On page 113(answering the questions), 115(grammar)

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on page 113(answering the questions), 115(grammar)






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Exercise 4 Vocabulary

  1. wasted

  2. pass/waste

  3. give

  4. take

  5. wasted

  6. killed

  7. find

  8. took

  9. Spent

  10. Run out of

Exercise 5

  1. I usually play phone games or converse with my friends to pass the time when I’m waiting for a bus or train.

  2. I think playing computer games so much, oversleeping waste our time.

  3. I have my own daily routine and in it I separate some time to do my homeworks.

  4. Actually, I don’t spend much time reading newspaper, because I usually read news or extracts online in web-sites or massangers.

  5. When I do a test I always divide the time for questions equally and if I can’t any test, I just skip it in order not to run out of time.

  6. If I didn’t need to work, I would spend my time doing my favourite activities such as travelling, catching fish.


Exercise 3

1c 4a

2e 5b

3f 6d

Exercise 4

  1. May be this is a kind of a law

  2. It is obligation

  3. It is not important

  4. It is a rule so must be done

Exercise 5

  1. You mustn’t smoke in the factory

  2. You don’t have to leave home early…

  3. We have to begin at 9:30 p.m

  4. All workers must wear a hard cat on this site

  5. The manager told the staff mustn’t make personal calls

  6. Don’t have to

  7. When I work nights, I must do my shopping on the internet.

  8. I don’t have to go to the bank in the day time …

Group MM-51

Abduvaliyev Sardorbek
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