2017 Annual Conference Awards ipra robert Artz Lifetime Achievement Award

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z:\conference 2017\ipra logo 4c with tag_small.jpg2017 Annual Conference Awards

  1. IPRA Robert Artz Lifetime Achievement Award: Tim Dimke, Rockford Park District

  2. IPRA Professional of the Year Award: Lisa Sheppard, Glencoe Park District

  3. IPRA Young Professional Award: Liz Serruto, Bloomingdale Park District

  4. IPRA Advocacy Award: Goldman Sachs Team

  5. IPRA Community Impact Award: Mike Trigg, Waukegan Park District

  6. 2016 Chairman Awards:

    1. John Wilson, retired from the Lan Oak Park District

    2. Rob Sperl, Wheaton Park District

    3. Allison Niemela, Batavia Park District

    4. Greg Bruggeman, Elgin Parks & Recreation

    5. 2016 IPRA Membership Council:

      1. Carlo Capalbo, Plainfield Park District

      2. Kari Felkamp, Batavia Park District

      3. Keith Wallace, Lincolnway Special Recreation Association

      4. Jackie Gonzalez, Park Ridge Park District

      5. Mike Sletten, River Forest Park District

      6. Conor Cahill, Berwyn Park District

      7. Matt Corso, SEASPAR

    6. Andrew Dallner, O'Fallon Parks and Recreation Department

  1. Distinguished Accredited Agency Status:

    1. Bartlett Park District

    2. Geneva Park District

    3. Gurnee Park District

    4. Hoffman Estates Park District

    5. Lake Bluff Park District

    6. Lockport Township Park District

    7. Morton Grove Park District

    8. Northwest Special Recreation Association

    9. Waukegan Park District

  2. Gold Medal Award and Finalists:

    1. Class V: Frankfort Square Park District (winner)

    2. Class III: Arlington Heights Park District (finalist)

    3. Class IV: Decatur Park District (finalist)

    4. Class V: Homewood-Flossmoor Park District & Itasca Park District (both finalists)

  3. Outstanding Facility & Parks Award

    1. Division II:

      1. Park: Rockford Park District: Mercyhealth Sportscore Two Outdoor Expansion

      2. Renovation: Schaumburg Park District: Community Recreation Center

      3. Multiple Use: Chicago Park District: Morgan Park Sports Center

      4. Specific Use: Glenview Park District: Park & Facility Services East Maintenance Building

  4. Outstanding Program or Special Event Award

    1. Division I: Ongoing program: Village of Lincolnwood: Community Park Playdates

    2. Division II:

      1. Special event: Oak Lawn Park District: Monarch Festival

      2. Special event: NSSRA: Camp Wigwam

  5. IPRA Outstanding Sustainability / Conservation Award

    1. Division I: Environmental Education: Urbana Park District: Douglas Creek Restoration Project

  6. Exceptional Workplace Awards:

    1. Addison Park District

    2. Lockport Township Park District

    3. Plainfield Park District

    4. Village of Lake in the Hills

  7. Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

    1. Molly Hamer

    2. Rick Hanetho

  8. Finance Committee Service: Marla DeCicco, Vernon Hills Park District

  9. 2016 Section Award Winners:

    1. Administration and Finance Section:

      1. Professional of the Year Award: Tim Reinbold, Warrenville Park District

    2. Communication and Marketing Section:

      1. Rising Star Award: Katie Drum, Batavia Park District

      2. Vision Award: Diane Hardy, Skokie Park District

    3. Facility Management Section:

      1. Professional of the Year Award: Greg Bruggeman, Elgin Parks & Recreation

      2. Rising Star Award: Erin Chapa, Addison Park District

    4. Recreation Section:

      1. Professional of the Year Award: Erica Strojinc, Buffalo Grove Park District

      2. Rising Star Award: Mary Liz Jayne, Lisle Park District

      3. Marcy Adams Spirit Award: Patricia Mitchell, River Trails Park District

    5. Therapeutic Recreation Section:

      1. Professional of the Year Award: Mel Robson, NSSRA

      2. Rising Star Award: Erin White, WDSRA

  10. 2016 Professional Scholarship Recipients:

    1. Katherine Hassert

    2. Keith Jones

    3. Lauren Kabrick

    4. Matt LaPorte

    5. Megann Panek

    6. Erik Rivera

    7. Karyn Roth

    8. Joe Smith

    9. Eric Wilson

  11. 2017 Student Scholarship Recipients

    1. Illinois State University: Amber Scarbeary

    2. Chicago State University: Candise Green

    3. Moraine Valley Community College: Joseph Johnson & Marina Uher

    4. Southern Illinois University: Nicolette Hoesman & Steve Riedinger

    5. University of Illinois: Leslie Camarillo, Lynn Kincaid, Maggie Phan, Mitchell Fransen, & Taylor Krawczyk

  12. 2016 Student Scholarship Recipients (announced a year ago):

    1. Harper Albo - University of Illinois-Champaign

    2. Taylor Krawczyk - University of Illinois-Champaign

    3. Jackie Marshall - University of Illinois-Champaign

    4. Robert Quinones – Chicago State University

    5. Catlin Saucedo – Moraine Valley Community College

    6. Lindsey Smidt – Eastern Illinois University

    7. Schafaris Turner – University of Illinois-Champaign

    8. Taylor Witter- Illinois State University

  13. Agency Showcase

    1. People’s Choice Award: Lombard Park District

    2. Overall Agency Showcase 1st Place: Lombard Park District

    3. Overall Agency Showcase 2nd Place: Champaign Park District

    4. Overall Agency Showcase 3rd Place: Gurnee Park District

    5. Brochure Series: Batavia Park District

    6. Electronic Communication: Winnetka Park District

    7. Integrated Photography: Forest Preserve District of Kane County

    8. Showcase Display: Lombard Park District

    9. Large Format Marketing: Lombard Park District

    10. Logo Design: Champaign Park District & Oswegoland Park District

    11. Marketing Campaign: Village of Orland Park

    12. Media Campaign: Gurnee Park District

    13. Print Communication: McHenry County Conservation District

    14. Social Media Campaign: SEASPAR

    15. Website: Homewood Flossmoor Park District

    16. Promotional Item: Joliet Park District

    17. Paid Advertisement: Champaign Park District

  14. Playground Grant Recipients:

    1. Alton Parks and Recreation

    2. Bartlett Park District

    3. Bolingbrook Park District

    4. Pleasant Dale Park District

    5. Crystal Lake Park District

    6. DeKalb Park District

    7. City of Galesburg

    8. Village of Hawthorne Woods Parks and Recreation

    9. Village of Lake in the Hills Parks and Recreation Department

    10. Naperville Park District

    11. Oak Lawn Park District

    12. Oregon Park District

    13. Palatine Park District

    14. Plainfield Park District

    15. City of Pontiac Parks and Recreation

    16. Schaumburg Park District

    17. Tinley Park Park District

    18. Wheeling Park District

  15. Staff Longevity

    1. 15 Years of Service: Heather Weishaar, IPRA Outreach Director

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