1. Describe and evaluate the relationship among size and scope, goals and objectives, and resources -personnel, facilities, equipment, sustaining budget, etc

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1. Describe and evaluate the relationship among size and scope, goals and objectives, and resources -personnel, facilities, equipment, sustaining budget, etc.

The School's size and scope are direct outgrowths of its goals and objectives as they have evolved over time. With approximately 650 music majors, the School has a sufficient enrollment or critical mass of students to support the number and diversity of programs offered.1 A few programs, such as graduate programs in instrumental conducting and media writing and production, have small enrollments by design. Instrumental conducting majors are limited to two in order to permit requisite podium time, and media writing and production enrollment is limited to the number of students that the program's laboratory can accommodate.

Likewise, there appear to be an appropriate number of faculty and other resources to support the programs and curricula presently offered. Consistent with the number of degree programs offered, the School has a full cadre of specialist faculty  both full and part time. An issue of concern to the faculty, however, relates to the teaching loads of music faculty versus those in the other schools and colleges in the University. This will be addressed subsequently in the appropriate section of the Self Study.

Of primary concern with regard to size and scope are deficiencies in facilities with respect to the number and/or quality of faculty studios, practice rooms, and rehearsal halls, as well as the fact that some faculty are housed in locations remote to central music facilities. These deficiencies will be discussed in detail in item F, dealing with facilities and equipment.

While budgeted fiscal resources could in some respects be viewed as being marginal, earned and gift income are usually such that, with judicious planning, most of the music unit's basic needs can be accommodated. Item C, Finances, will thoroughly outline budgetary matters.

Although scheduling is sometimes a concern, there appear to be sufficient advanced courses in music appropriate to the major areas of study at the degree levels being offered. These include requisite ensemble experiences at advanced levels, with approximately fifty ensembles of varying sizes and types which perform a wide spectrum of repertoire.

2. Enrollment figures for the music unit must be provided in the HEADS Data Survey presented in Appendix I.

See Appendix I.

3. A complete list of graduates, by name, from each degree program or postsecondary non degree granting program, by year, for the past three years must be available to the visiting evaluators. The music unit must be prepared to provide transcripts of graduates from degree programs and postsecondary non degree granting programs as requested by the visitors and to justify any departures from NASM standards and from the institution's own stated requirements.

1993 1994 GRADUATES

Bachelor of Music

Instrumental Performance

Jessica J. Dan (Violin) Diana K. Diaz (Percussion)

Angela M. Gallagher (Violoncello) Michael R. Steigman (Percussion)

Keyboard Performance

Monica Fonseca (Piano)

Ysomar Granados (Piano)

Music Education

Susana T. Diaz (Voice) Toma S. Rusk (Voice)

Gonzalez Tngo, Christina M. (Violin) Leah S. Springer (Voice)

Brian L. Haliniewski (Tuba) Steven A. Zide (Saxophone)

David A. Lunt (Euphonium)

Music Education Jazz Instrumental Emphasis

Kenneth A. Gustafson (Jazz Piano)

Michael G. West (Jazz Saxophone)

Music Engineering Technology

Gustavo Afont (Guitar) Michael P. Connelly (Trumpet)

Brian B. Bunn (Percussion) Karsten P. Guthridge (Voice)

Juan Diego L. Gutierrez (Guitar) Ruben 0. Robles (Guitar)

Brian W. Jennings (Jazz Bass) David A. Schmid (Piano)

David G. Landry (Guitar) Juan F. Soto (Guitar)

Kurt A. Lundvall (Jazz Guitar) Gregory C. Szeto (Piano)

Eugene R. Raiford (Organ)

Music Industry

Gwendlyn M. Balazs (Viola) Jason Gordon (Piano)

Marc J. Blitstein (Percussion) Michael S. Haines (Piano)

Adam R. Chasse (Guitar) Jin B. Ho (Voice)

Bobby W. Curlee (Guitar) Brian N. Itzkowitz (Trumpet)

Michael A. DeCrescente (Piano) Patrick S. McDonnell (Jazz Bass)

Michelle L. Don (Flute) Colleen Y. Rose (Voice)

Steven A. Frazier (Percussion) David J. Sobel (Jazz Saxophone)

Mark T. Fung (Percussion) Jeffrey S. Spears (Percussion)

Jeffrey Gannon (Jazz Guitar) Matthew A. Taylor (Trombone)

Michele Gelade (Violin) Brian J. Vosko (Percussion)

Music Theory/Composition

Gregory W. Knauf (Piano) Derek M. Richard (Piano)

Hector J. Lopez (Viola)

Musical Theatre

April C. Boyd William M. Neal

Alissa W. Kramer Brian J. Santucci

Studio Music & Jazz (Instrumental)

Jeffrey R. Babko (Jazz Piano) Jonathan E. Kreisberg (Jazz Guitar)

Salvatore L. Baldassano (Percussion) Peter Macek (Jazz Piano)

David A. Chelimsky (Jazz Guitar) Michael C. Manchester (Jazz Guitar)

David J. Cutler (Jazz Piano) Joseph Mazza (Jazz Guitar)

Todd T. Del Guidice (Jazz Saxophone) David J. Metzner (Jazz Guitar)

Stephen G. Gaetz (Percussion) Eric D. Miller (Jazz Piano)

Scott C. Garapolo (Percussion) James S. Propp (Jazz Guitar)

Clayton J. Giberson (Jazz Piano) Robert W. Rainey (Jazz Saxophone)

Eric R. Jackson (Jazz Guitar) Walter E. Richter (Jazz Bass)

Gregory D. Joseph (Percussion) Demian R. Sims (Jazz Guitar)

Studio Music & Jazz (Vocal)

Julie C. Dollison James C. Owen

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Aric C. Carroll Deirdre C. Steinfort

Thomas E. Parker Vernon R. Sumwalt

Christina Perez Tiffany N. Thorne

Carrie L. Sires

Master of Music

Instrumental Performance

Anne M. Dempsey (Clarinet) Melissa M. Ortega (Violin)

Anne Engstrom (Violin) Jose Passalacqua (Guitar)

Teresa H. Hoebeke (Violin) Matthew M. Serletic (Trombone)

John Kricker (Trombone) Rebecca Stern (Violin)

Jazz Pedagogy

Wayne M. Gutshall Gary C. Ward

Marc A. Teitelbaum

Keyboard Performance

Piotr I. Komorowski (Piano)

Maria G. Mendez (Piano)

Vocal Performance

Bruce A. Earnest

Marie A. Tavianini

Media WiiJing and Production

Kurt G. Goebel

Music Education

Saqer M. Al Ramzi John F. Fournier

Nancy L. Arthurs Melvin E. Santos

Thomas M. Baggot

Music Industry

Arlene F. Batson Keiko Iwata

Peter S. Dung Erika Masumato

Music Theory/Composition

Robyn L. Howland

Studio Jazz Writing

Sam L. Lussier

Eric M. Pryzby

Studio Music & Jazz (Instrumental)

Lindsay Blair (Jazz Guitar) Nathan H. Santos (Jazz Bass)

Peter W. Brewer (Jazz Saxophone) James P. Slattery (Jazz Piano)

Petter Carison (Jazz Piano) Joey Tartell (Trumpet)

John G. Gunther (Jazz Saxophone)

Studio Music & Jazz (Vocal)

Jennifer L. Shelton

Madeleine Therlault

Master of Science in Music Engineering

Matthew C. Fellers Timothy E. Onders

Frank J. Filipanits

Doctor of Musical Arts

Cheong Chuah (Composition)

Michael J. DiLiddo (Instrumental Performance  Guitar)

Annette Espada (Instrumental Performance  Violoncello)

Dorothy E. Hindman (Composition)

Wen Ching Lin (Piano Performance)

Jose R. Lopez (Piano Performance)

Robert C. Paul (Piano Performance)

Felix J. Rivera (Piano Performance)

Saul Sadchdev (Composition)

Li Ting Sankey (Instrumental Performance  Double Bass)

Harvey P. Thurmer (Instrumental Performance  Violin)

Doctor of Philosophy

Lee W. Stone (Music Education)

Warren Woodruff (Musicology)

1994 1995 Graduates

Bachelor of Music

Instrumental Performance

Montserrat Cadiz (Flute) William D. Hawthorne (Double Bass)

Matthew D. Corey (Bassoon) Kurt J. Martinez (Guitar)

Michael G. Fumento (Percussion) Myrna L. Meeroff (French Horn)

Luther W. Gray (Percussion) Joel M. Yennior (Trombone)

Vocal Performance

Paul L. Vetrano

Music Education

Theresa M. Beam (Clarinet) Sheri L. Gomez (Saxophone)

Jamie C. Brinegar (Flute) Heather J. Harding (Piano)

Clarence N. Charles (Jazz Guitar) Tara R. Kerley (Voice)

Eddy Cine (French Horn)

Jonathan S. Minish (Bassoon) Stephen K. Rivero (Trombone)

Esther L.Misdraji (Voice) Edward A. Toth (Percussion)

Jennifer J.Owens (Voice) Jennifer L. Walling (Viola)

Pedro M. Pertierra (Voice)

Music Engineering Technology

Jason S. Anderson (Guitar) William B. Rusch (Guitar)

Ralph A. Cavallaro (Guitar) Patti A. Schwartz (Jazz Guitar)

Ghamai A. De La Guardia (Guitar) Mark R. Seeker (Percussion)

James K. Hansen (Trombone) Jennifer A. Shaw (Piano)

Robert T. Harris (Guitar) Simon L. Soong (Piano)

Wendolyn A. Kurko (Flute) James V. Staudte (Saxophone)

Janet Padrino (Violin) Ennn E. Thorp (Voice)

Music Therapy

Ulrike G. Lechner (Voice) Kristin Story (Piano)

Jennifer L. Lewis (Oboe) Rhonda F. Thompson (Voice)

Music Industry

Jason E. Beals (Double Bass) Eric M. Hastings (Percussion)

Jennifer A. Belpedio (Clarinet) Danielle L. Kline (Violin)

Julian R. Campolo (Piano) Jeffrey C. Koenig (Piano)

Jill S. Carlson (Piano) Carlos A. Lopez (French Horn)

Matthew J. Fiscella (Percussion) Mark A. Murphy (Saxophone)

Joshua J. Greene (Voice) Thomas A. Pardo (Percussion)

Anna M. Jauma (Violin) Heather N. Tackett (Flute)

Franzie Jean Louis (Voice)

Music Theory/Composition

Gabriel D. Vine (Clarinet)

Musical Theatre

Andrea M. Studley

Studio Music & Jazz (Instrumental)

Daniel N. Abdel Kader (Percussion) Benjamin A. Metzger (Jazz Guitar)

Dana Bearror (Jazz Bass) Silvano A. Monasterios (Jazz Piano)

Guerino Terracciano (Jazz Guitar) Albert E. Nigro (Jazz Bass)

Steven W. Alford (Jazz Saxophone) Marcotullio Pignataro (Jazz Saxophone)

Mathew D. Calderin (Percussion) David J. Siegel (Jazz Piano)

Francisco J. Carrion (Jazz Bass) Stuart A. Silverstein (Percussion)

Alexis 0. Cruz (Jazz Piano) Kevin F. Stevens (Percussion)

Christopher M. Garges (Percussion) Ricardo Uribe (Jazz Piano)

Jesse Heckman (Jazz Saxophone) Eron D. Woods (Percussion)

Daniel Keck (Percussion)

Studio Music & Jazz (Vocal)

Anthony S. Hoebeke Anita Rivera

Kathryn E. Kelly Thomas J. Lamendola

Michele S. Neville Kathy A. Linkous

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Andrew J. Arnold David T. Muchnick

Elke A. Delacruz Peter A. Parente

Stephanie A. Fabiani Buxton J. Pryor

Jeffrey S. Morrison Rachel L. Thomay

Master of Music

Instrumental Performance

Joel L. Borrelli Boudreau (Trombone) Andrew E. Loft (Tuba)

Kimberly N. Burja (Percussion) Andrew G. Lowe (Trombone)

Michael T. Erwin (Violoncello) Jody C. Morris (Clarinet)

Katrenna R. Johnson (Violoncello) Todd W. Murphy (Trombone)

Andrew E. Koib (Violoncello) Domenico A. Pagliuca (Trombone)

Tomasz Liebig (Violin) Christopher M. Powell (French Horn)

Instrumental Conducting

John J. Bixby

Keyboard Performance

Roxane L. Geisler Maria C. Rodriguez

Eun Ah Kam Juan P. Subirana

Keyboard Performance & Pedagogy

Lori Santella

Vocal Performance

Renee M. Costanzo

Choral Conducting

William J. Vasko

Music Education

David D. Bentley Diana M. Sanchez

Chao Ying Huang Patricia J. Sandick

Julie A. Longfield Unel Velazquez

Jacquelyne G. Parsons

Specialist in Music Education

Edith R. Shendell

Music Industry

Gregory C. Carapetyan Serona Elton

Christopher A. Mortimer Clinton S. Mathias

Paula M. Savastano

Media Writing & Production

Christianna N. Crowl Eduardo H. Ponsdomenech

Peter M. Hoopes Ellen J.Tift

Music Theory/Composition

Nicholas S. Blanchard

Aitor Goyarrola

Studio Music & Jazz (Instrumental)

Louis C. Abbott (Percussion) Bart Lust (Trombone)

Leo W. Huppert (Jazz Bass) Thomas G.McCormick (Jazz Saxophone)

Jazz Pedagogy

David A. Fiore Ronald L. Petroff

James B. O'Donnell Robert G. Rimmington

Studio Music & Jazz (Vocal)

Scott R. Dicken

Master of Science in Music Engineering

John J. Antony Aurika C. Hays

Mauricio Greene Luis F. Martinez

Doctor of Musical Arts

Instrumental Peiforinance

Warren R. Canfield (Organ Performance)

Verne C. Cox (Composition)

Karen L. Davis (Vocal Performance)

William S. Deal (Instrumental Performance  Percussion)

Leslie Alan Denning (Vocal Performance)

Ferdinando V. De Sena (Composition)

Maria L. Fagilde (Piano Performance)

Guillermo R. Gonzalez (Instrumental Performance  Viola)

Lynn Luce (Choral Conducting)

Nick Ramliak (Composition)

Giselle E. Rios (Choral Conducting)

Kayla H. Suh (Instrumental Performance  Violin)

Doctor of Philosophy

David J. Greennagel (Music Education)

Douglas M. Jordan (Music Education)

1995 1996 Graduates

Bachelor of Music

Instrumental Performance

Kelly L. Adee (Viola) Anna Lampidis (Oboe)

Wells R. Cunningham (Violoncello) Andrew P. Manista (Double Bass)

Julia M. Gessinger (Violin) Dawn M. McConkie (Clarinet)

Jonathan J. Hauser (Percussion) Kristen C. Paszkiewicz (Violin)

Jack Lees (Percussion) Frederick M. Scott (Percussion)

Michael R. Kaplan (Guitar) Maria Zanzi (Oboe)

Keyboard Performance

Puiman Chan (Piano) Ana L. Rodriguez (Piano)

Eladio X. Diaz (Piano)

Vocal Performance

Kristi L. Cheyney Sandra Y. Lopez

Jason A. Hiester Sophia Molfetas

Cheri R. Katz Julia A. Reynolds

Music Education

Edward I. Roberts (Percussion) Allen C. Paul (Jazz Piano)

Daniel A. Belongia (Trombone) Edward Perry (Voice)

Julio C. Garcia (Voice) Christopher A. Rieder (Voice)

Carrie L. Hayman (Voice) Sandra M. Schwartz (Voice)

Felix M. Jacomino (Voice) ilana B. Solomon (Voice)

Jason A. Leshowitz (Violin) Kevin A.Corcoran (Voice)

Music Education (Jazz Emphasis)

Roddy Betancourt (Jazz Vocal) Gary Papazian (Jazz Saxophone)

Brendan Buckley (Percussion)

Music Engineering Technology

Richard S. Audet (Guitar) Jerry A. Placken (Percussion)

Michael T. Babock (Jazz Saxophone) Devon C. Pruett (Piano)

Todd Gerth (Jazz Bass) Jeffrey A. Sawyer (Clarinet)

Michael R. Hill (Jazz Bass) Shannon L. Skemp (Guitar)

Alex C. Jacobs (Percussion) Yvette Soler (Saxophone)

Thomas J. Passetti (Guitar) Matthew A. Watson (Voice)

Music Therapy

Lisa M. Feghali (Piano) Silvia Massetti (Bassoon)

Amy C. Miller (Voice)

Music Business and Entertainment Industries

Alexandra Giannini (Violin) Ginger R. Matthews (Clarinet)

David B. Hindman (Voice) Tyler B. Purdy (Guitar)

Robert J. leva (Piano) Jonathan L. Reynolds (Trumpet)

Peter M. Laily (Trombone) Vincent T. Trimarco (Percussion)

Nichol A. L.amonte (Voice) Glenn W. Williams (Piano)

Christopher M. Lewis (Percussion)

Music Theo,ylComposition

Adam Silverman (Piano)

Musical Theatre

Jessica E. Cooke Sara M. Gruber

Tracey R. Danziger Jennifer A. Hughes

Studio Music & Jazz (Instrumental)

Michael J. Bester (Jazz Guitar) Ian E. Herzon (Jazz Saxophone)

Jason R. Carder (Trumpet) Joseph T. Monagle (Percussion)

Elliott B. Carison (Jazz Guitar) Jon C. Rose (Jazz Piano)

Andres Etchenique (Jazz Bass) Diego Schissi (Jazz Piano)

David D. Fernandez (Jazz Saxophone) Joseph C. Vaglio (Jazz Saxophone)

Derek S. Frank (Jazz Bass) Gabriel J. Vivas (Jazz Bass)

Ettienne Fuentes (Percussion) Peter B. Wallace (Jazz Piano)

Gregory L. Herron (Percussion) Ryuji Yamaguchi (Jazz Guitar)

Studio Music & Jazz (Vocal)

Yisel D. Duque Neville H. Peter

Crista M. Gates George R. Noriega

Rhoda J. Myers Nicola A. Walker

Bachelor of Arts in Music

David Bialos Sunita S. Koshy

Erik B. Christiansen Mary E. Schery

Romulus E. De Jong Maiko Suzuki

Jamie G. Isreal

Master of Music

Instrumental Performance

Damrih Bannawittayakit (Oboe) Brian E. Neal (Trumpet)

Kristin L. Girard (Clarinet) Catherine S. Newcome (Violoncello)

Robert D. Keating (Trumpet) Jessica R. Siegel (Violoncello)

Roger S. Sells (Percussion) Jason J. Sutter (Percussion)

Kathryn Sleeper (Bassoon) Aura M. Trevino (Bassoon)

Instrumental Conducting

Marlene Urbay

Keyboard Performance

Damaris M. Alvarez

Accompanying & Chamber Music

Alan C. Caves

Keyboard Performance & Pedagogy

Carmen Cuenca

Vocal Performance

Erik S.Cardwell

Daisy W.Mak

Choral Conducting

Felix X. Barboza

Gregory W. Knauf

Music Education

David F. Eccles Kathleen M. Peterson

Mahmoud A. Faraj Tracey G.Taylor Martlew

Music Therapy

Shawn D. Buller Wendy L. Williamson

Gary L.Verhagen

Music Business and Entertainment Industries

Eric Alexandralcis Mark C. Roebuck

Suzanne M. Adkins Matthew B. Schwartz

Andrea R. Chaussee John Vecchione

C. Alan Golden John M. Wingert

Rafael Jimenez

Media Writing & Production

David Wells

Candace Wheeler

Studio Jazz Writing

Cara Favasoli

Kevin K. Salkeld

Jazz Pedagogy

Mario Ortiz Santiago Anthony B. Russo

Philip A. Parker Jose Santiago Martinez

Jazz Performance (Instrumental)

David A. Baradic (Jazz Piano) Errol S. Rackipov (Percussion)

Krzysztof Barcik (Jazz Guitar) Jerald Shynett (Jazz Trumpet)

Louis R. Harlas (Jazz Bass) Gotfried Stoger (Jazz Saxophone)

Eric C.Hughes (Percussion) David L. Smith (Jazz Bass)

Jazz Performance (Vocal)

Gregory P. Jasperse Roger W. Reynolds

Katheryn Reid

Doctor of Musical Arts

Victor H. Alvarez (Piano Performance)

Nancy J. Bona (Keyboard Performance & Pedagogy)

Tina S. Faigen (Piano Performance)

Angela M. Ferrari (Instrumental Performance  Violoncello)

Jason M. Lindsay (Instrumental Performance  Double Bass)

Ricardo R. Roel (Piano Performance)

Tatjana Surev (Piano Performance)

Sally Wei (Accompanying & Chamber Music)

Donald L.Wilner (Instrumental Performance  Double Bass)

Doctor of Philosophy

Kaja L. Jensen (Music Education)

Perry Lee (Music Education)

Elizabeth York (Music Education)

Graduate Program

4. Describe how the graduate programs in music provide a community of student and faculty composers, and/or performers, and/or scholars of sufficient size and scope to permit the formal and informal sharing of experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

The number of graduate students (approximately 200) is sufficient to provide peer groups, or communities of scholars, for most graduate programs in the School. With the exception of the Instrumental Conducting program, which is limited to two students because of constraints related to podium time, most graduate programs have at least five students. Most of the students in these small programs (Music Engineering, Media Writing and Production, Studio Jazz Writing, Music Therapy) take core courses with students in other graduate programs in music, thus expanding the community of graduate students with whom they interact.

An important tradition of the School of Music is each program's weekly "Forum." All full time graduate students are required to enroll in and attend these non credit forums; to encourage attendance, most programs provide grades (based on attendance) which are recorded on students' transcripts. Each academic program and each performance area has its own forum through which common interests, concerns, and issues are discussed. Guest speakers, performers, composers, and clinicians complement the respective programs' regular presentations, which may include student recitals, performances of student compositions, lecture demonstrations, and discussions of program and advising matters.

Areas For Improvement

5. Please note any areas for improvement the Self Study has revealed concerning size and scope. Describe how these issues can be addressed.

To avoid redundancy, areas of improvement relative to size and scope are delineated in appropriate sections of the Self Study, in particular those sections dealing with faculty

1 'Due to deadlines for completing the Self Study, the enrollment data reported here are unofficial; however, by the

time the on site visit occurs, the University's benchmark' enrollment data for fail semester, which are the official data, will be available

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