6-ktoot -16 Guruh talabasi Raximova Gulnoza

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6-KTOOT -16 Guruh talabasi

Raximova Gulnoza

Lesson 15

Describing how your neighborhood is changing.

The last couple of weeks my mornings have been greeted with the sound of chainsaws. I don’t particularly like the sound of power tools, and chainsaws rank up there as one of the worst.

Now it is the sound of engines from dump trucks and excavators carving up the soil. I look out my backyard and see the excavator swinging its massive claw. There is that recognizable beeping sound that follows you into your home.

This year alone, within 5 minutes of our house, three new developments have been built and a fourth, the installation of 27 new houses on land that used to have only one, is underway.

My neighborhood is changing, and I don’t like it.

Behind our house, built 49 years ago, used to be one house on 1.25 acres with a row of trees. When we bought our house two years ago, I accepted the new development that had replaced them. But I wasn’t ready for another developer to buy the lot next door, which also had one house on it, and cut all the trees from that property. And by all the trees, I mean all of them.

I can be pretty tenacious at times, but watching those trees fall left me feeling helpless, like that feeling you get when something hits your conscience and you can’t do anything about it.

I know the process now. First they cut down all the branches. A lumberjack clears the way as he climbs up the tree. Another person below him carries the branches to a wood chipper. By majestic evergreen has been reduced to a naked pole. As the lumberjack climbs down he cuts the trunk in segments. Once on the ground, the trunks are cut into 18 rounds which the homeowner can either keep or pay to be hauled away.

But if there is enough room for a tree to fall, as in the 27 house development behind us, they go right for the jugular. The mature tree is no match for the younger, dead but powerful chainsaw. Then the excavator grasps the trunk with its chubby claws and deposits it on a mound that is taller than the two story houses next door.
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