Report on the historic importance of rail travel and challenges to rail operations today

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Report on the historic importance of rail travel and challenges to rail operations today.

Rail transport is the same vehicle as train transport which is transferring passengers or people and another objects on rails.This transport has special way which is located on tracks.

The history of rail transport began in the 6th century BC in Greece. Since the 1980s,this transport has been increasing among the railway companies. Each company providing own transports with extra materials of transport. So in Europe, this type of transport is particularly true, where this arrangement is required by European Union.

The main beneficial way of incomes for railway companies is from transport's ticket revenue, which is for passenger transport and shipment fees for cargo discounts and monthly passes are sometimes available for frequent travellers,e.g season ticket and rail pass.

Logistical system of Rail Maintenence is a big challenges for rail players.Reliability and availability of the equipment, capability of equipment, availability of skilled personnel and rail track are essential to meet these challenges. Rail players are looking for cost effective logistics for rail track maintenence to achieve reliable and safe rail operation.

The aim to reduce costs and risks related to rail operation by effective logistics decisions related to rail inspection, lubrications,grinding and rail replacement.
Download 15.5 Kb.

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