1. ‘I can’t open this bottle.’ ‘Give it to me it.’

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1. ‘I can’t open this bottle.’ ‘Give it to me. ___________ it.’
A I open B I’ll open C I’m going to open
2 ‘Is Emily here yet?’ ‘Not yet. I’ll let you know as soon as ___________ .’
A she arrives B she’s arriving C she’ll arrive
3 ‘Are you free tomorrow aft ernoon?’ ‘No, _____________ .’
A I work B I’m working C I’ll work
4 ‘What time is the film tonight?’ ‘____________ at 8.40.’
A It starts B It’s going to start. C It will start
5 ‘Are you going to the beach tomorrow?’ ‘Yes, if the weather ___________ good.’
A is going to be. B will be C is
6 ‘What time __________ tomorrow?’ ‘How about 8.30?’
A do we meet B are we meeting C shall we meet
7. ‘When _______________?’ ‘Tomorrow.’
A does the festival finish B is the festival finished C is the festival finishing
8.There’s _______________ on at the cinema that I want to see, so there’s no point in going.
A something B anything C nothing
9. I drink ___________ water every day.
A much B a lot of C lots of
10.At first I didn’t like my job, but ________ to enjoy it now.
A I’m starting B I start. I'm start
11. I don’t understand this sentence. What __________ ?
A does mean this word B does this word mean C means this word
12. Robert_____________ away two or three times a year.
A is going usually B is usually going C usually goes D goes usually

13. How____________now? Better than before?

A you are feeling B do you feel C are you feeling
14.It was a boring weekend. __________ anything.
A I didn’t B I don’t do. C I didn’t do
15. Matt___________while we were having dinner.
A phoned. B was phoning C has phoned
16. James is on holiday. He ___________ to Italy.
A is gone B has gone. C has been
17. Everything is going well. There _________ any problems so far.
A weren’t B have been C haven’t been
18. Sarah has lost her passport again. This is the second time this __________.
A has happened. B happens C happened D is happening
19. Why are you out of breath? ____________________ ?
A Are you running. B Have you run C Have you been running
20. Where’s the book I gave you? What ______________ with it?
A have you done B have you been doing C are you doing
21. ‘How long _____________ Jane?’ ‘A long time. Since we were at school.’
A do you know. B have you known. C have you been knowing
22. Sally has been working here ____________ .
A for six months. B since six months. C six months ago. D six months
23. That bag looks heavy. _____________ you with it.
A I’m helping B I help C I’ll help
24. I think the weather __________nice later.
A will be B is C is going to be D shall be
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