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Phone: +91 9676 660 800


Career Profile:
To leverage my competence and skills to the maximum extent contributing for the growth of the organization thereby enhancing my knowledge and skills.

Expertise in:

Professional Experience:
Company Name: ZEN Money

Domain : Customer Support in Trading.

Designation: Jr. Executive

Period: 21-06-2010 to 20-12- 2011

  • Online buying and selling of Mutual Funds & Shares on Behalf of Client

  • Interview clients to know about their financial services requirements and goals.

  • Analyze information and assist various trading tools to clients.

  • Review all transactions to ensure accuracy and to ensure that trades conform to rules.

  • Prepare documents, record transactions, and inform clients of final prices.

  • Prepare financial reports to monitor client finances.

  • Find new clients via ads, mailing lists, and personal contacts.

  • Contact prospective clients to explain financial services.

  • Enhancing and developing the trading process without any issues.

  • Dealing with Mutual Funds.

Educational Qualification :

  • Pursuing MBA Finance through Gitam University.

  • Completed in Nagarjuna University in the year 2009.

  • Intermediate in Board of Intermediate Education in the year 2006.

  • S.S.C in Board of Secondary Education in the year 2004.

Technical and interpersonal skills

  1. Proficient in MS office (which include MS Word, Excel and Power point)

  1. Good communication skills both verbal and written

3. Familiar in utilizing the web search tools


  • Innovative & Quick in adapting to any situation

  • Drive towards achieving 100% work completion

  • Would like to work in a creative and challenging environment where there is a scope for upgrading my skills in investment banking, wealth management, knowledge and strive hard for organization and personal growth


Personal Profile:
Name : Anusha.M

Date of Birth : 02nd – Aug-1989.

Gender : Female.

Nationality : Indian.

Languages Known : English, Telugu.

Date: Anusha.M

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