A transportation Primer for Providers …what consumers would like providers to know

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A Transportation Primer for Providers

…what consumers would like providers to know

about public transportation

by the

Northwest Regional Mental Health Board’s

Consumer Action Group

Ver. 10/28/11


The Consumer Action Group spent many months discussing the challenges of public transportation, what is and is not available, and what all consumers should know to enable everyone to make the most of “what’s out there.”

As providers often find themselves in the position of attempting to help consumers in this area – but often know less about public transportation than the consumers themselves – this Primer was developed to assist providers and consumers both.
Following is the information everyone should have. It is critical to remember that public transportation information can and does change regularly.
Some important considerations:

  • Providers should use any specific public transportation themselves before trying to teach consumers how to use it.

  • Staff should go with individuals and groups on public transportation to support use of buses etc as a means to independence.

  • Local classes in the use of public transportation would be helpful.

  • Often buses will limit what can be carried aboard, usually two bags or whatever you can hold on your lap if the bus is crowded.

  • Know what is where on each bus route – there may be many resources: Laundromats, shops, beaches and parks, work and jobs.

  • Know about barriers and issues that might be encountered such as stairs or ramps. Many transfers or very long rides may not be an option for some people due to personal/mental health issues.

  • Providers and consumers should know the routes and schedules for their own area (runs, days and hours of operation.)

  • A review of what public transportation is available makes it clear that the smaller communities and suburbs are generally NOT accessible by public transportation.

  • The northwest catchment area (CA #22) also has the resource of TRED, and some additional transportation is available through DMHAS –funded programs but as these are not public transportation, they are not included here.

The Kennedy Center offers travel training in all parts of the region.
Logisticare: (1-888-248-9895) provides transportation across the region for medical appointments for people who are Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD). Members of those groups can get a bus pass IF they have a Medicare card. Logisticare must be called three days before the appointment for a one-day pass. A multi-use pass may also be obtained. It was noted that Logisticare does do follow-up about the use of passes and mis-use can result in the loss of access. The passes are mailed to the home or a case manager. In some cases cab rides may be provided; persons living on a bus line may have such a pass denied.

Danbury Area


Housatonic Area Regional Transit (HART)

Communities Served

Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield and New Milford

Information, telephone and website, e-mail

Housatonic Area Regional Transit,

62 Federal Road, Danbury, CT 06810
For Schedule & Route Information:  (203)748-2034 or  (203)744-4070

Office Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
              Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Website: http://www.hartransit.com/

Buses are follow a fixed route (except for SweetHART Para Transit) which originate from a hub located on Main Street and Kennedy Avenue known as Pulse Point.

Riders can either pay the driver or purchase tickets from HART. HART operates a Ticket Window at Pulse Point which is open M-F from 6:30 AM to 11 AM.


Full Fares are $1.25

Student Fares (K-12) are 90 cents

One month “Fast Passes” and 10 ride “Bye-Passes” are available as well as “Uni-Ticket” Passes which combine HART passes and Metro-North Train tickets
Senior and People with Disabilities are 60 cents

Operating Schedule

Most Routes operate 6 AM to 6 PM M-F. However, one route (Route 4) operates from 9AM to 3PM M-F.

8 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Holidays

8 AM to 5PM Saturday and Holidays

Para Transit

HART provides Para-Transit through its SweetHART service. SweetHART arranges door to door transportation for people with disabilities who are certified as being eligible by HART.

For a reservation and/or information please call 203-748-2511 or for ADA Priority transportation is provided with ¾ mile of the HART Fixed Route System.

Reservations are first come, first served

In Danbury SweetHART operates between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • 60 cents-trips within one town.

  • 75 cents – trips between two towns

  • $1.25 – ADA priority trips

  • $3.00 – same day trips

  • Discount passes are available through HART

Para Transit is available in Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, New Milford, Ridgefield, and Roxbury. However, hours for towns other than Danbury will vary by town
Contact number is 203-748-2511 New Milford 860-355-6075.

Inter-City Access

  • HART has bus routes to Norwalk, CT and Brewster NY

  • HART does not provide direct access to Waterbury or points east along Route 84 Corridor.


There is a special person at HART for complaints/concerns.

Torrington Area


Northwestern Connecticut Transit District

Communities Served

Torrington, Harwinton, Winchester, Litchfield, Morris, Kent, Sharon, Falls Village, Colebrook, Salisbury, Nortfolk, New Hartford, Cornwall, Canaan, Barkhamstead

Bus service is provided through Kelley Transportation services operated by the Northwestern Connecticut Transit District under the name of “Candystriper.” Buses running Mon-Friday originate from the Torrington Library; Saturday Service originates from “Downtown Plaza”

Information, telephone and website, e-mail

Northwest Connecticut Transit District,

957 East Main Street

Torrington, CT 06790




Adults: $1.25

Students: .90

Children up to age five with adult: Free

Transfers: Free

Candystriper Commuter Service (Winsted and Litchfield): $2.00

10-Ride Ticket (from Driver): $11.25

Reduced Fare (for people with disabilities and people 60 or over.

10-Ride Ticket Reduced Fare at 65¢ per ticket.

Operating Schedule

Candystriper is a “deviated flexible route service” for 5 fixed routes (with the capacity of picking up riders within ¾ of a mile from those routes) Monday through Friday as well as one Route on Saturdays.

Para Transit

Paratransit service for all towns is available for a donation. 860-489-2535

Inter-City Access

Northwest Transit District offers an inter-regional service that provides curb-to-curb service for medical and other appointments, such as: Newington Veteran’s Administration, Hartford, Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, Greater Waterbury Area, Westfarms Mall.
Hours of Operation: 9:00-3:00PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Reservations are first come-first serve basis, with a 24 hour advance notice. Contact: 860-489-2535 or 1-866-906-7433
Fares vary depending on destination (range from $9.00 for trips to the Danbury Area to $12.50 for New Haven/Hartford Areas. People 60 or older ride free and individuals with disabilities who have Medicare or state issued card pay ½ fare.


Schedules are not firm.
Flagging down a bus has been cited as a problem.

Waterbury Area


Connecticut Transit (CT Transit) Waterbury

Communities Served

Waterbury, Watertown, Middlebury, Wolcott, Prospect and Naugatuck

Information, telephone and website, e-mail

Website: http://www.cttransit.com

(website includes a contact form to report problems or ask questions)

Information number for Waterbury Routes: 203-753-2538

Buses follow a fixed route which originate from various locations on the North and East Side of the Waterbury Green as well as intersection of South Main Street and East Main Street. Some routes may vary on Sat/Sun/holidays, or not run on those days.

Riders can either pay the driver or purchase tickets from several locations:

North East Transportation (NET) Offices

1717 Thomaston Avenue, Waterbury

8:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
The Travel Center
188 Bank Street, Waterbury
6:30 AM to 6PM Monday through Friday

Any Stop & Shop courtesy desk (requires cash or debit)


NOTE: fares will change as of January 1, 2012.

Fairs are payable either using exact fare cash, ticket and pass options. Regular Cash Fare: $1.25

Children Age 4 and Under: Free

Youth (ages 5-15): $1.00 (or 10 ride ticket for $9.00)

Transfers are free when continuing a one way trip and within 90 minutes of the time the ticket is issued.

10-Ride Ticket: $11.25

All-Day Pass: $3.25

3-Day Pass $7.50

5-Day Pass: $11.25

7-Day Pass: $15.00

31-Day Pass: $45.00
Senior and People with Disabilities (with Medicare Card or state issued Reduced Fare Id): Cash: 60¢ (10 ride ticket, $5.40)

As of 1/1/12: 31 day pass for seniors: $23.00

All CT Transit buses have Wheelchair lifts and racks for bicycles

Operating Schedule

Most routes run Seven days per week from about 6:00AM until 6:30 Pm. However, riders should check schedules before planning to use bus. (http://www.cttransit.com/RoutesSchedules/Display)

NEW: as of October 24, 2011 changed hours: for regular and paratransit

Monday -- Friday 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM (formerly 5:30 PM)

No evening service on Sundays.

Some routes operate 6 a.m. – midnight.

Pamphlets with routes and fares are often available right on the bus.

Para Transit

There are two types of para-transit in this area.

Para Transit is provided in Waterbury by the Greater Waterbury Transit District, 67 Farrington Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06706

Tel/Fax: 203-573-8627

Email: GWTD8@aol.com

  • Eligibility for Para Transit is determined through each municipality and participants must be:

60 years and older or a person with a disability and a resident of Cheshire, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Prospect, Thomaston, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott.

  • No fares are charged for the use of Para Transit services.

  • Hours of operation: 9:00AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday through Friday.

  • Reservations must be made between 3 and 14 days in advance.

Some types of para-transit have a $2.50 fee; check ahead.

Para Transit is also provided in Southbury from 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. For information and reservations contact (203-756-5550)
There is a Para Transit Service from Waterbury to Gaylord Hospital in Cheshire for more information contact GWTD

Inter-City Access

Transfers to other communities include:

Local Bus Services: Middletown Area Transit, Greater Bridgeport Transit Agency, Coastal Link, Norwalk Transit District, Milford Transit, Route 7 Link

J bus: Waterbury, Cheshire, Hamden, New Haven

Hartford Express: Peter Pan/Arrow, Collins Bus Service, DATTCO, Kelley Transit

New York Bus Services: Bee Line, Tappan Zee Express, Transport of Rockland

NOTE: While local bus services accept CT Transit Transfers and Passes, transfers are not always free for the Hartford Express and New York Bus Service links. Check CT Transit for clarification.


Three area food markets provide some transportation as follows:

  • Compare Foods, 155 Thomaston Ave., pick-up from 10 am-9 pm. No charge. Must spend $50 for a ride home. Call (203) 754-5700.

  • Shop Rite, 943 Wolcott Rd. Schedule varies, mornings & afternoon. No children under 7 allowed. Min. spending $45. Call (203) 756-2415.

  • Stop & Shop, Chase Ave. Senior shuttle for people over 60 cost $4.00 round-trip. Apply via Area Agency on Aging (203) 346-2607. To schedule rides once registered (203) 757-5355.

  • Bravo market on Baldwin Street: If you spend at least $50 can get a free ride home.

Check with different medical providers to see if they have kind of unique transportation support for their patients, and what the conditions might be (only certain days)

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