About 7,000 miles

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Unit 3 Part 1 Study Guide Key

  1. How long is Latin America? About 7,000 miles

  2. This is part of a chain of mountains that run though the western portion of North, Central, and South America. The Andes Mountains

  3. These are grassy, treeless plains used for grazing in Colombia and Venezuela. Llanos

  4. These are large flat savannas in Brazil. Cerrado

  5. The rich plains of Argentina and Uruguay are called what? Pampas

  6. This river begins in Brazil and travels about 3,000 miles south and west though Paraguay and Argentina. Parana River

  7. This river winds though the northern part of the continent flowing more than 1,500 miles, mostly though Venezuela. The Orinoco River

  8. This river flows about 4,000 miles starting in the Andes ending in the Atlantic, making it the 2nd longest river on earth. The Amazon River

  9. This is the name given to the larger islands in the Caribbean that make up Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. The Greater Antilles

  10. This is the name given to the smaller islands southeast of Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles

  11. The variety of climate in Latin America is mostly due to what factor? Distance to the equator

  12. This climate zone produces both rain forests and savannas. Tropical Climate Zones

  13. These dense forests found in Latin America are home to millions of different species of plant and animal life. Rain forests

  14. The climate in these areas is hot and rainy all year round. Tropical Wetlands

  15. This rainforest covers more than two million square miles of South America, and is located in Brazil. The Amazon Rainforest

  16. These grasslands found in South America have hot climates with seasonal rainfall. Savannas

  17. This climate zone is generally dry with some rain and has grass covered plains. Semiarid

  18. This is a dry area with little to no vegetation, but can be hot or cold. Desert

  19. This climate zone has rainy winters and hot, humid summers. Humid Subtropical Zone

  20. This climate zone has hot, dry summers, and cool, moist winters. Mediterranean Climate Zone

  21. This climate zone has cool, rainy winters and mild, rainy summers. Marine West Coast Zone

  22. This climate zone varies from moderate to cold depending on elevation and other factors such as wind, sunlight, and landscape. Highland Climate Zones

  23. This is the cutting of trees, brush, and grasses and burning the debris to clear a forest area. Slash and Burn

  24. This is an ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain slopes. Terraced Farming

  25. This is the process of moving to big cities. Urbanization

  26. This is a migration factor that forces someone to leave an area. Violence and lack of Jobs

  27. This is a migration factor that draws someone to move to an area. Jobs and Safety

  28. This empire ruled large amounts of Mexico before the Spanish conquest. The Aztecs

  29. This city was the capital of the Aztec Empire, and is found just outside of modern day Mexico City. Tenochtitlan

  30. These man-made structures were built by the Aztecs to honor their gods. The Aztec Pyramids

  31. This was an Aztec religious ritual that was preformed to honor their gods. Human Sacrifice

  32. This is a strong material made from volcanic rock. Obsidian

  33. This famous conquistador was able to conquer the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan. Hernando Cortez

  34. This city has a population of over 20 million, making it the 4th largest city on earth, and the largest in the hemisphere. Mexico City

  35. This country is the United States’ third leading supplier of oil. Mexico

  36. This is the name given to factories in Mexico that assemble imported materials into finished products that are then exported, mostly to the US. Maquiladoras

  37. Mexico, the United States, and Canada are all members of what economic alliance? NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

  38. What do you call a place from which important ideas spread? A Cultural Hearth

  39. What event caused the Spanish to lose its grip on Central America? Mexico won their independence

  40. Why was there a large population of Africans in the Caribbean? They were brought there as slaves

  41. When Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean in 1492, what nation did he believe he had reached? India

  42. The natives of the Caribbean called themselves what? Taino

  43. What killed off most of the natives of the Caribbean? Disease

  44. This was the primary produced traded by the colonies of the Caribbean? Sugar

  45. This Haitian slave led a series of slave revolts in the 1790s. Toussaint

  46. This is the dominant language in Central America today. Spanish

  47. This is the largest religion in Central and South America. Catholicism

  48. Colonialism and United States influence on Latin America has caused many people to have what economic condition? Poverty

  49. Main exports of Central America include what agricultural products? Fruits, coffee, and sugar

  50. This manmade canal cuts though Central America and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Panama Canal

  51. Who was the pioneer of Reggae? Bob Marley

  52. The main business of the Caribbean is what? Tourism

  53. Jobs that take place outside of official channels without protection for its workers make up what type of economy? The Informal Economy

  54. This $32 billion dollar industry in the Caribbean sees the abduction of about 27 million women and children each year. Sex Trafficking

  55. What two languages make up most of South America? Spanish and Portuguese

  56. This mighty civilization arose in the Andes Mountains of Peru to control most of South America. The Inca

  57. This was the capital of the Incan Empire. Cuzco

  58. The natives of South America were abused to death, working in mines to find what materials? Gold and Silver

  59. What events inspired many South Americans to declare their independence? The US and French Revolutions.

  60. This leader of Argentina led a series of reforms in the country. Juan Peron

  61. This was the wife of Juan Peron who changed his heart, and her country. Evita Peron

  62. This second wife of Juan Peron was not ready to handle the power she was given when her husband died. Isabela Peron

  63. The military began to do what with people that were too liberal? They kidnapped them and put them in detention camps run by former Nazis

  64. This group of mothers protest the capital to this day over the 30,000 people that were abducted. The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

  65. This is a government by the few that is found in much of South America, and is typically run by the military. Oligarchy

  66. This is a belief in obedience to authority over individual freedom. Authoritarian rule

  67. Why did many of the settlers of South America stick so close to the coast? They were held there because of the dense forest inland

  68. Those found in Brazil are primarily a blend of what three ethnic groups? Europeans, Natives, and African ancestry

  69. The defeat of Napoleon in 1815 caused Brazil to want their independence from what nation? Portugal

  70. This Madi Grass like event, is the biggest event in Brazil today. Carnival

  71. This is the main music of Carnival. Samba

  72. This is what they call the shacks the poor inhabit that make up the hillsides of Brazil. Favelas

  73. This is the scientific term for a wide range of plant and animal life. Biodiversity

  74. Why is nearly 50 million acers of rainforest cut down each year? For timber

  75. This is the process of cutting down and clearing away of trees. Deforestation

  76. The removal of rainforests has created an increase in what global environmental problem? Global Warming

  77. This is a plan where debt is forgiven by the United States in South American nations, in exchange for protecting the rainforests there. The Debt-for-nature swap

  78. This is what they call South American dictators. Caudillo

  79. This is a military power that runs a country in Latin America. A Junta

  80. Many nations in Latin America seek reform due to the suffering caused by what? US influence

Answers to the constructed responses can be found in the notes, and by paying attention in class when we go over the answers

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