7-sinf Test Variant 1

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7-sinf Test Variant 1
1. Complete with pronouns: ... are ten boys in our class. ... are Sulton, Bahodir, etc.

A) There/ They В) These/There C) Me/They D) There/There

  1. . . . is a castle on the hill. . . . is very old.

A) There/He В) There/These С) There/it D) There/There

  1. Put the verb into the present perfect. I (break) my pencil.

A) Broke B) have broken C) break D) had broken

  1. Put the verb into the present perfect. My mother (take.) my brother to the doctor.

A) have taken B) have took C) takes D) has taken

5. Complete the sentences with the correct words

She has a friendly face. 1 think she’s ...

A) kind B) unkind C) clever D) unhappy

6. He looks sad. I think he’s ...

A) kind B) unkind C) clever D) unhappy

Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘be going to’.

7. I (watch) to the next Olympic Games.

A) I’m going to watch the next Olympic Games

B) I’m going to watch to the next Olympic Games

С) I going to watch to the next Olympic Games

D) I’m go to watch the next Olympic Games

8. There isn't ___________ fruit in-the shop.

A) some B) no C) any D) the

9. Dilbar likes films…?

A) Doesn't she? В) Does she? C) Isn’t she? D) Was she?

10. Today the weather is… than yesterday.

A) bad B) worse C) the D) badder

11. Answer the questions. What are your trousers made of?

A) I`m busy now. B) This question is not for me.

C) They are made of cotton. D) I must go home

12. Sumalak is not made in winter. It is made in ...

A) summer B) cold C) blossom D) spring

13. John _______ computer games.

A) never play В) never played C) been played D) play

14. Fill in prepositions. Nick went … London in 1990.

A) in B) at C) to

15. Tashkent is the biggest city in central Asia …

A) isn’t it B) aren’t it C) aren’t he

16. What does Toshqo’rg’on mean?

А) beautiful village В) castle of stоnе С) intеrеsting place D) stone

17. То see lots оf exotic plants you should visit ….

A) а circus B) а zoo C) а garden D) а shop

18. То watch а sports event you should go to…. A) a stadium B) а shop C) а circus D) а cinema

19. То watch а play you should go to….

A) а park B) а theatre C) a cinema D) а zoo

20. Nargiza is brushing hеr long ...

A) teeth B) legs C) hair D) hand

21. What does the Statue of Liberty have in its hand?

22. Translate Embroidered

23. A: Oh! There is … in my eye!

B: Let me look. No, I can`t see …

24. A: … Liverpool?

B: It is in the north-west of England.

25. There …. dinosaur’s footprints on the path.

26. Write the past forms of the irregular verb - write - ……. - ………

27. Write the past forms of the irregular verb - come - ……. - ………

28. What does lei symbolize?

29. Form questions in simple past. You woke up early.

30. The motto of the Olympic Games ….

7-sinf Test Variant 2
1. I invited my friend to … place.

A) me B) his C) my D) mine

2. It’s easy, you can do it ….

A) you B) your C) yours D) yourself

3. Can I try this dress…?

A) in B) on C) for D) of

4. She wanted to tell me … interesting.

A) somebody B) something C) some D) somewhere

5. I think we have met her ….

A) somebody B) something C) some D) somewhere

6. Let’s meet … 6 o’clock.

A) in B) on C) at D) there

7. There is … place like home.

A) no B) none C) nothing D) nobody

8. He speaks English ….

A) good B) well C) some D) many

9. His English is very ….

A) good B) well C) some D) many

10. She … in the suburbs of Moscow

A) live B) lives C) is lives D) were lived

11. He …. afraid of cats

A) am B) is C) are D) to be

12. What is the capital of England?

A) Cardiff B) London C) Belfast D) Edinburg.

13. My favorite sport is …. basketball

A) a B) an C) the D) –

14. This is the car park … you can leave your car.

A) which B) where C) who D) when

15. Nick …. not far from us. We often …. him

A) live/go to see B) lives/goes to see C) live/goes to see D) lives/go to see

16. Where were you born?

A) on Bukhara B) at Bukhara C) in Bukhara D) from Bukhara

17. The motto of the Olympics is

A) faster, higher, stronger B) higher, lower, stronger

c) stronger, higher, better D) better, more, upper

18. To make ornaments on tables, vases, doors.

A) carving B) decorating C) origami D) all answers

19. The languages which are spoken in England?

A) English, Welsh, Gaelic B) English, Canadian

C) English, Scottish D) Welsh, Gaelic

20. The center of a big cotton-growing region in Uzbekistan.

A) Bukhara B) Djizzak C) Nukus D) Namangan

21. Who composed the Uzbek national anthem? _____________________________

22. How many stars can you see on the flag of Uzbekistan? ______________________

23. An Australian animal – an echidna is the symbol of __________________________

24. What is that ring made …? _____________________________________________

25. Where does The Statue of Liberty stand? __________________________________

26. The original Olympic Games in Greece were only for ________________________

27. He can play football well, …? _______________________________________

28. The person who looks after your teeth is a …. ______________________________

29. Who owns and run the UK corner shops? __________________________________

30. Translate ‘remote control’? _____________________________________________

My Weekend
Every Saturday I get up late. At eleven o'clock I go shopping at the supermarket and the fruit and vegetable market. Then I go swimming at the local swimming pool. After that, I have lunch and then clean my house. In the evening I usually go out to a restaurant with friends.

On Sundays I also get up late. After breakfast I go swimming for some more exercise. In the afternoon I visit my parents. In the evening I cook dinner and watch TV. I sometimes read a book in bed.

1. Where do I go at seven o’clock? __________________________________________
2. Where do I go for swimming? ____________________________________________
3. What do I do in the evening with my friends? _______________________________

4. On Sundays I get up ___________ .

5. I sometimes _____________ I bed.

Reading Version 1
My working day
On weekdays the alarm clock wakes me up at 6.30 a.m. and my working day begins. I am not an early riser, that’s why it is very difficult to get out of bed, especially in winter, but I got used to it. I switch on the radio and do my morning exercises. Then I go to the bathroom, take a warm shower and clean my teeth. After that I go to my bedroom to get dressed. As a matter of fact, morning in our family is very fussy, because my parents are also getting ready to go to work, and mother helps my little sister to put on her clothes and get ready for school.

At about 7 o’clock we have breakfast. As a rule, it is quick and light. It consists of a cup of coffee or tea, some sandwiches or omelets.

After breakfast I put on my coat or jacket, take my bag and go to school. Fortunately, my school is not far from my house and it takes me ten minutes to get there. On my way to school I never take a bus or a trolley-bus.

The lessons at school start at 8 o’clock. The ordinary timetable is six or seven lessons a day. The breaks between the lessons are not long, but there is one for nearly twenty minutes. At these time pupils usually go to the canteen to have lunch. I seldom have lunch there, because I have a packed one in my bag, it is juice or an apple with the sandwich.

At about three o’clock the classes at school are over. Twice a week I stay at school because I have the English language club.


  1. Do I like to get up early? _____________________________________________

  2. What are my usual actions in the morning? _________________________________________________________________

  3. When do my lessons at school begin? _________________________________________________________________

  4. How many lessons a day do I have? _________________________________________________________________

  5. Do I like big lunch? _________________________________________________________________

Version 2
The unpopular animals of Australia
You know, there are many animals that are ‘unpopular’ in Australia including spiders which are dangerous. You can find these in Sydney. If they are hungry, they will attact anything that moves. They have sharp teeth and poison. Luckily, there is an antidote if you can get to hospital quickly. There have been 12 deaths since 1927. Other ‘unpopular’ animals include dingoes. These are a cross between wolves and dogs. They are unpopular because they eat farmer’s animals.

The Queensland Government brought cane toads to Australia to eat cane beetles. Unfortunately, cane toads can’t fly but cane beetles can. Now the toads are more of a problem than the beetles. Hundreds of thousands are born every year. The toads eat everything including rare Australian animals. The toads are also poisonous to eat. Animals that eat them die. Though they are unpopular animals, some people like them and keep them as pets or write songs about them.


  1. What animals are ‘unpopular’ in Australia? _________________________________________________________________

  2. Why did Australian government bring cane toads to Australia? _________________________________________________________________

  3. What danger do dingoes cause to the Australian farmers? _________________________________________________________________

  4. How many cane toads are born every year? _________________________________________________________________

  5. Why do animals that eat cane toads die? _________________________________________________________________

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