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Faculty of Political Sciences and Law
In cooperation with
Tirana University, Institute for European Studies

Hasan Prishtina” University, Pristina (Kosovo) Faculty of Philosophy

Southeast European University (Tetovo, Macedonia)

Institute of Political Studies, (Tirana, Albania)

Center for Good Governance, (Tirana, Albania)


The Fourth International Scientific Conference


2th May 2015

Durrës, Albania

Call for Papers

The Faculty of Political Sciences and Law of the University “Aleksandër Moisiu” (Durrës, Albania) in cooperation with ISE (Tirana University), the Faculty of Philosophy, University “Hasan Prishtina” (Pristina, Kosovo), with University of Southeast Europe, (Tetovo, Macedonia), with the Institute of Political Studies and the Center for Good Governance (Tirana, Albania) are proud to announce the organization of the fourth multidisciplinary international scientific conference

The State, Society and Law: Albanians, 25 years from the changes of systems”.

The main aim of the conference is to stimulate debate amongst academicians, experts, representatives of national and international organizations, regional government authorities and interest groups, etc., in order to present their most important findings for issues, problems, and processes of major interest, which are present between Albanians in the region.

2015 signs the 25th year of the change of political systems in Albania, but also in the region, an event with major influence in the history of the Albanian state, the Albanian society, but also of all the Albanians wherever they are located. The change in the political system opened a completely new prospective of the relations between Albanians and their position in the region. The promise for European integration was and still remains the leading leitmotiv of the transition, accompanied by the constant efforts for building the rule of law state and the functional democracy. Albania is NATO member state; Kosovo is the newest state in Europe, Albanians in Macedonia and in the region have a constitutional, political and economical situation very different from the one they were 25 years ago.

The achievements and challenges are associated with difficulties and problems, the solution of which continues to be part of the decision making agendas, and no changes are expected in the near future. Based on this estimation and the importance of the 25th anniversary of the political changes, Albanians have the opportunity to make their balance of transition, in the political, legal, economic, social and cultural aspect.

  • In order to give its contribution, UAMD and its academic partners in Tirana, Pristina and Tetovo will organize an international conference, whose presentations will be the subject of the public debate, of the media and further on, of the professional publication in the scientific journal of UAMD.

  • All the interested participants can submit 200-300 word abstracts. Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted based on their proven quality and relevance to the research area of the Conference. All the selected authors will be notified by e-mail in order to send their full paper. The submitted paper is expected to be in accordance with the lines provided in the submitted abstract. All the papers selected for participation should be original and must not have been published elsewhere.

The conference is organized yet by no means restricted to the following panels:

  • Communist legacy and influences

  • Political, legal and constitutional changes during 25 years

  • Rule of law state and civil society

  • Regional models of transition

  • Cultural, social and economical changes

  • Euro-Atlantic and inter-Albanian integration

  • Demographic processes in the Albanian space

  • Education, culture and science in the Albanian societies

  • Religion and Identity

  • Media in transition, influences and changes

  • Elections and political representation

  • Parties system and political systems

  • The influence of integration processes in state models

  • Albanians and neighbors

  • Foreign and Security Policies

Note: The key speakers and high level officials from the country and abroad are invited to address the conference.


Abstracts due

March 15th, 2015

Notification of acceptance

March 22th, 2015

Papers due

April 18th , 2015

Conference date

May 2th , 2015

Up to 200-300 word abstracts can be submitted to:

Abstract guidelines for authors

Submitted abstracts have to be written according to the following instructions:

  • The official languages of the Conference are English and Albanian.

  • Abstract should contain a clear indication of the purpose of the research and how it is related to the Conference topic, and the appropriate session, the approach used, the major results, and the implications, and 4-5 keywords.

  • Author name: full name of the author (s), institution/affiliation, related panel and email address.

  • Format: Abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

Guidelines for Writing a Paper:

  • The paper should be written in Word file and should not exceed 10 pages.

  • Papers should be written in Albanian or English.

  • Font Size and Type: 12-pt. Font Times New Roman and 10-pt. for references, appendixes, footnotes, tables, and figures.

The Conference fee is 30 Euro for each author of the accepted papers, not later than the 5st of April 2015. The fee includes:

The Scientific Board will select the 15 best articles to be published after the Conference at the Scientific Journal of UAMD.

We would appreciate if you share this Call for Paper with your colleagues and friends.

Thank you very much for your interest and hope to see you in Tirana and Durrës!

Yours Sincerely,

For any question related to the conference, please do not hesitate to write to

PhD. Elsida Luku

The Organising Committee of the Conference


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