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U N I T E D   S T A T E S   A I R   F O R C E

LIEUTENANT COLONEL THOMAS S. LEEe:\bios\130624-f-fv476-lt col thomas lee 5x7.jpg

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Lee is currently the Commander, Air Force ROTC Detachment 475 and Professor of Aerospace Studies, University of New Hampshire. Their mission is to recruit, retain and train quality leaders for the Air Force at the University of New Hampshire, surrounding schools, and the geographic area.

Lieutenant Colonel Lee was commissioned from AFROTC at University of Washington in 1997. He has served in assignments at the Squadron, Group, Wing, and Major Command levels. He is a command pilot, having logged over 3,000 hours in tanker and training aircraft. Colonel Lee has deployed overseas multiple times to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, Diego Garcia, BIOT, and Al Udeid AB, Qatar. As the Director of Operations, 54th Air Refueling Squadron, he executed an 11K flying hour program valued at over $195 million and trained more than 600 students per year in 9 different courses. Most recently, as the Commander of the 97th Training Squadron at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma, he was responsible for leading five diverse flights, more than 60 permanent party personnel and 2,100 students annually.  Colonel Lee oversaw 22 formal school courses and 39 training devices for two major weapons systems through two separate Department of Defense contracts valued at $1.1 billion. He also managed nine training facilities valued at $84.7 million.

1997 Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

2003 Squadron Officer School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

2007 Master of Management Science, Troy State University, Montgomery, Alabama

2008 Air Command and Staff College, Correspondence

2009 Joint Mobility Intern (AFIP), Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

2012 Air War College, Correspondence


1. Jan 1997 - Jul 1998, Student, Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training, Laughlin AFB, Texas

2. Aug 1998 - Dec 1998, Initial Qualification Training Copilot, KC-135R, Altus AFB, Oklahoma

3. Dec 1998 - Dec 2001, KC-135R Aircraft Commander, Chief Scheduling 350th Air Refueling Squadron, McConnell AFB, Kansas

4. Dec 2001 - Dec 2004, KC-135R Instructor Pilot and Wing Chief of Exercise and Plans, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

5. Jan 2005 - Jul 2006, Assistant Director of Operations, 91st Air Refueling Squadron, MacDill AFB, Florida

6. Jul 2006 - Jun 2007, Group Executive Officer, 6th Operations Group, MacDill AFB, Florida

7. Jun 2007 – Apr 2008, Group Standardization and Evaluation, 6th Operations Group, MacDill AFB, Florida

8. Apr 2008 – Jul 2009, Wing Executive Officer, 6th Air Mobility Wing, MacDill AFB, Florida

9. Jul 2009 – Aug 2010, IDE Student, Joint Mobility Intern, HQ Air Mobility

Command, Scott AFB, Illinois

10. Aug 2010 – Feb 2012, Chief, Commander’s Action Group, 618th Air and Space

Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center), Scott AFB, Illinois

11. Feb 2012 – Jun 2013, Director of Operations, 54th Air Refueling Squadron, Altus

AFB, Oklahoma

12. Jun 2013 – Jun 2015, Commander, 97th Training Squadron, Altus AFB, Oklahoma

13. Jun 2015 – Present, Commander, AFROTC Det 475, University of New Hampshire

Rating: Command Pilot

Flight hours: Over 3,000

Aircraft Flown: T-37, T-1, KC-135R/T

Meritorious Service Medal

Aerial Achievement Medal

Air Force Commendation Medal

Air Force Achievement Medal

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Second Lieutenant January 18, 1997

First Lieutenant January 18, 1999

Captain January 18, 2001

Major September 1, 2006

Lieutenant Colonel January 1, 2012

(Current as of June 2015)

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