising efforts of the Campaigns Team by validating and researching potential new major donors and feeding them into the fundraising pipeline.

At present there is an effort to expand international fundraising into the Middle East. For this the Research Team requires a Prospect Research Support Assistant who is fluent in both written and spoken Arabic. In addition, they must have a good understanding of the Middle East. Particular fundraising efforts will focus on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, so it is desirable if the applicant has an understanding of these cultures.

It would be particularly helpful if the applicant has an understanding of the UAE and/or Saudi Arabia, although this is not essential.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the major gift fundraising world. You will learn how to use sophisticated research techniques to source fundraising potential for the University. These skills are transferrable to any project you may be involved with in the future.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

This is excellent experience for anyone thinking of a career in the charity/fundraising sector, business intelligence or other research orientated roles.

Person Specification


  1. Basic keyboard and ICT skills, particularly experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, email and internet

  2. Excellent communication skills – both written and spoken in English and Arabic

  3. Cultural understanding of the Middle East

  4. Strong analytical skills to identify relevant information

  5. Ability to investigate and link a wide variety of data sources

  6. Ability to handle sensitive information in accordance with the Data Protection Act

  7. Ability to work well in a team and use own initiative

  8. A tenacious attitude towards research


  1. Cultural understanding of the UAE and Saudi Arabia

  2. Experience of data entry

  3. Experience of using online subscription-based databases together with advanced internet searching skills

  4. Knowledge of business and company accounts

  5. Experience of working in a similar role or environment

Pay & Hours

£8.02 per hour (plus holiday pay)

Hours on a casual basis, however we would like a commitment of one day a week. Days and times are flexible.

How to apply?

Please send a cover letter explaining how you meet each of the person specification criteria with examples and your CV to

This vacancy will close as soon as a sufficient number of applications have been received, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.
Interview times will be negotiated once a sufficient number of applications have been received. However, we envisage interviews to be in September or October. If you haven’t heard from us by October 31st 2015 unfortunately on this occasion you have not been shortlisted.
All offers of employment will be conditional upon the production of valid documents proving the candidate’s eligibility to work in the UK. These must be presented at interview, and we will need to see them again if you are offered a job.
Due to the high volume of applications anticipated, we are unable to give feedback on application forms.

If you have any further questions please contact Jason Briggs at or call 0114 222 4510.

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