Activity 2 Complete the sentences using the expressions from the box. Explain their meaning is inevitable; tonal nature; constructed rationally; in the foreseeable future; much less so the case; to say nothing of; inveterate homemakers

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Activity 2
Complete the sentences using the expressions from the box. Explain their meaning.
is inevitable; tonal nature; constructed rationally; in the foreseeable future; much less so the case; to say nothing of; inveterate homemakers;
1. In order to make it neutral and easily absorbed Esperanto w as ____________________________
2. I t ______________ that English becomes a single international language.
3. A specific ______________ of the Chinese language hampers its spreading.
4. Popularity of French as a language of diplomacy and exchange is ___________________________
5. English is unlikely to be replaced by any other language _________________________________
6. Common words and expressions like ‘open’, ‘close’, ‘enter’, ‘shop’, ‘happy’ are popular even a m o n g _________________________________
7. English words are popular enough in all cities and towns _______________ tourist centers.
My answers:
1. Was to say nothing of
2. Inevitable
3. Tonal nature
4. Constructed naturally
5. In the foreseeable future
6. Inveterate homemakers
7. Much less so the case
Activity 2
Match the labels in the box and the sentences 1-12 below.
1. Present Simple 2. Present Perfect 3. Present Perfect Continuous 4. Past Perfect Continuous 5. Past Simple 6. Present Continuous 7. Past
Perfect 8. Future Simple 9. Future Perfect 10. Future with 'going to' 11. Future Continuous 12. Past Continuous
1.Students are spending so much time on learning new words by heart.- Present Continuous
2.Sailors in the Mediterranean Sea used ‘lingua franca’ for interaction- Past Simple
3.They had researched the market carefully before they decided to open a new branch.____________ Past Perfect
4.Diamonds don’t have much intrinsic value and their price mostly depends on their scarcity._____ Present Simple
5.I think they will explain everything precisely._____ Future Simple
6.Saodat was reading her favorite ‘Harry Potter’ when her brother interrupted.________________ . Past Continuous
7.I have figured out 51 English words while coming to the university.___________________________ Present Perfect
8.The number of English speakers has been increasing recently.________________________ Present Perfect Continuous
9.Consequently, Umar will be lying on the beach with his family next week.___________________ . Future Continuous
10. We had been confusing things for two days when they finally illuminated the difference._________ Past Perfect Continuous
11. In my article I ’m going to run through some of the main points of the matter.____________________ . Future with 'going to'
12. Experts will surely have finished their work by the end of the next month----. Future Perfect

Activity 3
Read the descriptions a-к and decide which sentence in Ex. 3
a. Present Continuous - an action which is happening at the present moment.
b. Past Continuous -a finished past action which occurs at a specific moment in the past.
c. . Past Perfect -talking about an action that is finished before another action in the past. This form is especially useful for giving reasons for a decision
that was made in the past.
d.Present simple -regular routines and habits.
e Future Simple -making a future prediction or express a decision about the future made at the moment.
fPast simple something that is happening at a precise moment in the past; an interrupted action.
gPresent perfect- something which has happened up to the present moment.
h Present Perfect Continuous -the duration of an activity that begins in the past and continues up to the present moment.
iFuture continuos- discussing an activity that will be in progress at a specific point in future.
j Past Perfect Continuous -expressing the duration of an activity up to another point in the past; stressing that a certain activity had been going on before something
important happened.
k Future with 'going to' -speaking about future intentions or plans made before the present moment.
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